Posy is one of the handful of people who have become a dear friend over the years, and who will be a friend long after both of us stop blogging (if ever!). Besides being a friend, she’s a wonderful writer with her own unique style, and writes in different genres, of which her fantasy and erotica are the two I like most. Want to read her? Please follow her blog, her Medium and follow her on Twitter. You won’t be sorry!

Top 3 for week 519 by Posy Churchgate

How could I refuse my dear friend Marie when asked to judge Wicked Wednesday, the hub for some of the most excellent and current posts by the writers and bloggers with whom I feel attuned? Without this meme I wouldn’t have found my ‘niche’ for writing fiction and sharing more personal reflection.

However, I haven’t joined in as regularly as in the early days of my creative journey, hence I felt shock and guilt when I read Marie’s offering Memes: Have We Outgrown Them?
It’s something to consider – where do we gather instead? Do we find each other’s work in a different way?

Nowadays I share the majority of my fiction on Medium, but Marie’s meme brings together people publishing on Blogger, WordPress, their own sites – may whose pictures might be considered strong stuff for the ‘build a blog’ sites – try Modesty Ablaze – her sauce is always tongue in cheek.

In no particular order, my 3 favourites in this week’s submissions were:

Truth or Dare? By Steeled Snake
If you’re into D/s you’ll love this, if you’re just a wicked tease, you may want to up your game! Watch how Charmer eases him in gently:

Still grinning, you ask again, “Truth or dare?”
So…there’s the first twist. I don’t get a round. You’re just using it to torment. Again.
“Dare,” I say, wondering exactly where you’ll go with this.
“OK, part 1. I want you to find a location we can sneak off to, under cover of darkness, and you can give me an O… or 3 – outdoors, under the stars, but you have to find and scout the location. Your… homework, is due by Friday night and I’ll pick a date night to explore.”

Truth or Dare – Reflections by Windy
Their blog was new to me (evidence that I haven’t visited WW enough) but I’m a fan now. This couple is feeling their way with the dynamic of domination and submission, but – after reminiscences – the points Windy makes are so valid. I was getting relationship counselling! My partner and I are home full time for the moment. Getting under each other’s feet can lead to not being mindful in our treatment of one another.

When I intentionally keep my unnecessary opinion to myself, he actually does just fine. Then I can save my input for when it truly matters,[ ]make it a question instead of a suggestion, and wrap it up with a respectful please. The truth is that feels much better.

Moonfeather: Little Scandal – Dancer in Chains
I’ve huge respect for D-i-C – crafting a novel takes work and dedication, plus the task of keeping it authentic using terminology from the frontier era. Every week there is a new chapter, each so engaging, “old time-y” D/s is just as sexy but I love the “oops” moments when she shocks her newfound friends or lover because her modern attitudes leak through – such as here, where she implies she gets spankings.

(Joey) “Normally, I wouldn’t care, but church pews are hard enough as it is, and we’ve fought enough this week already.”
Lavina nodded sympathetically, her golden ringlets bouncing. “The early days of matrimony can be difficult, especially if ya weren’t well acquainted beforehand. “

Thank you, Marie on behalf of my fellow creatives – by hosting this meme over the years, whatever you decide to do next, it’s been a wonderful ‘water cooler’ and you deserve kudos for that.


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