Fantasy Island (2) by Howie

Content warning: This story might come across as incestuous, but is about sexual openness and innocence between different generations, stuck on a deserted island. Don’t read on if you’re easily offended, and do keep in mind, this is a fantasy.

Continued from… Fantasy Island (1)

They don’t seem that terrible? There’s five men dressed in similar dark blue long pants and shirts leaning on a small row boat, chatting and laughing with each other. They were a bit dirty and rougher looking than Gran or mom, and their voices were low and rumbled as they spoke to each other.

They were at the waters edge, less than a stone’s throw from my hiding hole so I could see them plainly, but they had no idea they were being watched from the shrubs. They seemed really happy and looking forward to meeting someone which I guess is my mother. I’d only made it to my vantage point just seconds before Mom walks onto the sand from the track. The men spot her strolling up the beach towards them and they cheer, laugh and slap hands.

I don’t know why?
I can hear them as they talk to each other, so I soon work out who is who.

Jim, the oldest looking man, nudges Gary.
“See Gazza! I fuckin’ told ya! She’s a beauty ain’t she, ya young fuckwit now pay up!”
Gary nods slowly, “fuckin hell! You’re right Jimbo, god look at the size of those tits!”

They laugh together but I still can’t understand why? At some shared joke I’m guessing?

Mom waves a cheery “hello boys”, and walks right up to Jim and kisses his lips.
“Hello Jim my love, it’s been a while. How have you been?”

This is so strange! Mom seems so pleased to see the man, but I’d always had the impression she hated anything to do with the outside world, especially the men!
“Hello Mandy my love, my god, you look even sexier than last time we met! None of these idiots believed me when I told them that such a gorgeous creature like you lives way out here, in the middle of friggen’ nowhere. Pardon my French.”
Jim looked at the rest of the men who all nodded their agreement of his opinion of my Mom.

Mom looks into the boat.
“Do you have everything I’d asked you to bring sweetie?”
“All but the cans of spam my love. Everything else is there. The medical supplies, stationary, batteries, wine and spirits… everything.”
Mom glanced over the two big boxes Jim had lifted the lid off, then she motioned for the other men to put them on the sand.
“Just anywhere will do, I’ll take it home after you’ve gone.”

Mom waited beside Jim until the unloading was complete then with a nod and a wink from mom, Jim smiled and said: “Okay boys you’re in for a treat!”
Mom stood there, surrounded by the men, smiling as Jim unbuttoned the dress she wore and dropped it onto the sand.

It was strange the way the men re-acted to seeing Mom without the material. It was as if they didn’t see many naked women. They whistle and whoop, giving hungry looks towards mom’s body, especially her breasts!

Jim shows Mom off like she was his prize trophy.
“Look but don’t touch you horny bastards! Well not till after me!”
Jim laughed, then turns his attention to Mom’s breasts. He massages them softly, like they were fragile treasures he’d just discovered. Jim studied them closely, paying close attention to the brown teets my Gran had told me were for feeding our young, like cows. Sucking on them as if he could extract milk. Doesn’t he know she needs to have had a baby recently to get anything?

The men watching Jim begin grabbing at their groin area, which makes we wonder what man’s penis looks like? Are they long and thin like the dogs, or black and thick like a bull? Do the men want to mate with Mom? If their penis is growing inside those constricting pants why don’t they just pull them out?

Mom must have been thinking the same as me because she reaches for Jim’s pants and takes them off. He has white hairy legs and wears loose fitting shorts under his pants.
Mom kneels down and slowly pulls his shorts down. His penis isn’t as big as I’d expected for a man his size.

I had to squint to see the little dangly thing poking out of his pubic hair. His testicles seemed bigger and hung lower than his penis.

I’d never heard Mom squeal like she does when she sees Jim’s little penis. It must have looked better close up because she begins kissing it like it was her favourite thing in the world! Mom’s head begins jerking forward and back. I can’t see much until she holds up Jim’s dick that was now much bigger and stiffer. She’s sucking the sack of testicles.

Jim seemed proud of how his penis had grown and shows the other men what Mom was doing by holding back her hair. Mom makes it seem so delicious, I want to join her. I wonder if Jim, or any of the horny sailors, would let me suck theirs?

I keep secretly watching as Mom stands up to kiss Jim fully on the lips again, while still holding onto his penis and slowly stroking it. Jim reaches between Mom’s legs which she spreads to help him reach deeper inside her.

I’m confused? Is this what all men expect from women? How do women find time to do chores if they are always sucking on mens penis’s and kissing lips?

More bewildering is that Mom seems really keen to have them mate with her. She drags Jim to the front of the boat and sits on the bow and, spreading her legs as wide as she can, pushes Jim’s head down to her piss hole. Jim seemed to like doing that too, almost as much as Mom seemed to like it! I wonder how it feels?

Gary, the younger looking man, drops his pants and pulls out his penis which is already bigger than Jim’s. He begins stroking it as he watches Mom. The other men all follow his lead, pulling out a varied array of dicks and stiffness.

Without seeming to look for them, my Mom reaches out and strokes every penis she can reach, as well as sucking Gary who had climbed onto the boat behind her.

Jim is standing between Moms legs so I can’t see everything but I assume by his actions that he is inserting his penis into my Moms hole.

Oh this is so exciting!

To be continued… Fantasy Island (3)

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  1. I love this line: ‘How do women find time to do chores if they are always sucking on mens penis’s and kissing lips?’ Sometimes you wonder indeed 😅

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