Where the first time when I welcomed Toolie to the top 3 – for prompt 454 – he jumped in because someone else couldn’t do the roundup, this time he did it because I approached him. I really appreciate that he wanted to do this, despite being very busy. You can read some of Toolie’s stories here, or read the post he linked up which was part of May More’s fiction relay. You can also follow Toolie on Twitter.

Top 3 for week 483 by Toolie

Having read (or studied) all the stories a couple of times, it seems I’ve been drawn to 5 in particular. It was only as I was trying to express my thoughts on each, that I realised I’ve been attracted to stories that have been with me since childhood. Stories of desert islands, the wild west and Wonderlands – the themes of escapism and fantasy still resonate with me it seems – so maybe, just maybe the more insular/restrictive nature of the past 18 months has had some effect on me after all.

All 5 are excellent pieces of writing and I don’t favour any one above the other. So no gold, silver or bronze medals from me.

Fantasy Island by Howie
First thing to say about this one is that it is a very very horny story!
Since I was a kid and first read Lord of the Flies, I’ve been drawn to the concept of the deserted island, where normal rules don’t apply. This is a great take on the ‘coming of age’ tale, where sexuality is confused given the isolation of their situation.

Moon Feather by Dancer in Chains
Again I was drawn to this one because of the escapism of the situation, a world alien to mine. I’m a big fan of isolation, escapism and fantasy in fiction. All three are well explored in this tale, plus the mystery of the situation she finds herself in, maybe it is time-travel, but it could also be the result of the isolation on her mind. Will search out more from Moon Feather to see how it develops.

Alice’s Wonderland by Marie Rebelle
This is just a commanding piece of writing. Again I’ve been drawn since childhood to tales of Alice, disappearing into her imagination down rabbit holes into parallel universes, populated with weird and wonderful characters, and this is a great take on that. The tension of her experience as a human easel is echoed beautifully in the writing, the story flowed effortlessly to a very satisfying climax! I’ve also always been fascinated by the tension between artist and muse. To be observing (or being observed) so closely the naked form of someone in a one-on-one private location, but (in real life) not touching, I’ve always found this to be so very erotic.

Craving by Mrs Jones
Loved the staccato, poetic style of writing of this entry. The pace of the writing builds to echo beautifully the intensity of the craving. Very satisfying read.

My spirit animal is… by Posy Churchgate
Having banged on about my love of fantasy and escapism, I just loved this entry, maybe it was the opening paras about unicorns that drew me in initially (although in reality it was the beautiful photo). In hindsight maybe it also reminds me of my childhood and a beloved Old English Sheepdog we had. Dear old Fred certainly shared all the traits of this spirit animal. I also loved that the often unheralded traits of hardwork, loyalty, devotion and possessing a mellow, quiet playfulness are recognised in such a beautiful way. Giving and receiving unconditional love and trust to those that have earnt it, is what it’s all about.


To have ambition is to have the desire and determination to make a success of what you are doing. Be it in the profession you have chosen, or in the sport you practice. Or maybe it’s in your hobby, like writing or painting, or… like most of us do… blogging. What drives you? What is your ambition in life? Or do you have more than only one? Share your ambitions…

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