On this very first day of 2022, the very first thing I want to say to you all is: HAPPY NEW YEAR!
I wish you all a wonderful year, a year in which all your dreams will come true, even if we still have to live with this global virus. Let’s make the best of it!

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Top 3 for week 500 by Marie Rebelle

For last week’s prompt I asked you to share your top 10 posts of all times, and the lessons you have learned during your time of blogging. My choice for the three top posts are those that share some valuable lessons, not only for newbie bloggers, but also the established ones. Sometimes, even when we have been blogging for some time, we lose sight of some of those things, and it’s good to be reminded of them.

T is for Top 10 by Steel Charmer
Write for yourself… that is the best advice any established blogger can give a new blogger. But, what Charmer says in another paragraph is: I think our blog has become more us as the time goes on.
I think every new blogger needs to find their voice, and that one sentence illustrates that beautifully.

Top Ten List (s?) 2021 And All-Time by The Barefoot Sub
What I love about this post is that Barefoot analyzes her stats to see what works, what her readers wants, and what she should concentrate on, only to come to the conclusion: I think, really, the lists tell me more about how my blog has changed over recent times, and gives me food for thought on how I can change things up again next year.
Sometimes those numbers tell us how to change things, and sometimes to just continue doing what we do.

Ten Years On: Reflections on a Decade of Blogging by Mrs Fever
I love Feve’s blog and I love her unique way of writing; her straight-forwardness. There are SO many valuable lessons in this post of her, such as blog the way you want to blog, but also that you are one voice in millions, but you ARE that one voice! There’s more in this post, which you should read, whether you have been blogging for years, or are just planning to start out.


We have left yet another year behind us, and as it’s the beginning of a new year, let’s look back on the old, and forward to the new!

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