Late Night Party (3) by Howie

Continued from… Late Night Party (2)

Several ladies began collecting their shoes and bags while saying to anyone who’d listen that it was ‘late’ so maybe they should ‘ALL’ be heading home now. 2 women from one group and 3 from another made their way to the door. The last lady to leave looked wistfully at us, as if she’d rather stay but was afraid of what her friends would think.

Those left in the room, besides us, were 4 women in 2 separate pairings and 1 by herself passed out on the large bed.

One of the pairs seemed fairly sober. They were 2 smart looking women, intently talking to each other privately so rarely looked our way. The other pair near the balcony were drinking and jiggling their generous bodies to the music, watching us with smiling faces. They were much more the party girl type, with short tight dresses that were cut to reveal their deep cleavages. Bouncing their tits to the beat as if about to release them from the constraints of their ‘too small’ bra’s.

Passed out on the bed was a larger lady whose dress stretched to hold her body in. Her legs spread overly wide so her red laced panties were visible. Katie saw me looking around so tells me in a soft voice,”that one by the lamp is Julie, she’s the one you heard over the phone earlier if you remember? The one who said ‘ yeah baby we want you’ .”

Katie was teasing me. She and Sandra giggled. Katie went on, miming what she thought Julie would say to me if she could. Acting like a sex starved slut Katie says in a husky soft voice: “Oh baby, I want you. I want you so bad baby!”

Katie was toying with me, she had one hand laced in my hair while her other hand groped her own tits, as if she were Julie. Katie’s long tongue wet her lips as she rolled her eyes back, still acting as if she were Debbie orgasming over me, “Oaaaahhh Howie you spunk!”

Sandra and Liz helped Katie’s teasing act and poured themselves over me, acting as slutty as they could. Elizabeth was enjoying the freedom of the act a bit too much! She saw Katie’s and Sandra’s actions as an invitation so she slid her hands under my wife’s bra, squeezing her bare tits.

I quickly checked to see if our, or her, actions had been noticed by the room? They had! Julie was smiling at us, nodding slowly as if she approved and gave us her consent to keep going, whispering to her smirking friend. The 2 on the couch didn’t seem to notice.

Katie just let Liz play with her tits as if it were natural, letting her friend pull them both out to play with. Sandra’s nuzzling of my neck had become full passionate kissing me. She got so turned on she dropped the bra straps off both shoulders and let her dress fall to the floor, then held my hand up to her bare tits. We were back to where we had been when the elevator had opened it’s doors.

Before we went too far, I wanted to check with my wife.
“Katie, are you sure about this?”
Katie replied by shoving her hand down my pants and holding onto my dick. Sandra pressed her nearly naked, fit body against me, kissing me passionately. Liz put down her glass, steadied herself, then shared a tongue kiss with Katie!

As far as I knew that was Katie’s first kiss from a girl since school. She seemed to enjoy it. Winking at me as Liz dropped down to suck her large brown nipples.

Debbie and her equally horny looking friend cheered on our erotic antics, helping as Sandra began dragging all of us towards the bed, rolling the large drunk woman to the head of the bed. Debbie and Tanya helped the three tugging at me, holding me down and stripping off all my clothes.

Sandra was naked so when she saw my erection fling out, she dove straight down to begin sucking my cock.

My wife and Liz were still kissing while taking each others clothes off, in the kitchen.

Debbie and Tanya seemed to get straight into it even though I hadn’t ever met them, by removing their bra’s and dropping their 4 soft breasts on my face. My cock quickly became stiff as a pole. I rested my head on the drunk girl while sucking any nipple I could find, while fingering 2 hairy cunts I only assumed were Debbie and Tanya’s. I couldn’t see much as big tits were suffocating me.

Katie and Liz were madly pashing by now, naked too. Sandra stopped sucking me long enough to stand over my bare legs and lower her shaved vagina onto my erect, throbbing hard cock. I couldn’t see what the other 2 ladies were doing? I assumed they had gone home once we all got naked.

Debbie placed her wet crotch on my face and rode my tongue while Sandra rocked back and forth on me while screaming, “FUCK ME HOWIE FUCK ME HOWIE FUCK ME HOWIE,” over and over.

When Sandra ‘came’ Debbie pushed her off my dick, taking her turn on me like a cowgirl. Tanya had quickly replaced Debbie on my face. I’d tried to put myself off climaxing but with glimpses of my wife being finger-fucked by a woman, a lady I’d never met grinding her cunt on my mouth, another lady I didn’t know bouncing on my cock, and Sandra urging everybody on, I felt myself start to cum. I had to lift the pussy off just enough to shout a warning, “I’M CUMMING!”

Debbie stayed on and accepted my cum inside her.

Once I could come up for air, I looked for Katie and Liz in the kitchen. Katie was laying on the bench moaning loudly while Liz franticly fingered her pussy. I sat up, resting my head against the soft boobs of the sleeping woman. I noticed the other pair of women had stayed and watched the whole time.

Most of us slowly got dressed, then passed round the champagne bottles to swig on. After a while we were chatting together quietly when suddenly Debbie exclaimed “WHAT? FUCK! But I thought you were a stripper!”

She’d completely forgotten about calling out to me from the balcony and had assumed I was a stripper that Sandra had hired.

I told her I was Katie’s husband to which she said she had a new respect for her distant schoolfriend. Debbie called out to my naked wife who was almost passed out on the kitchen bench: “Fuck me Katie! I didn’t think you were such a slut!”
Liz had her face between Katie’s thighs and her hands were groping her soft tits.

The conversation on the bed became all about sex, interspersed with either a grope or kiss or even a spanking. Sandra stayed naked and was telling us personal stuff like how she likes how her clitoris is quite large, spreading her legs and pulling open her labia to show us.

My backrest, Sally, moaned and woke up. She wiped her bleary eyes then noticed Sandra’s nudity and how close we all were.
“FUCK! Whats all this?”
After she was filled in to what had happened she was quite shocked that the boring reunion she had passed out during, had become so interesting! Then she saw Liz and Katie.

Not long after that most ladies began leaving since they had husbands and family at home who would no doubt be wondering where they were. As we said goodnight, most of them suggested we should do this again very soon, next time inviting me from the start.

Katie, Sandra and Liz had at last gotten dressed. It was dawn so we were about to leave when Sandra pulled Katie aside and whispered in her ear while looking and smirking at me.

As we stepped into the elevator, Katie kissed me, then pushed me back to Sandra’s waiting arms, and waved goodbye, smiling as Sandra clutched onto my arm.
“You’re staying with me Howie, Katie said it was okay. You are all mine for the rest of the weekend.”

As the doors closed, Katie was kissing Liz again.

– – – THE END – – –

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