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This page serves to promote the regular contributors to Wicked Wednesday (in random order), as a thank you for their continued support. Here you will find those who have regularly contributed in the past 3-4 months, and this page will regularly (more or less every three months) be updated to reflect new contributors, or remove those who have stopped contributing.

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Sex Matters

  • May More SEX MATTERS At the sound of the door bell the three of us looked around the table at […]
  • May More SEX MATTERS Losing my Balance ~ That is precisely how I feel at the moment and to be […]

Modesty Ablaze

  • “Of course it’s a word! Are you questioning your Mistress’s use of the Queen’s English???” I hissed at him! “Nnn […]
  • Because it’s so comfortable and cooling to wear … and so teasing and tempting to share. Especially here at Boobday […]

Purple’s Gem

  • Our D/s has been on the very low simmer for a while now. It’s not necessarily been a bad thing, […]
  • The neighbours moved out and I have a thing for our shared alleyway in between our two houses. With the […]

Corrupting Mrs Jones

F Dot Leonora

  • As Aida talked to her, Eliza could not help but notice that Alessandra had followed Rabekkah to the bathroom. Rabekkah […]
  • Another afterparty, another incidence of her sitting close to Alessandra–would this foretell another night like the last one they had […]

Posy Churchgate

  • Here’s another helping of Mr Bram Stroker’s heady concoction of alluring, but darkly sexy connections.  – here are links to […]
  • Would you like a sip more of Mr Bram Stroker’s heady concoction of alluring, but darkly sexy connections.  – here’s […]

Francesca Demont

Life of a Kinky Wife

  • MrsK Life of a Kinky Wife I relax into his groping, when suddenly he moves away. Gently he settles the […]
  • MrsK Life of a Kinky Wife I'm thrilled with how this image turned out. The angles of the lace design […]

Liz BlackX

Life of Elliott…

  • Our man Howie in Queensland has joined The Life of E as a frequent contributor. Now showing more than just […]
  • I’ve many talented artist friends, some sexier than others with a more personal connection. One is Rehnsy who sent me […]

Steeled Snake

  • At the moment, Snake and I are in San Diego. Of course, I’m not sure EXACTLY what we are doing […]
  • I was going to just change this to sepia, but I decided that I loved the idea of making the […]

The Long Bean

  • Continued from last week As is usual we walked to the pub, with Val naked alongside Diane whilst Len and […]
  • Diane and I had been kept busy with our jobs during the three weeks since our meeting with Alice and […]

A Leap of Faith

  • What luck, to stumble upon a fine vintage car on such a beautiful day, shared for my 67th Scavenger hunt […]
  • The tell me about prompt this week is Questions, with a suggestion of “we want to hear your questions, and […]

Brigit Delaney

  • Welcome to The Erotic Journal Challenge! If you’ve never participated, make sure to glance at the rules. This week, consider […]
  • I’m washing myself clean of the year before, heading into summer break and then a new position at work. Moving […]

Carolyna Luna

  • My words have been a jumbled mess as I’ve tried to journal these last two hellish weeks, and I’ve found […]
  • She’s a brat.  But fuck, she’s hot.  Sultry curves beckoned me from her pictures. Smooth, dark, mysterious. My fingers ached […]

Deviant Succubus

  • If you want to see more naked and sexy pictures of me, and videos too, then head on over to […]
  • What I fear and desire most in this world is passion. I fear it because it promises to be spontaneous, […]

David Mei

Jerusalem Mortimer

Eve Ray

  • ROZALIA Czernowitz – Austria-Hungary 1910 Oberkriminalrat Rudolf Krenek hated Czernowitz even more than he hated whores,the ones he controlled as much as the […]
  • He kneels in worship Silent, shaking, knowing he Will soon taste the whip 2. Fastened to the cross, Face drawn […]

Swirling Fire

  • Reading Time: 2 minutes You Can Talk You can talk You can talk to dozens of nameless faces You can […]
  • Reading Time: 2 minutes Who Are You Baptism by fire Or funeral pyre The personality evolving whilst true characters Remain […]

His Lordship

A (not so) Submissive Wife

Cousin Pons

  • An adult story. 18 plus This was my entry for round four of the Smut Marathon in 2018.  The task […]
  • This is a short NSFW entertainment for Wicked Wednesday Prompt #447 Christmas. He didn’t normally leave the theatre between the […]


  • "Before we fuck I put her in a series of stress positions. She holds each for two long minutes…" A […]
  • An alphabetical glossary of all the terms and acronyms you might encounter in the kink scene.

No Pants Endurance

Raspberry Ripples

  • Sex has improved since I was aged twenty-one. I don’t in any way mean that as an insult towards my […]
  • I think we had a Song Lyric Sunday Theme already in the past twelve months that featured the word “cruel”, […]

Elk Vilianni

  • “I think I’ve missed my last bus home,” Dawn said to Rosie, as they stumbled out of ‘The Odyssey Discotheque’. […]
  • Image by Pexels from Pixabay ‘Dr Clarke’s Desk’, by Elk Vilianni “Good Lord! How utterly peculiar,” exclaimed Mother, staring at the letter that […]

The Sassy Sub Daily

  • “Distance teaches us to appreciate the day we are able to spend together and it also teaches us the definition […]
  • I think by now most people have figured out who CL is. And I think at this point, many of […]


  • Lying there together both partially dressed. Her head on his lap and leather collar around her neck. Gazing into each […]
  • My brain has moments of very random thoughts. One that popped into my head was a comment on flirting that […]

Morag’s Musings

  • So, this week’s Quote Quest teaser is: “Between my finger and my thumb the squat pen rests; snug as a […]
  • Cum… It’s a strange substance really. That’s not to say I find it repulsive in any way, because I most […]

Mr E and lilly

  • The nice people at sohimi have sent us another male wanker offerer, Eliza, to try out.  Again the packaging was […]
  • I’d been allowed to bring myself close to orgasm as Mr E watched, only finding my release when he touched […]

Spank me hard, please

  • Hello my spanko friends. When I saw this week’s Wicked Wednesday prompt, personality, I immediately thought of myself. Of course […]
  • if I were a Dom life would be perfect spank my horny subs every morning very willing and eager to […]

Stella Kiink

  • I show my boobs a lot on this blog, and outside of this blog actually. I think they’re pretty fantastic. […]
  • Every single feeling tells me this is leading to a heart in broken little pieces and you know I need […]

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