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This page serves to promote the regular contributors to Wicked Wednesday (in random order), as a thank you for their continued support. Here you will find those who have regularly contributed in the past 3-4 months, and this page will regularly (more or less every three months) be updated to reflect new contributors, or remove those who have stopped contributing.

You can either click the image to take you to the main page of the website, or click any of the titles generated from the RSS feed of each website. Enjoy reading!


Sex Matters

Modesty Ablaze

Purple’s Gem

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Corrupting Mrs Jones

  • Mr Jones and I have recently been exploring wax play. We recently had some time with some other friends who […]
  • One of the things I have always voiced as a fear is running into a play friend when I am […]

F Dot Leonora

  • Aileen sat on the bench of the piano. Rolf was moving and there was nowhere else to sit in his […]
  • “Vance said he kissed you in the bathroom,” Kelly said, when Eliza walked back to the table. Before she could […]

Posy Churchgate

Francesca Demont

Life of a Kinky Wife

Liz BlackX

Steeled Snake

  • Last week we snuck away for a nice day in a local state park. We hiked, had a picnic and […]
  • “Why are you dressed in leaves?” he asked as she came out to pose. He had been completely engrossed in […]

A Leap of Faith

Brigit Delaney

  • “I’d like to buy his, too.” The woman pointed behind her, handing a twenty to the barista. The officer in […]
  • “No one can hold you accountable now. So, you can tell me the truth. Did you kill him?” The old […]

Deviant Succubus

David Mei

  • That’s right Kitten  Do you see the hunger in that woman’s eyes as she watches you with Daddy? That hunger […]
  • I know you dislike the belt I know your limits Thank you for trusting me Now let me take you […]

Jerusalem Mortimer

  • Stephanie turned away from Maires to look at me and nod. She said, as if she was sorry, and her […]
  • Image courtesy of Miss Harriet. Photography by Santillo. Elust is the only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers […]

Eve Ray

  • In my last post on the ever-wearying trans debate I said I would return to the issue of single sex […]
  • I didn’t fall for her because she was beautiful but rather because she wasn’t. I was hers the moment I […]

Swirling Fire

  • Reading Time: 2 minutes The Silent Charmer Sneaking up when you weren’t paying attention A stealth bomber on a black […]
  • Reading Time: 2 minutes You Can Talk You can talk You can talk to dozens of nameless faces You can […]

His Lordship

  • On Valentine’s Day, I was treated to an unexpected show of old-fashioned vanilla affection.  To clarify, the affection show did […]
  • Very recently missy and I were discussing the reasons why she wrote for her blog.  As you can imagine, there […]

A (not so) Submissive Wife

Cousin Pons

  • See who else has entered Monochromerotic 
  • An adult story. 18 plus This was my entry for round four of the Smut Marathon in 2018.  The task […]


  • A guide to different types of speculum, and how to use them for medical roleplay.
  • "In order to speak into her ear, he must place a hand on the side of her face and push […]

No Pants Endurance

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Raspberry Ripples

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The Secret Life of Sass C

  • Hands touch, eyes meet, electricity No words, hearts speak what is happening You want so bad to fall, you wanna […]
  • I think we dream so we don’t have to be apart for so long. If we’re in each other’s dreams, […]

Morag’s Musings

  • The “No True Way” prompt this week is: Spend some time every day meditating on your submission, even if you […]
  • I’m on my knees, bent forward, face pressed against the floor, my wrists bound behind my back. “The Other Guy’s” […]

Mr E and lilly

  • We had lots of fun at our last event and were already making our outfits for the next event.  What […]
  • I just haven’t felt or had the time for writing so here are a couple of photos from the ‘Twisted […]

Temperature’s Rising – Mrs Fever

  • YESTERDAY So we’re sitting around munching Thanksgiving food, being generally lazy and discussing the kidlets I am currently working with, […]
  • My husband and I joke about his Frankentummy — criss-crossed from surgical scars over a course of years, and at […]

This Girl’s Weblog

  • I’m going to start this post with this. Happy Thanksgiving to those of you in America! Even though I am […]
  • Well, today is my 16th birthday of writing here! If you’re new, then welcome. If you’re old, like me, then […]

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