When Mrs Jones sent me her prompt, and I watched that video, I wish I was right there on the boat with her, looking out over the calm water, and experiencing that early morning vibe. I admire what they have done, away for 6 months and sailing the waters around Australia, and love Mrs Jones’ post for her own prompt too. Life is about so much more than the things we deem important every day…

That said, Mrs Jones is no stranger to the Wicked Wednesday roundup. This is the third time she has done it.

Top 3 for week 488 by Mrs Jones

This week was my first week back at work after our voyage. It has been a bit full on but I am very much all the better for my time away from work. This is my top three for this week. 

A leap of faith – Easter Bunnies
I really enjoyed reading her description of the warm welcoming environment she experienced. I was so happy that she found such a place where she was enveloped and encouraged to be herself. I am looking forward to reading more of her story.

Marie Rebelle – A real world of unknowns
Like so many in this little corner of the internet I was really touched to read Marie’s story. I love the way she is determined to stay positive and look after herself even though her life is full of challenges. She is such an inspirational person. I genuinely hope that her life takes a turn for the better soon.

Marsha Adams – Real World Power
This piece is so original. The way the story unfolds is so compelling and sexy. I enjoyed every moment.


We all go through life and have regrets about some things we have done, or maybe haven’t done. What things do you regret? How do you handle those regrets? Do you turn them into something positive, or do they weigh you down? Share your thoughts, or share a story that deals with regrets.

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