Late Night Party (1) by Howie

My wife was working in the city, at the theatre, but instead of coming straight home Katie had pre-warned me that she might be quite late and may need a lift home.

A group of ladies from her school were having a reunion and they had booked a room where Katie was going to meet them after work, around 11pm.

Katie had told me the names of a few of the women who would be there, especially those who she thought I might remember from her school days some 20 years ago. She had gone to a private girls college so, from memory, any of her school friends I’d met were responsible, intelligent girls that had no doubt become responsible, sensible, career women or mothers and wives, so my interest in meeting them was low.

I happily wasted my time home alone, watching porn, waiting until she texted me. As I masturbated, one schoolfriend of my wife’s returned to my thoughts. Sandra was the one friend of hers I had desired, a lot! She had seemed more flirty than the other girls in the group, always seeming to have a guy with her. Which is probably why the other girls didn’t like her… but us boys did.

When Katie’s message came I was hard and horny, so in my lust filled state of mind I pulled on my tight jeans. Purposely wanting to show off my still hard cock that I had needed to bend sideways to put away, plus a tight fitting shirt to show off my muscles. I was hoping Sandra might be there and was still as hot as I recalled!

It was a little after 2am in the city. The streets were relatively quiet for a Saturday night. I scored a carpark right outside the hotel, then phoned Katie while leaning on my car, subtly massaging the bulge in my pants.

A few small drunk groups from nearby nightclubs stagger past on the other side of the street. Their loud voices echoing off the city buildings, squeals of laughter erupting from the curvy young sluts who were bulging out of over-tight over-small dresses, followed closely by horny young men who were calling out lewd remarks while trying to entice any of the drunk girls to come home with them.

When the silence returned I hear a distant call that sounded like my name, ‘Howie!’
It was very soft… like it was shouted from a long distance away? I look around casually but couldn’t see anyone. Then I heard it again!

This time it sounded like it came from above me, like several women joining together screaming my name, ‘HOWIE!’
I looked straight up and saw that 18 floors above me several pairs of arms were waving to me, silhouetted against the city night sky. Katie finally answers her phone but has to shout over a clamour of women who were talking loudly and laughing beside her, “HI HOWIE , CAN YOU HEAR ME?”

I said I could so she continued, “SORRY IT’S A BIT NOISY UP HERE, HANG ON… GIRLS SHUSH! Hey can you see us up here, Howie?”
I recognized Katie’s wave beside several other arms that were beckoning me to come up.
“Yep,” I answered calmly, “I see you Kat… are you ready to leave?”
A gaggle of voices cry “NOOOooo!” followed by individual shouts of “come on up, Howie!” and “yeah baby we want you!” along with assorted giggles.

I can hear them cheer from street level. Once it had died down Katie said: “Okay Howie, I have you off speaker now.”

My wife knew I hated meeting strangers on mass like this so I knew she was just teasing the ladies. Katie shooed them away so we could talk normally.
“Okay honey… I know! I’ll be down in a minute… unless… do you want to come up? You know the girls really do want to see you. Um, you know, Sandra’s here… and she’s been telling me how she had a big crush on you back then… I told her you’re still pretty hot and she told me to tell you she wants to meet you!”

It was very tempting! My cock begged me to join them just in case this wasn’t just a tease! I hesitated then thought to myself. They were probably just a bunch of bored moms escaping their families and husbands, using tonight to let loose for a night of drinking without any real intention of ever going through with their bawdy suggestions.
“Um… it’s pretty late,” I wimped out, “I’ll meet you at the elevator Katie.”

When the lift’s doors open Katie and 2 other women fall out. All three of them arm in arm and stumbling toward me, barely able to stand on their own. They were laughing and very drunk.

The barefoot trio surrounded me, Katie threw herself at me, hugging my body to stop herself from falling over.
“Hey Howie, my darhhhling husshband, mm kissh me.”
She was overly friendly. Her hands gripped my ass cheeks as her face was raised, lips puckered as if she wanted to kiss. Katie pulls my head down for a sloppy passionate kiss with lots of tongue that tasted of alcohol.

I stood her upright.
“Katie! Are you okay? You seem a bit drunk.” The trio laughed.
“I’m a fuckin LOT drunk,” she said, blinking slowly, on the verge of passing out.
The fit looking drunk lady on my left slurred: “Hi Howie, remember me? Sandy?” Then she stepped in front of me, kissing me just as passionately as my wife had. I was stunned! Mainly because I saw Katie watching calmly and smiling sleepily as her friends tongue probed her husbands mouth. Both ladies then coerced the remaining lady to ‘take her turn’.

“Kissh him, kissh him,” my wife and Sandra chant, applauding when she did.
It was another long passionate kiss with lots of groping of my bum. They hadn’t discovered my erection, yet.

Sandra slurred, “soh… you coming up, lover boy? There’s a bunch of horny drunk shluts and no men, spechially hot ones like you, Howie honey ha ha.”
Sandra nearly toppled backwards as she had tried to point straight up to where the room was.

Katie was wearing one of her work dresses which are usually buttoned up to her neck to cover all skin, yet right now it was undone down to her waist and her deep cleavage was showing, as was most of her black bra. Her tits wobbled, coming dangerously close to falling out as she takes my hands and stumbles backwards trying to drag me towards the lift. I wasn’t fighting. Lured as I was by bobbing boobs and pursed lips in front of me and the 2 ladies that I had kissed, beside me urging me to get in.

To be continued… Late Night Party (2)

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