Just like with May More, Modesty Ablaze, Brigit Delaney, and The Barefoot Sub, I am welcoming my dear friend Chris McClennan back for the roundup for the SIXTH time. We all have busy lives, and for most of us our blogging is “just a hobby” which makes me even more grateful that people are willing to do the roundups! So thank you all, and not only the ones mentioned here, but everyone!

Eight years ago, I had the privilege of meeting Chris in person, and he has been a friend since then, even though sometimes months go by without talking. I always think of him fondly, and I am a huge fan of his writing. You can read his stories on his new blog, and follow him on Twitter, and if you want to read a really kick-ass story, you have to buy his Savannah books!

Top 3 for week 510 by Chris McClennan

As the quarter-point of 2022 approaches, it has been an amazing and shocking three months…and we thought 2020 and 2021 were strange.

For. one, I am tapping this out with well-chewed fingers, snow falling on the frozen tundra of Toronto, and an exhausted puppy sleeping on my feet. Other than the chewed fingers caused by the puppy, it is very pleasant…all things considered.

Considering the other things going on in the world, the “In My Day” prompt seems appropriate to remind that it was not always like this. I am very happy that Marie asked me back to do this particular prompt’s round-up.

With that, here are my three choices that caught my eye and may have even hardened other bits in this week’s lovely escape.

– Morag’s Musings – Cocksucking Confessions
What can I say? I enjoy receiving a good blowjob, so the title immediately caught my eye here. The mention of empowerment is what kept me reading, though. Not a true erotic piece, but very matter of factual in its discussion of the history and this is something I truly appreciate. There is something beautiful in dissecting a hot memory into something more logical.  

– The Cunning Linctus – Is That All There Is?
This flashback to a time of keyboarding without a screen (without a net?) reminds me of my youth. Being this was a flashback, I’ll go out on a limb and suggest the brothel would be a little more expensive these days, and not something one could easily expense in such a way…though that bit did make me laugh.

– Leap of Faith – Threesome: The Clue is in the Name!
I’m one of those that annoy others by calling consent sexy. What I liked here was the juxtaposition of one person’s fantasy perhaps crossing consent boundaries for someone else. Likely unintentional, but not harmless, It is that little reminder that one should never assume we all have the same kink…plus a bag full of dildos is always helpful.


Some of us follow every rule set for us, others prefer not to, and break the rules all the time. What kind of person are you? What rules have you broken? And especially, what sexy rules have you broken… or followed?

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