Last week we repeated a prompt from the past, Tentacle Porn, which gave us 16 links the first time, and last week we had 15 links. I know this is not everyone’s cup of tea, but as always, the prompt is never compulsory.

Top 3 for week 477 by Marie Rebelle

Doing my top 3, I wanted to highlight posts which remained with me after I have read it, which mostly means it called up some kind of emotion in me.

Emma’s Threesome by Asrai
I love this story, the way Asrai has captured the sexiness in it, and how Emma wants to be filled too, but not the way you might think when you start reading this story. Her story reminded me of the beginning of my relationship with my husband, when I was out with others, and came back to my then friend, now husband, to ‘finish the job’. Fond memories!

Una cena erótica / An erotic dinner by Rafael
Rafael mixed real events with his fantasy to come to this story. I love the boldness of the woman, and how everyone around just seemed to find it normal that she bared herself. We all do that in our fantasies, imagine things to happen which won’t be accepted in reality, but that makes the fantasies even hotter, don’t you think?

Bedroom Bloopers by MrsK
When I read this, I went from a smile reading the first story to a giggle when reading the second. Reading the third made me burst out in laughter! I am not going to give anything away here – just go read if you haven’t yet! I guarantee it will make you laugh!


We live in a digital era, with computers and smartphones, iPods and Bluetooth headphone, and not to forget, digital cameras. Can you think of anyone who doesn’t own something digital? Being connected to the internet has made the world a smaller place, where we can become good friends with someone who lives halfway around the world. How do you view the ‘luxury’ of this digital era? Is it a positive or negative thing? Why?

Share your experiences, or write a sexy ‘digital’ story.

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