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This page serves to promote the regular contributors to Wicked Wednesday (in random order), as a thank you for their continued support. Here you will find those who have regularly contributed in the past 3-4 months, and this page will regularly (more or less every three months) be updated to reflect new contributors, or remove those who have stopped contributing.

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Sex Matters

Modesty Ablaze

  • As I mentioned in my Members Newsletter a few days ago, I always try to post at Sinful Sunday every […]
  • My Modestly Paired post here earlier this year with the lovely SheLover has been one of my most visited Boobday […]

Purple’s Gem

  • We’ve been a bit busy for the last couple of weeks. Littlegem gave birth to a beautiful baby boy and […]
  • What’s better than a sub that is naked and on a lead? Why two subs naked and on leads of […]

Corrupting Mrs Jones

  • 1. Do you consider your sex to be “conventional”? Why or why not? I once heard a person describe married sex […]
  • “Are you going home soon?” Rebecca’s head appeared at the top of the partition that separated their work spaces. “Soon, […]

F Dot Leonora

  • It was her own fault, she had let it happen. It was Bibi’s birthday party, and the secret that Eliza […]
  • I never miss Wicked Wednesday, this is late but still here! I am doing NanoWriMo, and have been posting some […]

Posy Churchgate

  • Hello my Dark Darlings, It’s not easy being in 2 places at once, creating new content for loyal readers at […]
  • Image courtesy of Sergio Alves Santos on Unsplash This piece of erotic fiction needs a content warning because it depicts […]

Francesca Demont

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Life of a Kinky Wife

  • MrsK Life of a Kinky Wife We all have secrets, some like the one I’m going to share today, are […]
  • MrsK Life of a Kinky Wife . Shame that he’s witnessed her surrender to another man suddenly turns to arousal […]

Liz BlackX

Life of Elliott…

  • Our man Howie in Queensland has joined The Life of E as a frequent contributor. Now showing more than just […]
  • I’ve many talented artist friends, some sexier than others with a more personal connection. One is Rehnsy who sent me […]

Steeled Snake

  • The drive from the city that was supposed to be last night got pushed to this morning. Why did work […]
  • Travel arrangements to be made. Gifts to purchase. Family to visit. Cards to address. This time of year is full […]

The Long Bean

A Leap of Faith

  • The December prompt for Sinful Sunday is Colour Pop. I’ve very limited experience of creating my own images in this […]
  • I wasn’t intending to post anything today, I really wasn’t. But when I was taking a trip around the internet […]

Brigit Delaney

  • #SubmissiveAdvent I’m taking the night off, so you are getting a short post. It was a long day at work, […]
  • #SubmissiveAdvent It doesn’t take much for Him to trigger the submissive in me, no matter how deeply buried she is, […]

Carolyna Luna

  • My words have been a jumbled mess as I’ve tried to journal these last two hellish weeks, and I’ve found […]
  • She’s a brat.  But fuck, she’s hot.  Sultry curves beckoned me from her pictures. Smooth, dark, mysterious. My fingers ached […]

Deviant Succubus

  • With a kiss of pure steel I pierce the skinWith a wish it sinks withinWith the red of your blood […]
  • I know I have been rather silent lately. I still have a lot to say but life has been busy […]

David Mei

Jerusalem Mortimer

Eve Ray

  • November was, as ever, gloomy and my mood seemed to match that for much of the month. One bright spot […]
  • After a month off, sorting out my life I am back. No petrol, empty shelves in the shops (ain’t Brexit […]

Swirling Fire

  • Reading Time: 2 minutes The Silent Charmer Sneaking up when you weren’t paying attention A stealth bomber on a black […]
  • Reading Time: 2 minutes You Can Talk You can talk You can talk to dozens of nameless faces You can […]

His Lordship

  • There is something about candle light that adds just the right amount illumination to an environment.  A candle flame knows […]
  • There has been a sudden change in tempreture in our part of the world of late, however,  there is still […]

A (not so) Submissive Wife

  • We went away on Saturday overnight to our favourite hotel and things didn’t quite go as planned. That isn’t to […]
  • To this day I don’t know if he was a real vampire or if I dreamt it. But, there had […]

Cousin Pons

  • See who else has entered Monochromerotic 
  • An adult story. 18 plus This was my entry for round four of the Smut Marathon in 2018.  The task […]


  • "Each time she becomes more desperate, more messy. Drool and sweat collects on her neck. Her legs shake when she […]
  • "When we first met she was vague about her past experience. She minimised it. She’d done a few things here […]

No Pants Endurance

Raspberry Ripples

  • To help me preserve my emotional health while my physical health is failing, Ben asked me to spend time… …thinking […]
  • The pages in my primary menu provide directories of my posts. I divided them into different subjects. There is a […]

Elk Vilianni

  • “I think I’ve missed my last bus home,” Dawn said to Rosie, as they stumbled out of ‘The Odyssey Discotheque’. […]
  • Image by Pexels from Pixabay ‘Dr Clarke’s Desk’, by Elk Vilianni “Good Lord! How utterly peculiar,” exclaimed Mother, staring at the letter that […]

The Sassy Sub Daily

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Morag’s Musings

  • Do you consider your sex to be “conventional”? Why or why not?What is conventional? Also, what do you mean by […]
  • The topic under discussion on No True Way this week is: “It is a submissive’s responsibility to make sure the […]

Mr E and lilly

Spank me hard, please

  • Hello my spanko friends. When I saw this week’s Wicked Wednesday prompt, personality, I immediately thought of myself. Of course […]
  • if I were a Dom life would be perfect spank my horny subs every morning very willing and eager to […]

Stella Kiink

  • The post Elust #141 appeared first on Stella Kiink.
  • I don’t know what I was thinking when I thought this month would make ending things easier. Spending more time […]

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