Fantasy Island (1) by Howie

Content warning: This story might come across as incestuous, but is about sexual openness and innocence between different generations, stuck on a deserted island. Don’t read on if you’re easily offended, and do keep in mind, this is a fantasy.

There’s another ship passing by our deserted island. It always raises so many questions for me. The sunrise looks amazing as usual, liquid gold rays glistening off the unending deep blue waters of the Pacific.

A fresh morning sea breeze tingles my bare skin and the thick bush of curly hair between my legs. What was the word Gran had used yesterday?

‘Pubic’ hair? Such a funny word… ‘pubic’.

A tummy rumbling glorious smell of breakfast being cooked has reached me. Time to run home.

“Goodmorning Dee.”
My mom always calls me that.
“Morning mommie,” when we hug I reach down and squeeze her soft bum like I always do.
“Morning Gran,” I hug Gran’s shoulders which makes her hanging breasts wobble as she’s setting the table.
“Hello Deelia my dear. Mwah! Were you up at the lookout again?”
I nudge Gran, she knows mom doesn’t like me going there.

Mom places the plateful of fried eggs, diced tomato’s and mushrooms on the table.
“I don’t know why you go up there everyday Dee? There’s just more ocean to see!”
Gran knew exactly why I go there. It’s the place I go to dream, to imagine what the rest of the world is really like.

I was born here on this island. Cut off from the world in every way with only their limited stories to base my knowledge on.

Over breakfast we three talk about todays division of chores. Mine is to feed the animals, as usual, and ‘plough in’ the pumpkin patch, as well as a few minor jobs. As we pack up the dishes Gran says absently: “When are you going to the lagoon Mandy?”

Mom shot an angry look at Gran and shushed her angrily. They both glance my way to see if I’d noticed Gran’s indiscretion. I had heard Gran and I knew this was one of those things she shouldn’t have said in front of me.

I had to act fast!
“I’m uh… just going to feed the scraps to the pigs. Bye!”
I stomp my feet on the porch then circle around quickly to hide beside the kitchen window to eavesdrop on their confrontation.

“Mom! You have to be more careful! Dee’s a bright girl! Now that she’s ‘of age’ it’s even more dangerous than ever! If she’s seen by those fucking horny sailors tomorrow, who knows what they will do… or what she’d do!”
“Oahh Mandy, we can’t keep the poor girl locked up here all her life! Can’t you see she’s desperate to see what’s out there? I mean ,we both survived it!”
“Yeah ,only just!”

Mom seemed upset.
“If you hadn’t tracked me down who knows what I’d be doing now or if I’d even be alive!”
“That was your experience Mandy. Deelia is her own person!”
“But she’s so pure and innocent!” Mom retorted.
“Well so were you once upon a time,” Gran persisted, “but at least you had some idea what men wanted from a woman!”
“Exactly! She knows nothing!”

I heard them both sigh. I think they are hugging?
This sounds like an old argument they’ve had many times before.

Gran said in a far away voice: “ahhh but my girl, do you remember the fun you had? All those good looking young fella’s following you around, worshipping everything you did just for one night with you?”
“Well yes, of course. I can’t say I didn’t like most of it,” Mom laughed. “Oh Mom, you wicked old lady, you miss playing with them as much as I do.”

I feed the pigs and chooks, water the veggie patch, brush the thistle from the cows tail then milk her and the goats… then bite into an apple under a tree as I review what I’d overheard mom and Gran say after breakfast.

So what ‘horny sailors’ was mom meeting at the Lagoon? I think sailors are always men but what’s ‘horny’ mean? And what’s my ‘age’ have to do with them? Is it because I look like I’m an adult now? I’ve never felt ‘locked up’ as gran said. I merely want to know what is it like out there? It had sounded like Gran was envious of Mom meeting with the sailors.

Another perfect day and the sun is rising again. I have conceived a plan of how to follow my mother to her meeting. I’ll convince Gran to walk with me over to the windward side of our island then find an excuse so I can run back home, just in time to follow Mom.

Gran had jumped at the chance to get out of chores for a day and Mom was grateful that I wasn’t going to be hanging around home when she sneaks off to her secret meeting.

The plan was going well until Gran slipped off a teetering rock and sprained her ankle. We were only halfway across but now I’ll have to stay with her and help her get back home. It’ll likely be a year before I get another chance like this!

Then Gran rescues me by saying: “Deelia my dear, could you run back home and get my cane please, my lovely.”
As I run home I can’t help but think Gran somehow knew what I was planning and had provided me with the perfect excuse to follow her daughter.

I arrived back to an empty house! I’ll have to run fast which means holding onto my bouncing breasts , so I can catch up to my Mom. A few hundred yards before I reach the Lagoon’s beach, I catch sight of her ahead of me. I almost gave myself away.

Mom is wearing clothes!

I’ve never seen her wear anything besides ‘period panties’ for those days, or the poncho we each had for the rare cooler nights in this tropical climate.

She was in a dress!

I’ve never actually seen a real dress, I’ve only seen drawings of people wearing dresses. It’s shocking to see Mom wearing one!

I’m not sure why she was wearing the dress but I assume it’s because the sailors don’t like seeing a naked lady.

Mom hasn’t heard me, so I quietly take a shortcut to the beach, crawling through the bushes to get as close as I can without being seen.

There they are!

The dreaded, ‘horny sailors’!

To be continued… Fantasy Island (2)

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2 thoughts on “Fantasy Island (1) by Howie

  1. I look forward to read more about those horny soldiers. I find the setting intriguing, Howie, and can really imagine the absolute freedom people will have living far from any kind of civilization.
    ~ Marie xox

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