Can you believe it? We are at the end of 2021, and it’s time for the roundup again!

If I have to give one word for this year, it would be: lockdown. We are currently in lockdown again in the Netherlands, and even though this hadn’t been the status for all of 2021, it sure feels like it. I can count the days I have been in the office this year on one hand!

But, this post is not about Covid, but about statistics! This is the seventh time I share the Wicked Wednesday numbers, as I am a lover of statistics!

Participants list

In 2020, I started showcasing the sites of regular contributors on a separate page. I aim to update this page once every quarter, but in the recent months haven’t gotten to that. However, this list is now updated. If you have linked only one post in 3-4 months, your site might not show up here, depending on how much you have contributed before that.

If you think your site should be on the list and it’s not, please let me know! Just click the envelope in the sidebar.

Weekly top 3 roundup

Once in about 3 months, I check my list and ask people to do the weekly roundup for a specific week. I am always looking for volunteers, whether you contribute to Wicked Wednesday or not. If you want to do the roundup, please contact me. The envelop in the sidebar will take you right to my email!

The stats for 2021

Last year I changed the way I do the stats, only showing the names of those who have linked at least one post in the past 6 months.

So, let’s get on with it!
(Note: In all the tables 2012, 2013 and 2014 are not shown, but those numbers can be found in previous roundup posts.)

First, last and best

The first prompt for 2021 was number 449Looking forward to 2021 — and the last prompt was number 500Top of the tops.

The lowest number of links added in one week was 15, and those happened for prompts 457, 465, 471, 477, 479 and 495.

There were four weeks that each had 25 posts linked (the highest number for one week) and those were prompts 449, 451, 455 and 489.

Total numbers

This table shows the accumulative numbers from the beginning of the meme.

Since beginning of the meme:2015201620172018201920202021
Total number of prompts187239291343395448500
Number of players226275309354404444462
Total number of posts linked38934882584070358402981810845
Highest number of links for one week47474747477878
Lowest number of links for one week12121212121212
Average number of posts linked per week21202021212222
Numbers per year

Where the above table showed the total numbers from the beginning, the table below shows the numbers per year.

Total number of prompts52525252525352
Number of players981109611413813469
Total number of posts linked9519899581195147713051027
Highest number of links for one week28302534387827
Lowest number of links for one week12121214201415
Average number of posts linked per week18191823282520
Top 10 (still active) players since the beginning of the meme

The table below show all blogs that have been in the annual top 10 since 2014, sorted on the top 10 for 2021 (those are in italics). Blogs that were in the top 10 in earlier years, but have not linked since prompt 470 (June 2021) are not on the list. All others that have been in the annual top 10 before remain in the table.

Now, as of this year, people were allowed to add two posts from their blogs in one week. In total, 11 bloggers have used this option, when they had something to share off-prompt, and something on-prompt.

Name of blog2015201620172018201920202021
Rebel’s Notes52525252525357
Steeled Snake00023393652
F Dot Leonora52525252465251
Sex Matters001441465149
Raspberry Ripples000001947
Jerusalem Mortimer0124645514645
Corrupting Mrs Jones501094044
Liz Blackx000003142
A Leap of Faith000361739
Life of a Kinky Wife000003933
Modesty Ablaze28272419252221
Posy Churchgate00136303618
Purple’s Gem0006483116
C.P. McClennan29241035137
Top 10 players (still active) since the beginning of the meme

It won’t surprise you I have been keeping a list of every player for Wicked Wednesday since the beginning of the meme. I do it in Excel, and I wouldn’t have been able to do these stats, had it not been for that.

This table shows the blogs that added the most links to Wicked Wednesday since the beginning of the meme, but once again, it only shows the blogs that are still active (= linked in the past 7 months).

Blog nameTotal links
Rebel’s Notes 505
F Dot Leonora 396
Jerusalem Mortimer 245
C.P. McClennan 208
Sex Matters 201
Modesty Ablaze 185
Submissy 159
Steeled Snake 150
Brigit Delaney140
Posy Churchgate 129
Top blogs for top 3 posts since prompt 129

Up to prompt 126 I haven’t done a top 3, but as from prompt 127 I wanted to highlight the three posts that really touched me. For several months I did the top 3, but then started engaging others to do it too.

Below you find the total number of top 3 mentioned received per blog, from when we started doing the weekly highlights.
(Once more, you only see the active blogs.)

Blog nameTotal times linkedTotal top 3
Sex Matters 20134
Rebel’s Notes 50531
Life of a Kinky Wife 7226
Submissy 15925
Brigit Delaney 14022
Pain as Pleasure9020
Modesty Ablaze 18518
Steeled Snake15018
F Dot Leonora 39617
Purple’s Gem 10117

A more honest way to look at the top 3 is to take the percentage of posts linked that made the roundup. This table shows the top 15.

Blog nameTotal linkTotal top 3% in top 3
Life of a Kinky Wife 722636%
Marsha Adams on Medium27830%
Mr E and lilly18528%
The Good Old Days31723%
Pain as Pleasure902022%
May More on Medium19421%
Patricia Ray5120%
Deviant Succubus771418%
Eve’s Temptations28518%
A Leap of Faith 651218%
Sex Matters 2013417%
Purple’s Gem 1011717%
No Pants Endurance42717%
Temperature’s Rising36617%
Posy Churchgate on Medium18317%
Top 10 of top 3 mentions in 2021

Where the two tables above showed the overall top 3 stats, these below are only for 2021.

Blog nameLinked in 2021Top 3 2021
Life of a Kinky Wife 3312
A Leap of Faith 3910
Rebel’s Notes 578
Corrupting Mrs Jones 448
Marsha Adams on Medium 268
Sex Matters 497
Lascivity 267
Submissy 406
Purple’s Gem 166
Dancer in Chains326
Liz Blackx 426
Raspberry Ripples476
The Good Old Days 96

YOUR numbers

If you are not mentioned in any of the table above, but you have linked to Wicked Wednesday this year, of course I do have your numbers too. Want to see how you fared this year? Just get in contact with me!

Last, but not least

I feel like we haven’t had a 2021, as with Covid 2020 seemed to drag on into 2021. Two years in one, that kind of thing. But, the calendar says we are at the end of 2021, and tonight at midnight we start a new year. Here’s to a wonderful 2022 for you all!


Image from Pixabay

8 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday Roundup 2021

  1. Wow Marie! I always love your statistic posts 🙂
    Shocked to see so many of mine highlighted this year (only 2 less than last!). Thanks for this amazing space and for your continued support!

  2. Your stats are always fascinating. And I was secretly pleased to still be on there as I feel like I have had so many gaps this year. Thanks for all you do Marie. xx

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