Seven is a magic number, right?

This is the seventh time that my dear friend, May More, is doing the top 3 for Wicked Wednesday. There is so much I can say about May, about her support in the past years, and how much I want to sit across from her and share a bottle (most probably more than one) of wine with her. One day it will happen, I’m sure of that.

That said, I want to add that May is a wonderful writer, and she never ceases to amaze me in the stories she crafts. You can read her stories on her blog, on Medium and follow her on Twitter.

Top 3 for week 520 by May More

I think I have chosen the Wicked Wednesday round-up at least 100 times before 🙂 I could be wrong as I am prone to exaggeration, but one thing I am right about is I really look forward to reading the entries as they are always entertaining.

In the past, I have not been great at choosing just three posts, so I was determined to nail it this time. I read them all. Slept on it and then when I came back to the Wicked Wednesday page the following morning, I realised precisely three of the entries had made a strong impression on my mind and here they are — in no particular order.

Our First BDSM Event by Mr E and Lilly
I am a definite fan of this blog. I find their images and articles so refreshing. If you are not aware of these guys, then you really should check them out. I have been following their journey over the last few years and learned how recently they attended a swingers club. In my opinion, this takes guts, even more since covid locked down the world. So I read with interest as they look back on their first BDSM event. Read all about…

Animalistic Pleasures by Mrs Fever on Temperatures Rising
I have followed Feve for many years and very much enjoy the variety of different posts she publishes. This one was on prompt — books — and was a real delight. Mrs Fever found a fabulous vintage book at a second hand store recently. She includes images and a poem from this amazing find. Take a look…

Dead or Alive by F. Leonora
I adore writing fiction. It is one of the favourite things in my life. When you write as much as I do you constantly look around at others for inspiration and Leonora is one such writer that I am so impressed with for many reasons. One of them is that — and I know I have said this before in a round up — she has managed to keep a series going, alive and fresh, for donkey’s years! But, not only that, each part seems to be a story in its own right. This one is on prompt and if you had never read any of the other episodes you could dive right in. I suggest you do…

Thank you to Marie for Wicked Wednesday, asking me to do the round up again, and for being the wonderful individual she is… did you guys know she’s my friend 🙂


Mischief is playful behaviour that is slightly bad but not intended to cause serious harm or damage. Have you ever been mischievous, and if so, what have you done? Or maybe you can write a story about a character full of mischief?

As always, you are welcome to link any stories or posts that don’t follow the prompt!

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