Continued from… Cuckold me (part 1)

Katie slips her arms back into her top but leaves the buttons un-done, picking up the scissors and returning to cutting. The cape over his lap kept raising up so I assumed he was stroking his cock. When Katie noticed what he was doing she helped keep his lusty desire going by giving him glimpses of her breasts.

In my view, watching people fuck was almost as thrilling as having sex so I’d become incredibly excited by seeing how playfully sluttish she was being with him. I got so excited that I’d completely forgotten she didn’t know I was home, too late to duck away when Katie spotted me.

She gasped, then quickly closed her blouse. Her actions nearly made Martin look to see what had surprised her however she quickly composed herself, just in time to smother his face in between her breasts.

She waved me away from their vision and made an excuse to Martin, stepping outside to ‘whisper shout’ at me: “What the fuck are you doing home!”

I responded with: “So how long has all this been going on? Is this what you do all day while I work?” The fact that I had whispered enlightening her to the point that I wasn’t really upset or else I would’ve burst in and stopped them as soon as I saw them.

She thought about denying everything but instead she asked: “So how much did you hear?”
I smiled.
“So you had fun Singapore hey? ha ha.”
She knew she’d been caught.
“Okay, okay, so you know! What now then? What are you going to do about it?”

My cock was hard so I pulled it out and showed her.
Katie rolled her eyes.
“Oh god, you really are strange, aren’t you? So what?? Are you just going to watch me have sex with him. Is that it?”

My answer was to tug on my cock as I nodded my head.
She absently watched me stroking my cock while she thought, then said: “Okay, so if I go back in there… well just make sure he doesn’t see you! And remember… you said you’re okay with me doing this!”

Katie shook her head and scoffed at how hard I’d become, tisking as she went back inside.
She went to Martin and stood in front of him, exposed her tits, placing one prominent firm nipple onto his lips.

The cape flew off as both quickly removed each others clothes. His cock was hard so Katie sat him back down so she could slide her wet cunt onto his upright pole, with practiced ease. He wanted to move to our bedroom, but Katie insisted they stay in the kitchen and gave a cheeky wave and a wink to me behind his back as she bounced her bare ass on his cock. His face was buried in her tits so he couldn’t see as she smiled and licked her lips seductively towards me, laughing at how horny I was while watching them.

Before he could cum she stood up, holding onto his head, dragging the naked man with her as she sat on the bench, facing me with her legs spread wide so he could eat her pussy as she blew kisses towards me, looking at me as she moaned. She was being so slutty that I had trouble keeping myself away! I almost went inside to join them. I was pretty sure he wouldn’t mind as long as he could keep fucking my wife but I wasn’t sure if Katie were ready for that so I didn’t want to risk it. Besides it was fun as it was.

He came inside her vagina as she was bent over the chair with her tits swinging to his rhythm.

They dressed, kissed, then began saying goodbye, timing it for him to leave just before my normal arrival time. They seemed to have timed their sex to perfection. After a few minutes chat he looked at the time and left.

I joined Katie inside just as he shut the door behind him and went to his car.

She was braless so with my cock in one hand I held her top open, her big bare tits exposed while I hid from his view. I begged her to quickly phone him before he drove away, so she could talk dirty to him about how great it was to fuck. He sat in his car waving to Katie who was saying: “Bye baby, I loved having your big hard cock inside my wet pussy. Next time Howie goes away we can fuck in my bed, baby. From now on, I think we will be able to be together more often… do you want that?”

Katie had to admit she was getting turned on by talking to him like that while I was standing right beside her. When Martin drove away I was already pounding her from behind.

That was 2 years ago.

Not long after that revealing day Katie went to a school reunion that again changed my perception of what was possible, to a much more erotic, naughty level. Katie surprised me even more that night than she had that afternoon.

A lot has changed since then…

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