As you can imagine, I love to invite one of the Blogable Babes (did you know membership to Blogable is free?) to the roundup for Wicked Wednesday. The roundup for last week’s Wicked Wednesday was done by Missy. Missy runs her own blog about being a married submissive wife, and besides this and together with HisLordship, her husband, they run The SafeworD/s Club, a place where dominants and submissive can find information and chat with each other about their experiences. And, as if that’s not enough, she also hosts several subjects on the Tell Me About site. A busy bee indeed!
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Top 3 for week 480 by Missy

I really enjoyed reading all the pieces this week and although there was a lot of variety in content and style, nearly all of the posts were on prompt which was fun. I had a really tricky job narrowing it down from my original 6 but here goes.

Created and Displayed by Purple’s Gem
What’s not to love about this piece? The image of gem is stunning and I love the way that she and PS are embracing her pregnancy and showing the world how sexy she is. Reading this post also reminded me how much I love her writing: she captured so well the feelings of excitement and the thrill of wax play.

Nothing/Everything by Lascivity
I have always enjoyed Kristan X’s writing and this piece held me completely. It captures so well what lies behind a power exchange and it was perfection in terms of the way it was written. It is so difficult to explain how a relationship like this works but Kristan has nailed it.

I Hate Being Alone by Rebels Notes
This piece by Marie was so open and heartfelt that I was thinking of it long after I had finished reading it. Marie’s exploration of silence and the way it can shift from being our sanctuary to our prison was spot on. Her honesty puts the reader in her shoes just for a minute and allows us to connect with her through her writing.


Liz Blackx set this week’s prompt:

Design gurus like Marie Kondo make us believe we don’t need any of our belongings. Minimalism is the way to go. But why does it hurt so much when you lose your belongings?

Have you ever lost your belongings through circumstances like theft or fire? Do you care much for your belongings, or could you go without? Is there one item you really never could go without?

I’m looking forward to reading your stories,


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