Beautiful Modesty has agreed to do the roundup for Wicked Wednesday again, and here’s she’s back to share her top choice with us for the sixth time! To me Modesty is the Scavenger Hunt Queen, but I also love her Polaroids project. If you want to see those, and many other beautiful images, and read her words, just hop over to her blog and follow her on Twitter.

Top 3 for week 508 by Modesty

I’m always in awe at the imagination and creativity of the stories I read during my weekly visit to Wicked Wednesday. And those feelings were especially enhanced this week when I was given the honour of selecting the three stories that “moved me” most for Week 508’s prompt of “Limited Editions”.

Seduced by a real life Limited Edition – Sex Matters
I first came across May More via some of her wonderfully erotic photos. Laying in a mossy clearing in the woods, posed against fences and gates and brick walls, or astride a chair with a beautiful wide-brimmed hat. But I quickly became entranced by her equally erotic writing … often bawdy and irreverent, frequently naughty and bizarre, and always wildly imaginative and arousing … May’s stories always excite and arouse. And this tale of seduction by a fifty-something Cougar had me tingling and squirming in my chair from the outset, with Hubby looking over my shoulder and chiming-in “I wonder why???” … well, I think you will see why when you read it !!!

Dolores – Eve’s Temptation
I’m not as familiar with the writings of Eve Ray … but I think I soon will be after this intriguing and captivating tale of a prison visit, top-shelf “Fresh Hotties” magazine, and a hugely erotic (for me) up against the wall encounter with a special twist at the end. And … I’d like to read more about Domina Dolores and “Fresh Hotties” please Eve !!!

Greta, The Limited Edition – Marie Rebelle
And speaking of a special twist at the end … I’ve always been curious, intrigued, wondrous, at the idea of Sex Dolls. And Marie’s tale of Greta and Gideon had me hanging on every word, and every movement and push and thrust. I became more and more drawn-in and thinking that, possibly just possibly, advances in modern technology were going to change my perception. But then … well you’ll just have to read to see!!!


We all take photos, some of us every day, others only on special occasions. Do you keep them only in folders on your computer, or do you print them into paper albums? What about those old photos, in the days before digital cameras and smartphones? Do you still look at them? Share your personal stories, or use the prompt for fiction.

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