Fantasy Island (4) by Howie

Content warning: This story might come across as incestuous, but is about sexual openness and innocence between different generations, stuck on a deserted island. Don’t read on if you’re easily offended, and do keep in mind, this is a fantasy.

Continued from… Fantasy Island (3)

Since that day I think I’ve found the answer to some of my questions by playing with myself. It feels great! It’s so nice of men to want to make women feel this good? I hope it feels good for them too? The sailors had all seemed very keen to take their turn helping Mom enjoy herself. It’s now been six months since that day the horny sailors had been. Obviously Mom didn’t get pregnant.

I still come up to the lookout every morning, but nowadays I spend all my time here playing with my ‘vagina’, while trying to think of a way to get hold of a man.

Last night as we watched the sunset on our porch Mom had softly said: “It might be time for more supplies.”

I’d only half heard her so I didn’t say anything but now I think about it, maybe she’s meeting with the sailors again? I wonder why she let her guard down and let me hear about it?

Over breakfast it’s quiet. Mom sighs deeply then says: “Dee, your Gran seems to think you’d like to meet the sailors today? Do you?”
I tried to calm my excitement.
“Yes! Uh… yes please.”
“All right, you will have to wear a dress and do exactly as I tell you, okay!”

An hour later we are walking down to the lagoon together in dresses. It felt so weird to have clothing on, but Mom stressed the men expected it, so I had agreed.

I can hear the whoops from the men as soon as we step onto the sand. Mom says aside to me: “Don’t say a word!”
I nod and keep my head down.

Jim is there.
“Mandy, my beauty, how are you?”
They kiss.
“And who is this gorgeous young lady?”
“Jim, this is Deelia, my daughter. She has come to say hello only! Then she will be going home.”

Mom glared at each sailor in turn until they all nodded.
“Well it’s nice to meet you, Deelia, you remind me of your Mom when she was about your age. How old are you my lady?”
I answer automatically: “Eighteen, I think.”

The men whistle and chuckle. Mom glares at me for talking.
“Okay, off you go Dee, and remember… straight home. No dawdling!”

I smile at the men, then turn away. When I reach the path I quickly return to the same hiding hole as last time, just in time to watch as Mom takes off her dress.

The serious mother I normally see everyday of my life then turns into a giggling girl, laughing and kissing all the men who crowded in to grope her body. She squealed as four sailors picked her up by each limb so her cunt was spread open for one other man to lick. When they put her down she lent over the boat and spread her legs, calling: “Who wants to fuck my arse boys? Both holes are ready to be pounded so give me all you have!”

She sucked one guys cock while two others slapped their erections on her huge tits that looked even bigger hanging from her chest.

I felt a wetness in my cunt! Usually I have to tease myself to become this wet but just watching Mom has made me really excited! If only there was a way I could join in?

Jim laid on Moms dress like a mat then waved Mom over. She squatted onto his erection but it must have gone into her asshole because just then another man kneels down in front of her and fucks her cunt. I was so jealous! I hadn’t even considered having a dick in my asshole!

Mom was so lucky to have three cocks in three holes and one in each hand. That left the last man standing back and watching, stroking his big dick while waiting his turn.

“Pssst!” I call.
I try to get his attention.
“Pssst! Hey you… man!”
He frowns then squints as he peers into the brush in my direction.

I have to stand up so he can see me. He smiles then looks at Mom who’s very busy being fucked by five men, so he figures she won’t notice if he disappears for a minute. He walks slowly sideways then runs to me when he’s sure they won’t see him.

“Hey there baby, what are you doing hiding here?”
I can’t speak I’m so nervous, so I take off my dress. His dick looks so big from up close and seems to be getting bigger.

“Oh so you like my cock do you? Oh shit!” — he looked at my body — “fuckin’ hell honey, you’re even hotter than your mom!”
He seemed to like my body. I take his hands like I saw Mom do, to see if he likes the feel of my tits too.

“Oh… my… god!”
He looks back to see if anyone is watching, then hurriedly takes off his shirt, lays it down and says,”you’re a quiet one! Just lay down here, sweet tits, and let ol’ Barry here give you a go.”

I wanted to suck his cock first though, to know what it feels like. I kneel and hold it. It feels warm! Hard but soft. The head is squishy. I want to hold as much of it in my mouth as I can while trying to mimic what I’d seen my Mom do. Barry gets impatient so shoves me backwards onto the dirt, so I open my legs and raise my hips so he can most easily enter me.

He keeps talking as he fucks me.
“Oh, what a horny little slut you are. I’m gonna fill your cunt with my cum baby! Just wait till I tell the others what a fucking sexy bitch you are! They’re gonna be sooo pissed they didn’t fuck you too.”

I wasn’t listening to him, I was so happy his big cock was going into me! It feels fantastic!

I hold onto his bum to encourage him to keep going. His face turns red as he moans deeply, then shudders as his pumping slows. A warm liquid pumps into my hole. Barry collapses onto me then whispers: “Oh fuck!”
Then he asked: “Hey, I don’t suppose you’d let a buddy of mine fuck you as well?”
I nod excitedly.
“Yes please!”

To be continued… Fantasy Island (5)

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