My fascination with metal against flesh began later in life, as a lot of discoveries do, when I stopped giving a damn about norms or trying to fit myself into a narrow spectrum of behavior.  With sex in all its forms, a sameness can set in leaving a person to descend into acceptance or pursue the limits of exploration. My personality is an adventurous one and even though I’m older, I’m still very much that twenty-something who used to pursue the novel, with the top down, kicking up gravel toward the unpaved outskirts of expression. Tied up in all of this was the gratification and build up to orgasm and the discovery of those things that would enhance my pleasure.

So, I looked around the internet for ideas, devices and toys not focused on anything except the possibility of something different, something physically gratifying. I came across a website catering primarily to men and I saw, for the first time, a cock with a glans ring. I had never really thought about adorning my cock and though I’m straight, that was one good-looking dick and the metal on flesh piqued my curiosity enough to look for other examples of metal tightly wrapped around a fleshy shaft. I read some information along the way suggesting the beginners try latex or leather, but I was set on metal. It had to be metal and not some wimpy thin band with a fake gemstone. I wanted thick weighty metal around my dick.

The first time I pushed the head of my cock through a metal glans ring, the rim of my helmet head holding it in place around my hanging dick, the sensation of weight pulling on it was amazing. I wanted more, and that led me on a journey to find and experience how metal can interact with flesh and the enhance the sensations I craved. I got heavier glans rings, became a cock-measuring expert as I calculated weight and tighter sizes to keep heavier metal rings in place on my shaft. I considered what was too loose, too restrictive, what rings were for daily wear, what rings had the right tightness when I was hard – what seemed a simple matter of metal, was far more nuanced and subtle than I had imagined. I used lube to slide them on, went without lube to feel a touch of pain. The pull was addictive and weight became my focus; I wanted more weight pulling me down.

Wearing a ring also brought with it, unexpected rituals in shaving, skin maintenance, the continual need to touch and explore the juxtaposition of swollen flesh and metal, the desire to explore other foundational material, perhaps stone? From those early experiences, I made my way to cock rings, some heavy, some formed to mimic the lower abdomen. It was a game to see if I could manipulate my cock and balls through the tight cock ring before my touch, and the sensation of the metal made me too hard to fit. From there I discovered heavy metal ball stretchers and weights, tight and heavy, my balls resisting the weight and the stretched, taught skin, so smooth to the touch.

Now, my wife doesn’t like the rings and says they feel odd inside her, though sometimes we “forget” it’s on. She’s a more conventional creature than I am. She likes to fuck regularly but within a narrower band of expression. Although she says she doesn’t like the look, I get the quick glances when I pass her on the way to the shower, my cock swinging with the weight. I appreciate the looks, but I wear metal for me, for the feeling, which if I’m honest resembles her thumb and index finger around my glans when she’s sucking hard on my cock head. I wear them for the new sensations when I masturbate, my skin riding over the metal for that slight restriction I feel in my shaft as I cum. For the streams of cum this restriction helps produce. How the metal slides off effortlessly when I use my cum as lube.

I was watching a program the other night on gravity and its impact on the universe. Significantly, its truest, most intense expression is in the collapse of stars into black holes. As spectacular a thing as that is, gravity also pulls my ringed cock down, giving me the sensation of something in constant contact. With all respect to Steven Hawking and black hole gravitational theory, the weight on my shaft and balls is my science at the moment as I stroke my dick and feel myself tighten against this metal. I know I’ll cum hard and the sensation of weight will give me pleasure long after I’m flaccid.

Wicked Wednesday

9 thoughts on “Metal & Flesh

  1. This is such an interesting read, to read what it feels like and what it does for you! And that image is stunning.
    I look forward to reading more of you 🙂
    ~ Marie

    1. Thanks Marie! I’m glad you liked it and appreciate you taking the time to comment. This was a fun journey for me. Writing about it and posting an image of myself is also new, so thanks for the compliment and encouragement.
      I look forward to writing more!

    1. Hi May, thank you for reading my post and taking the time to comment, I very much appreciate it. I just discovered your website recently and enjoy the content there – it’s a daily stop for me now. Thanks again!

  2. Great to see other guys wearing metal rings. Aside from enhancing my erections, they feel great. My wife loves how they feel inside her. Nice article!

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