I am absolutely delighted to welcome to the Wicked Wednesday roundup for the very first time, Marsha Adams. I make no secret of the fact I am a huge fan of her writing. Her stories always have something familiar in them, like they are taken from her daily life, but you never see the twist in it coming. If you haven’t read her stories yet, please do so on Medium, or follow her on Twitter to read her short-form stories there.

Top 3 for week 490 by Marsha Adams

Apart from sometimes writing stories for a couple of memes, I’m not a part of the sex blogger community—I don’t even read as many or as often as I’d like to. That means I’m not familiar with a lot of blogs, so I apologise if I’ve used blog names as author names, or vice versa, or got names completely wrong. I half-expected I’d pick May, Posy and Marie’s posts because I know and like their writing, but I went with…

Bibulous: Cooking for a Date
I haven’t dated in two decades, but I would have loved to have a meal cooked for me with the thought and care which is captured so beautifully in this post. Cooking something special for someone you love, and eating with them, is a very particular intimacy, and Bibulous’ writing evoked that.

Raspberry Ripples: My Fish Cake For The 2021 Great Bloggers’ Bake Off
I could have picked RR’s ‘One of Life’s Greatest Pleasures’—for the same reasons I picked ‘Cooking for a Date’—but I picked the fish instead. This one had me at the title, and I thought it was going to be fiction. It took me a moment to realise that GBBO was a real thing (which I then had to explore). I love the cake, mostly because if I try to bake anything fancy it ends up a disaster, and so I have nothing but admiration for anyone who can bake with style.

The Barefoot sub: Cooking!
I feel like this post has all the necessary qualities of sex blogging: openness and honesty. Sex isn’t necessary, because there’s an implicit recognition that sex is impacted by everything else in our lives, so every part of how we live can also be about how we love. A bonus is that there was a lot here which spoke to my experience, so I could connect with it, and a lot which didn’t, so I could learn.

And if I’m allowed, an honourable mention for Cooking with Mrs K, which came in after I’d written this round-up. I didn’t want to delete anyone I’d already picked, but I might have done if I’d read it sooner, because it captures all the joys of cooking as service, and her kitchen piques my envy.


In the northern hemisphere it’s getting colder, and we are well into autumn. For some, this is their favorite season, and others feel the onset of depression as we moved towards the darker and shorter days. What’s your thoughts on autumn? Share those for this prompt, or share a story about autumn.

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6 thoughts on “Prompt #491: Autumn

    1. I am on medium – it works really well for finding another audience for your writing. Posy and I run an erotic publication on there for fiction writers – if u were interested in joining us please say… cmaymore@gmail,com
      May xx

    2. Yes, I am on Medium too… it’s a great way to find new readers, and once you have 100 followers, you can join their partner program and earn a small amount with your writing. That’s an added benefit 🙂

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