It was about 2 years ago when I came home from work unexpectantly early to find my wife’s ex-boyfriends car in my driveway.

At this time Katie and I had been married for about 30 years and it was a couple more before then that they had dated. He was in his second marriage, so our relationship with him had changed over the years until he’d become a mutual friend to us both, often popping in for a visit and a beer. So seeing him at my house wasn’t too weird, but it did make me wonder what he and my wife were doing, meeting up when I wasn’t home. He’d never actually said anything to me about Katie, but I knew he was still keen on her, because I’d noticed how he checked out Katie’s body when he thought neither of us were watching, but then what man doesn’t?

Katie’s and my sex life had become predictable, almost slightly boring, so I had been begging her to try something wild, like a threesome. I even suggested Martin as a third, but she always said she didn’t want to because he was married.

I had argued, “But what if he wants to? What if his wife is like me and is okay with it? Would that be okay?”

I’d noticed that she hadn’t said she didn’t want to have sex with him, only that she would prefer he was single.

So when I saw his car outside my house my hopes were raised. I parked on the street and walked quietly up to the back window hoping to catch them in the act. That way I could use her cheating to ‘persuade’ her into a threesome.

They were in the kitchen.

My wife is a hairdresser so it wasn’t unusual to see him seated with a cape over himself as she was cutting his hair. I watched from across the room.

He peered down her top and checked out her ass whenever he could, chatting and laughing together. I could hear them clearly from an open window, in full view of Katie if she ever looked in my direction.

They talked about old times.

Their stories seemed to indicate they had once been lovers, which was something Katie had always insisted they weren’t, mainly because when they started dating she was only 17 and he was 31 making him in his 70’s now but it seemed he was still horny.

She was smiling lovingly as he reminded her: “remember that morning ‘babe’, when my mom came over and we were both still naked in my bed, and trying to hide under the sheets ha ha.”

She added: “oh yes, I thought she was going to get so angry! But you know, she was actually so sweet about it… even made us breakfast!”

He chuckles, “well that’s because she was hoping you’d marry me one day…
He sighed, “she never gave up hope, even after I married Liz.”

This revelation wasn’t as shocking as it might normally have been because many years ago I’d found a bundle of old love letters he must have sent to her when he was in England with his first wife. I never told Katie I’d found the hidden parcel, but in them he clearly describes the ‘special nights’ they had together and how much he wished he could be with her again, even though he was married to his first wife at the time.

They stopped talking. Old memories seemed to have re-ignited an old flame. They looked at each other for a few seconds Katie glanced at the clock.

“Oh what the hell!” my wife exclaims as she spreads her legs to sit on his lap, dropping her scissors and letting her inhibitions go as they kiss passionately. His hands went straight to her tits, moulding and groping them roughly as he began undoing her buttons. Her hips were rhythmically grinding her pussy on his mound hidden under the cape. She kept kissing him as he removed her blouse and bra but suddenly, as if she only then realized what she was doing, she stood up.

Katie pushed her lover down and said: “Martin my sweet, we can’t! Not here, not now! Howie will be home in half an hour.”

He looked confused.
“But it’s not like it’s the first time Katie? I mean, 2 months ago we spent a whole week together remember! We hardly got out of the hotel room then, so why not now?”

She nodded.
“Yes, but that was different! I wasn’t at home then… it’s okay when we are at your place but here… I don’t know… it just feels more wrong.”

Katie had gone overseas to work several months earlier so it seemed like Martin had joined her, at least for a week anyway! If they have been having an affair, then it explained why she’s always out when I call her from work.

It also explained why she was so relaxed yet still having her tits hanging out, casually chatting away while her huge boobs sway in front of his eyes. The lovers must have been naked together often to have that level of ease while naked in each others arms?

To be continued… Cuckold me (part 2)

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3 thoughts on “Cuckold me (part 1) by Howie

  1. I know it’s not for everyone to watch their partner having sex with someone else, but I think there is something beautiful in being able to enjoy because they are enjoying.
    ~ Marie xox

  2. I have so many scenarios in my head! Does he storm in and demand what is happening? Encourage them to continue? Watch through the window and get himself off? Gahhh!
    can’t wait for next week!

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