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This page serves to promote the regular contributors to Wicked Wednesday (in random order), as a thank you for their continued support. Here you will find those who have regularly contributed in the past 3-4 months, and this page will regularly (more or less every three months) be updated to reflect new contributors, or remove those who have stopped contributing.

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Sex Matters

Modesty Ablaze

  • Is it ever too early for wine? Well yes, sometimes … even for me! So in the hot morning sun […]
  • This week’s prompt at Wicked Wednesday is “Shameless Promotion” … so, of course, I just couldn’t resist … because, as […]

Purple’s Gem

  • If there is one thing I like doing, its making a list. Perhaps not so good at completing a list, […]
  • The post Cradle appeared first on Purple's Gem.

Corrupting Mrs Jones

  • Sometimes I look back over posts that I wrote on Erotic Adventures and wonder what was going through my head. […]
  • I have posted about #travellingboob before. It is a project that Mr Jones and I created as we travelled to […]

F Dot Leonora

  • Leon’s sudden promotion from friend to boyfriend had been a surprise to Alessandra.They had been living in a bubble with […]
  • Leon was overwhelmed by Alessandra. He did not understand how a woman like her did not understand how amazing she […]

Posy Churchgate

  • Do you remember our lovable MILF Tina? – go back and meet this sexy but sweet heroine here. I shared […]
  • A message drops into my in-box which begins “Hola Mrs Posy” which I love, because I know it’s from my […]

Francesca Demont

Life of a Kinky Wife

  • MrsK Life of a Kinky Wife This week's Wicked Wednesday prompt is Promotion. I’m not a big fan of this […]
  • MrsK Life of a Kinky Wife I feel my surrender. At that moment of serenity, as if by magic, he […]

Liz BlackX

Life of Elliott…

  • Our man Howie in Queensland has joined The Life of E as a frequent contributor. Now showing more than just […]
  • I’ve many talented artist friends, some sexier than others with a more personal connection. One is Rehnsy who sent me […]

Steeled Snake

  • The rains around the desert have been intense this year, bringing much-needed relief from a pretty nasty drought. The result? […]
  • She checked her phone for the 3rd time in the last five minutes. No messages from him and she had […]

The Long Bean

A Leap of Faith

  • This week I’m continuing my Scavenger Hunt with a location which looks, on the face of it, to be very […]
  • This week, over at Wicked Wednesday, the prompt is promotion. Or, as Marie says “Specifically self-promotion”. This is something I […]

Brigit Delaney

  • I’m heading off grid for 2 weeks. Flash Fiction Friday and all other posts will be on hold until the […]
  • It’s Friday, and I’m…LATE! But I have a sort of good excuse. It was my last day of summer school, […]

Carolyna Luna

  • My words have been a jumbled mess as I’ve tried to journal these last two hellish weeks, and I’ve found […]
  • She’s a brat.  But fuck, she’s hot.  Sultry curves beckoned me from her pictures. Smooth, dark, mysterious. My fingers ached […]

Deviant Succubus

  • In a recent try to make myself feel better, I bought some clothes. I know that materialistic things don’t bring […]
  • Fucking damn it. I’m frustrated with that I ended up being so appalled by my own body again. I had […]

David Mei

Jerusalem Mortimer

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Eve Ray

  • The 2nd August dawned like the first day of autumn with that melancholy end of summer light, bright but somehow […]
  • “Hotel rooms inhabit a separate moral universe.” – Tom Stoppard I have broken a mirror in a hotel room, the […]

Swirling Fire

  • Reading Time: 2 minutes The Silent Charmer Sneaking up when you weren’t paying attention A stealth bomber on a black […]
  • Reading Time: 2 minutes You Can Talk You can talk You can talk to dozens of nameless faces You can […]

His Lordship

  • About this time last year, I wrote a post on photography. It was more to do with my relationship with […]
  • Having been given a piece of industrial rubbber by a good friend of mine a few years back I made […]

A (not so) Submissive Wife

Cousin Pons

  • See who else has entered Monochromerotic 
  • An adult story. 18 plus This was my entry for round four of the Smut Marathon in 2018.  The task […]


  • A comprehensive list of strange and imaginative BDSM punishments that go beyond a mere spanking.
  • "When she masturbates she pictures cocks as thick as coke cans rammed home between her legs. Outsize dragon dick dildos…" […]

No Pants Endurance

  • I was driving home from work today, sipping my Duncan when I ran into a detour. On my way I […]
  • The bird watcher. Cocks are birds, right? The cock cage. That’s what a cock cage is, right? I’m gonna break […]

Raspberry Ripples

  • I am finding it hard to write about this. But I am frightened. Please hold my hand. Please tell me […]
  • The song I am featuring today is one I had never heard before when it was suggested by another blogger. […]

Elk Vilianni

  • “I think I’ve missed my last bus home,” Dawn said to Rosie, as they stumbled out of ‘The Odyssey Discotheque’. […]
  • Image by Pexels from Pixabay ‘Dr Clarke’s Desk’, by Elk Vilianni “Good Lord! How utterly peculiar,” exclaimed Mother, staring at the letter that […]

The Sassy Sub Daily

  • “Distance teaches us to appreciate the day we are able to spend together and it also teaches us the definition […]
  • I think by now most people have figured out who CL is. And I think at this point, many of […]


Morag’s Musings

  • Sometimes the need is so intense, there is a fire in me that only Master C can extinguish, a hunger […]
  • I am naked and on my knees before Master C. It is time for me to give an account of […]

Mr E and lilly

  • When I think about ambition I think career and in this area I wouldn’t class myself as an ambitious person. […]
  • It’s just before 3am. I’m woken by a hand in my hair slowly tightening, pulling at my scalp.  His mouth […]

Spank me hard, please

  • Hello my spanko friends. When I saw this week’s Wicked Wednesday prompt, personality, I immediately thought of myself. Of course […]
  • if I were a Dom life would be perfect spank my horny subs every morning very willing and eager to […]

Stella Kiink

  • I don’t know what I was thinking when I thought this month would make ending things easier. Spending more time […]
  • The post Elust #140 appeared first on Stella Kiink.

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