Fantasy Island (3) by Howie

Content warning: This story might come across as incestuous, but is about sexual openness and innocence between different generations, stuck on a deserted island. Don’t read on if you’re easily offended, and do keep in mind, this is a fantasy.

Continued from… Fantasy Island (2)

Wait till I tell Gran that Mom mated with the sailors and so we will soon have a baby!

Jim is pumping his penis into Mom for much longer than I’ve watched a pig or a bull doing, but Mom is enjoying every minute of it. Maybe it takes people longer to mate than other animals?

The men cheer when Jim moans, which I assume means he’s finished. Mom keeps her legs wide as Gary jumps down to take his turn inserting his penis.

I guess it must take more than one man to make a woman pregnant?

Gary was a bit quicker to finish than Jim since he was already stiff but instead of planting his seed he quickly jumps up and sprays it into Mom’s open mouth? Judging by the happy moaning though, I think Mom enjoyed eating it even more than having it inside her.

After each man had helped impregnate, or fed Mom, the men dressed and waited for the last man to finish.

Mom looks so content. She wanders from man to man and, after kissing them for a long time as they play with her breasts, then thanks them for mating her. She tries to encourage them to do it again but Jim intervenes: “Sorry darlin’, the ship’s on a tight schedule as it is!”

Gary whimpered: “But boss! She’s up for it! Aren’t you, you fucking slut?”
Jim rushes at Gary and grabs his shirt.
“You fuckin’ young idiot! Mandy here has just given you the best fuck your ever likely to get, so don’t fucking call her that!”

Mom steps between the angry men
“Hey boys, stop! Oh Jim, he just needs to grow up,” then she turns to Gary,”but you do need to respect women more young man.”

Mom held both Gary’s hands onto her bare breasts.
“Just think how many more of these a handsome fella like you will get to play with if you are a nice boy.”
Gary didn’t want to let go of Mom’s ‘tits’, but Jim pulls him away and the sailors row away. Mom waves goodbye, then picks out a few things from one box and heads for home.

I run back to the house where Gran’s waiting, her ankle seemingly having healed enough to walk back unassisted.

The suns rays break the dawn again.

I have so much to think about this morning. So many words the sailors had used that I hadn’t known? I close my eyes and try to recall everything I’d seen Mom do. The way she’d sucked their cocks till they got big and hard, then the way they ‘fucked’ her. Not all the cocks had needed sucking to get stiff.

I wonder what it feels like to have a man’s cock shoved inside me? I’d touched myself down there before now, but it had never felt as good as Mom made it seem.

These flappy bits feel good to flicker especially if I put a bit of spit on my fingers. If I pull them wide I can tease a little deeper. There’s a raised nodule I’ve discovered that instantly sends a shiver through me. Oh that feels so nice!

I really should head home but I can’t wait for tomorrow, to be alone to do more ‘research’.

“Good morning mom.”
When I feel her bum this time, I can’t help but remember it being slapped by those sailors as they fucked her.
“Good morning beautiful girl.”
I should stop squeezing her bum but it feels nicer today for some reason? Mom gets suspicious. She looks at my body.
“You have grown so much lately.”

I hadn’t grown taller, so I assume Mom is talking about my boobs.
“Look Mom, isn’t she so grown up?”
I get turned to face Gran. She pulls out a chair for me.
“Yes Mandy, she’s stunning! Much like you were at her age. Do you remember the looks you got?”

I seemed to have come home in the middle of an argument between them. They faced off over me as I sat down, placing my head between two pair of boobs bumping my head as they make a point.

Gran adds: “Seems a pity to waste this ‘beauty’ on this island though… with no men around to flaunt in front of.”
Mom huffs and returns to cooking while Gran winks at me with a cheeky smirk.
“So Deelia, where did you go yesterday? Did you meet up with Mandy?”
Mom spins on her heals, a look of horror on her face as she asks: “She was with you wasn’t she?”

I could feel my face getting red. Why was Gran dibba-dobbing on me? Mom always knows when I lie.
“Dee?” Mom is looking me in the eye, “Did you follow me?”
I stay silent.
“Dee! What did you see?”
She almost sounds afraid of my answer.
I’ll have to say something…
“Uum… nothing really. I saw those men you met… then came home.”
Mom gasped.
“Oh no, Deelia,” then she whispers: “How much did you see?”
“You were so far down the beach I couldn’t see much.”
It was a slight fib, but Mom knew I saw more.
Mom hugs me then whispers: “We will talk about this tonight”.

I found a cucumber that looked a similar size and shape to the men’s cocks I’d seen so I began playing with it, finding ways to make it easier to insert it each morning. While I’m playing I dream about doing it with men. That’s if they will want to mate with me? I imagine each of their dicks going into me, like they had Mom. Hopefully if I can find a man to ‘fuck’, I hope his cock gets hard quickly because I couldn’t see much of how Mom sucked them.

It’s been three months since the men had mated yet still Mom’s belly hasn’t grown. One day, when Gran was chatty, I asked her: “Do animals always have babies after mating?”
She shrugged.
“No, I guess not.”
So I asked: “What about women? Do we always have a baby each time we mate?”
“Nope,” Gran chuckles, “you should ask your mom these questions, she’s the expert ha ha.”
She walked away but I followed her.
“If more men mate does that help?”
Gran laughed louder.
“Ha ha ha, the more the merrier!”
“Then why do women mate if not to get pregnant?” I shouted after her but she’d gone.

To be continued… Fantasy Island (4)

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