Content warning: This story might come across as incestuous, but is about sexual openness and innocence between different generations, stuck on a deserted island. Don’t read on if you’re easily offended, and but do keep in mind, this is a fantasy.

Continued from… Fantasy Island (4)

Barry looks at me.
“Ahhh, so you can speak. Okay… stay right here just like you are and I’ll send him in,” he says, laughing to himself as he runs away.

While I wait I scoop up some of the semen he’d left inside me and tasted it. It wasn’t as tasty as mom had made it seem but it was okay. I keep my legs open and raised up, waiting to see if another man will let me have his cum.

I recognize Gary. Many times I’ve imagined his big cock going into me. It wasn’t quite as big now as I remember it being and its drooping a bit.

He’s looking for me while talking to no-one: “Where’s this girl? Fuckin bazza, I bet he just wanted a turn fucking Mandy… oh hey! So here you are! The ol’ boy was right! You look ready to fuck!”

I wanted to try being licked but when Gary saw Bazza’s cum in me he didn’t want to do it. Gary kneels down between my legs. I think he’s concerned about what my Mom had said so I take hold of his cock and pull it towards my vagina, rubbing it in the cum to make it easier to put inside me. It’s just as well I’ve put things into my cunt everyday so it doesn’t hurt much when Gary’s hard cock slides into my hole.

I can tell now why Mom loves it so much when the sailors visit. My body reacts as if by instinct, writhing with ecstasy each time Gary pumps himself inside me.
“Fuck me dead, you’re gorgous! Look at you, the way you love cock! You’re a real little slut aren’t you.”

It’s what he had called Mom last time which she told him not to use, but the way he said it to me sounded like a compliment?

I asked him: “What’s a slut?”
Gary kept thrusting into me but looked surprised.
“Huh? Oh um… it’s a girl who likes to fuck a lot.”
I asked: “Why wouldn’t a girl want to fuck? It’s fun! Do you like to fuck?”
Gary looked bewildered.
“Well fuck yeah! But I’m a guy!”
“Well, then are you a slut too?”

It must have sounded funny to him because Gary laughed so hard his cock fell out of me. I took my chance and sucked it, tasting Barry’s cum as well but I keep sucking until Gary shoots his semen straight into my mouth. I was keen to taste it and swallow as much as I could so I licked my lips and face too. Gary really liked seeing me do that. He was shaking his head and chuckling as he walked back to Mom.

I was about to head home when another man headed my way after Barry had whispered to him. When he finds me he tells me to bend over. I had thought he might want to fuck my asshole which frightened me a bit because I hadn’t inserted anything into that hole. So I’m relieved that he just wants to stand up and fuck me.

This looks more like I’ve seen the animals do it. When he was ready to cum he pulled out and came on my bum which is a bit frustrating, how do I lick it up from there? The man slaps my bum and says: “Thanks darlin’, that was awesome.”
I waited to see if any more would help pleasure me but Mom was doing her best to use all their cocks at once.

I arrive home before Mom and greet Gran.
“Hello Deelia,” she’s looking at me strangely, “are you okay?”
“Sure, why wouldn’t I be?”
She was suspicious of me. I held the dress in front of my body trying to hide the redness on my pussy and where the men had groped my tits. When I turned to go inside Gran called out: “So who slapped your bum then?”
I peer over my shoulder and clearly see a man’s hand print.

“Oh, yes um… I stayed for a bit.” I admit.
Gran pulls the dress away and looks at my body.
“So how was it? Was he hung well?”
She seemed keen to hear the details. I’d seen Gran’s tits and cunt everyday of my life but today she touched them while I described how all three men had pleasured me. Her nipples were long like they get on cool mornings. She wanted to know how big and hard the dicks were and how they felt going in.

It was nice to tell someone so I told every detail like… “..then just before he came his dick’s head swelled a bit more and I could feel his cum in me like a warm wet feeling. After he went I tasted it and…”

I was telling Gran about the standing fuck when Mom arrived home. I braced myself for punishment but she looked at me for a second then said: “Was it Gary? Or Barry?”
When I whispered ‘both’ she nodded and went inside. I didn’t know the last guys name anyway.

At dusk Mom sits with us to tell me a story. She has newspaper clippings to back up her tale as well as Gran’s nods.

Mom was a prostitute. She was so well liked that men paid to have sex with her. A ‘high class escort’ Mom said proudly. She explained how she got too greedy for money and began doing ‘orgies’, with more and more men. Then one day she was hosting a party for forty men when more arrived, breaking down the doors and bashing the few security guards. By the end she was beaten, abused and left for dead. If Gran hadn’t found her she’d be dead.

Mom held my hand to say: “In three months a ship will be passing. If you want you can go with them and see the world for yourself. You can stay as long as you like but when you’re ready you can always come home here.”

The sailors were waiting in the same spot. This time it was me running down the beach to meet them. I kiss Jim on his lips and smile at the others.
“Hi guys, who’s horny?”


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  1. When he was ready to cum he pulled out and came on my bum which is a bit frustrating, how do I lick it up from there?

    Haha. I laughed way too hard at this.

    Wonderful tale Howie! I hope we get to see the young ones visits around the globe 😉

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