Late Night Party (2) by Howie

Continued from… Late Night Party (1)

On our way up to the 18th floor I stood behind my wife looking down at her chest. I was checking out her white soft boobs, thinking of what I’d like to be doing to them right now. Sandra, on my right, saw me looking at the bulging breasts, then held onto my arm as she whispered a bit too loudly, “you naughty boy, do you like your wife’s big tits? ha ha. I bet they feel nice too?”

I look at Sandra and get kissed again! Sandra’s tongue twirls with mine our mouths. She squeezes my bum with one hand but, out of the corner of my eye, I watch as her other hand rests on Katie’s chest, then slips under my wifes bra. I’m kissing Sandra while waiting for Katie to object, either to my kissing or to Sandra’s fondling! But instead, she leans back, turning slightly to give Sandra better access to her breasts. My cock strains to be let out. Katie reaches out, feeling behind her and finds my encased erection.
“Oh Sandy you don’t need to tease him, he’s hard already!”

I hadn’t heard my wife sound this slutty for years! Being back with her school friends must have brought back the young horny girl I married because normally just being drunk doesn’t usually make her any more compliant. I’d tried that many times over the years!

I twirled my tongue with Sandra’s, watching her hand as she cupped Katie’s boobs which had been almost completely exposed. I’m groping Sandra’s ass and kissing her yet waiting for complaints from my wife. I’m so excited! Sandra was wearing a thigh length tight dress that was zipped all the way up the front.

This was a once in a lifetime chance so I unzip Sandra’s dress, exposing her bra, groping her full firm tits with one hand and squeezing big handfuls of her tight bare ass with my other.

Katie is still watching us while stroking my cock through my jeans. I expect to be told to stop at any second by either Sandra or Katie, yet neither say anything as I undo Sandra’s bra and fondle her bare breasts.

I had noticed years ago that there’s one little kink that my wife has. Katie gets turned on when she sees other sexy girls checking me out. It seems she likes to watch women lust after me. It makes me wonder how far she will let this go?

I’d thought Katie had despised Sandra but obviously not by the way she was smiling as her friend groped her floppy tits. Meanwhile I was sucking Sandra’s nipples!

Sandra’s tits weren’t as huge as Katie’s big melons but they were full, with hard nipples showing her excitement. I had exposed them, suckling the half inch long rubbery nipples. After opening Sandra’s dress I’d discovered that she was wearing a thong.

While I was bent over to suck nipples, and squeeze ass cheeks, I became aware of hands massaging my bum. They were feeling around, going between my legs, finding my bulge.
Everything began happening all at once from then on!

I return to kissing Sandra’s lips as I pull aside her g string, feeling the wetness of her cunt…

Katie has her right bare breast in her hand, holding it up her lips, sucking her own nipple while her friend bounced her left boob…

My zipper was being pulled down from behind by the other lady who’s hands were all over me…

Sandra still massaged Katie’s tit while kissing me, also spreading her legs wider as my fingers went in her…

My cock sprang up after being pulled out and was being stroked from behind…


The elevator slowed and the doors opened! It had taken less than a minute for us to go up the 18 floors but so much had happened.

The corridor was empty, luckily. The four of us untangled and straightened our clothes. Sandra and Katie tucked their tits back into their bra’s and I zipped my pants again. We all chuckled a bit nervously at how quickly everything had escalated! Given another minute more and who knows what we would have been doing!

I get introduced to Liz. She’s thin and almost flat chested with a short boyish haircut, but pretty. Sandra and Elizabeth turn to head into the room first
“Don’t be too long you 2.”
As Sandra turned away she stopped, bent forward and flipped her skirt up, flashing her bare ass. Her thong was still pulled to one side so her wet cunt gleamed in the bright light, a final tease before they went inside.

Katie giggles at Sandra’s lewd behaviour then checks on me.
“Sooo… you still okay?”
She’s grinning wickedly. She’s aware of how hard and horny I am and that I’d do anything she wished me to do.

I was so horny I wanted to pull out my dick and fuck her in the hallway. The way she looked at me I think she wants too as well.

I’m fit and healthy, with a full head of black hair, making me younger looking than most guys my age, so possibly Katie is enjoying showing me off to her classmates?
“I love how naughty you are right now. It’s very sexy,” I tell her as we kiss again. Katie leans against the wall, one bare leg raised and hooked behind my thighs. My wife was as horny as I’ve ever seen her.


A couple step out of the elevator. An older guy and a very buxom young girl in high heals and a slutty dress step around us as they head to a room. The man turns back and gives me a wink. I’m not sure if he thinks Katie’s a hooker too or if he’s just showing off that he’s not with his wife? The mood was slightly lost so we put aside what we were wanting to do and go inside.

Katie and I enter the large room as 12 ladies lounged around. All were sipping champagne while they chat and chuckle. Most of them glance our way when we enter but after a short cheer, and a few jibes about what they should do now they have a man to play with, they return to their conversations. Sandra and Elizabeth had poured us a couple of glasses in the kitchen area so Katie and I join them for a drink and a chat.

The 3 ladies were having fun teasing me. They could see my cock straining to be released so delighting in seeing me squirm while in front of a roomful of strangers. No one else inside the room knew anything about how our foursome had almost begun fucking each other just a few minutes ago.

To them we were distant friends yet the level of intimacy and eroticism within our group began getting noticed. Sandra was on my right, leaning on my shoulder and nuzzling my ear, her partly exposed breast daring me to suck her nipples again. Katie was the other side of me holding my hand, my arm was between her breasts as she watched Sandra.

Elizabeth was opposite me, looking as if she was ready to pounce on whoever asked her first. The conversational noise in the room dropped slightly.
Katie whispers to Sandra: “It seems like we’re being watched.”
She looked around then chuckled, whispering back: “Do you care? I certainly don’t!”
Then with a cheeky wink, she returned to kissing my neck, but tugged her dresses zipper down low, flicking off her bra strap so her right breast was almost exposed. The cup of her bra was held up by her protruding nipple.

Liz wanted to touch everything! She swayed on the spot, sipping champagne, and reaching out her free hand to her naughty friends breast, caressing her gently. I thought about pulling Katie’s bra aside to spill her tits out just to see what Liz would do but I was still aware of the other women in the room, and how they were reacting.

To be continued… Late Night Party (3)

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  1. Es muy excitante el giro literario de ‘timbre’ cada vez que se abre la puerta del ascensor, o del piso.

    Un relato muy pero que muy excitante.

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