For the fourth time, I welcome back to the Wicked Wednesday roundup, Posy Churchgate. I can’t believe it’s been almost a year ago that she did the last roundup, for prompt 449 (read it here)! Posy is a busy bee, creating fiction and fact for her blog and Medium, and together with May More she is an editor of the Medium publication, Tantalizing Tales. You can also follow Posy on Twitter.

Top 3 for week 493 by Posy Churchgate

It is always a pleasure to be asked to judge the Wicked Wednesday submissions. The posts shared, without fail, have me discovering something new. A new writer to follow, a new kink to investigate, Marie’s prompts inspire great variety and this one, focusing on cities, did not disappoint. When submissions are so diverse it makes it harder to judge and narrow it down to 3 – every judge mentions this – because it is true.

I give an honourable mention to Kinky Wife’s piece because her “Kinky Travels” were alphabetised, and quality spicy and/or romantic encounters in 26 different city locations deserves commendation.

Modestly Lost in Lust features the kinky, hotwife adventures of Modesty Ablaze. The encounter she shares happened quite early in her voyage of uninhibited discovery. Although she’s been to this club before, she has not yet played in public, but we see her dive in with relish. She receives oral sex from a total stranger at the edge of the club before progressing to getting naked for exhibition sex with 2 more strangers – you go girl!

I felt the mattress dip and Hilary was suddenly on her back next to Phil, she was completely naked now, except for a black suspender belt and one stocking. I giggled and pointed at her bare leg. “I gave it to Fifi” she said pointing back behind us. “One of his was laddered”. Fifi was a wonderfully outgoing cross-dresser Hubby and I had met on our first visit to the club, and on every occasion since. A regular at the bar, and in the glory hole corridor too, as he always loved to tell us. As I turned back to Phil I could see he’d pulled a condom from his pocket and was rolling it down over himself. A completely naked Graham had joined us on the bed now next to me and was doing the same to himself. “Not quite as impressive as Phil” I thought to myself, but from Hilary’s noises earlier, I’d gathered he’d filled one condom already.

Mrs Jones’ Parking fiction is my next choice because, in a relatively low word count, she has painted a picture of the city at night and described a breathtakingly hot connection between a couple taking advantage of some time alone:

“Two people can have a lot of fun together,” She grinned in the semi darkness.
“I agree,” his hand slipped inside her top to cup her breast. He pinched her nipple gently. She gasped in pleasure and her hand twitched against his cock. They slid closer together until they were kissing, hard and hot and heavy. His belt buckle jingled and her hand slid into his pants. Long fingers wrapped around his cock as he yanked at her panties.

There was a pause as he pushed her further up the bonnet of the car so that he could spread her legs. Cool night air caressed her throbbing clit before he pressed his face against her hungry cunt.

I was blown away by the short piece Venice Unmasked, which missy adapted from an older original. I’ve never been to Venice, but she paints it as an alluring place full of secrets and urges, a darker layer under the typical ‘face’ that the tourists and culture vultures see. Please join your voice with mine to persuade missy that writing fiction is definitely in her skill set, and perhaps she will write more.

Later on in the city, when the multitude of voyeurs had left on coaches and water taxis, it felt different. More hopeful somehow. More like the seductive haven it was meant to be. Slipping away from him that evening, her intention was simply to find some breathing space from her current suffocation. To have so much but savour so little was a torment with which she beat herself regularly, and often she would find a reason to be alone to indulge herself without the noise of their silence.

Thanks to Marie for inviting me to judge. It was an uplifting experience reading everyone’s entries. If you haven’t had a chance to read them all yet, it’s a pleasure deferred.


Halloween has already been, but since we have never done this before, and with these darker days on our way to Christmas, the time is right to write about werewolves and vampires. Share your sexiest and scariest stories, whether fiction or fact!

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