This is already the sixth time I am welcoming Brigit to the top 3 of Wicked Wednesday. She’s the second to reach this number of roundups, and I want to take this moment to say that I appreciate each and everyone who takes the time to read all entries and then decide on a top 3, and write a roundup. It doesn’t only help me, but it also helps to keep the sense of community intact. So thank you all!

Back to Brigit: I have been following her for years, seen her go through many ups and downs, and see her bounce back stronger every time. I love her writing, whether fiction or fact. Besides the writing on her blog, she also runs the weekly meme Flash Fiction Friday and the ongoing Erotic Journal Challenge, which this year poses daily questions to get you thinking. You can also follow Brigit on Medium or on Twitter.

Top 3 for week 504 by Brigit Delaney

Kudos to everyone who posted for this prompt. I read every entry and enjoyed the sheer diversity of content. From fiction to advice to video, to image, to personal experience, to fan fiction. Some followed the prompt completely, some loosely, and others not at all.

These are the three I selected to highlight –

Marsha Adams – How to Win (at) the Fiction Marathon
This is a perfectly timed addition, with the Blogable Fiction Marathon coming again soon! I’m a huge fan of Marsha’s writing anyway, so seeing an “advice” post like this is wonderful: like a map of how to succeed. I like the distinction Marsha makes between winning the Marathon and winning “at” the Marathon. I also appreciate how she uses her own entries as examples.Though I’m not sure I agree with her summation that she is “a storyteller, not a writer.” I think Marsha is very much a writer, and a high-quality one at that. I especially appreciated #5. The description of how she cut that story to the barest minimum and came out with exactly the right result is admirable. I’ve heard it as “murdering your darlings,” and it can, indeed, lead to magic, but it is very difficult to do. The numbered headings in this post made me laugh, too. Those little bits of humor really pull it all together. This should be required reading for anyone entering the Marathon this year!

submissy – Submissive growth and how to make it happen
I am usually drawn to submissy’s posts. I appreciate how she writes with clarity and depth, exploring vulnerable topics with honesty. In this piece, she makes some very good points about the importance of reflection in growth, the responsibility of submissives to be active participants in the relationship and negotiating its path and destination, and the necessity of accepting a certain level of discomfort in order to truly grow.

I was intrigued by her distinction between mind-reading and map-reading and her position that a good Dom is a good map reader. She states that, “While Dominants in fiction are presented as being mind readers, in reality most are not. However they are often very good map readers. They will lead the dynamic in a way which allows both parties toward a destination that has been agreed through ongoing discussion.”

I like how submissy can take a topic like this to both share her expertise and reflect on her own experience. She is both teaching and learning with her writing. It makes it more accessible and inviting for the reader. She does not claim to be the expert, as there can never truly be an expert when it comes to D/s. She is simply a fellow traveler sharing what she has learned, allowing us to learn from her experience and her reflection of her experience.

Mrs. K – Date with Depravity
Mrs. K is another writer I enjoy and follow on a regular basis. This story is a good example of why. I simply love a good twist at the end, and this story does not disappoint in that regard. I won’t give it away, but it made me smile! Also, this is a very sexy tale with good characters, scene description that provides a detailed mental picture, and natural dialogue. Nothing here feels forced…it just flows from beginning to end. The main character’s internal thoughts provide momentum for the action.

I could tell from the moment the main character says, “I’m open for anything,” that things would get kinky quickly, and I was not disappointed. I love how accommodating she becomes, and that she seems ever so slightly appalled by her own behavior. But not quite. The line “It’s terrifying and thrilling and tastes like freedom from a life half lived,” pretty much sums up the central emotion of this story for me. And the following description is lip-lickingly satisfying: “The squelching of my digits being sucked farther into my depths fills the air and my scent quickly follows. Michael’s nostrils flare.”

Like I said, great twist at the end…and a perfect last line.


Apparently, about 80% of the world population experiences anxiety in some form or the other when they have to give a speech in public. What about you? Do you give regular speeches, maybe for your work? How does that go? How about other speeches like at a wedding or a funeral? Share your experiences, or write a sexy story about someone giving a speech.

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