Friends (part 7) by Howie

Continued from… Friends (part 6)

Kathy and I had talked about this online for so long. We had imagined everything. Kat and I have had moments of steamy desire so now that we were ‘acting’, it just didn’t have that natural emotional connection we normally have.

“Wait, just stop for a second, Howie…” Kathy shuffled out from under me.

I’m a little puffed from my pumping her. I lean back on my haunches with my wet pole getting cooled by the breeze.

My lust had been ignited so I wanted to shove my dick back into the inviting hole that was Kat’s vagina still spread before me. She laid a restraining hand on my chest and, after seeing where my gaze was concentrated, she closed her legs and half turned away from me.
“Howard please, are you okay?”

I looked up and saw the concern on her face, slowly I was able to smile and nod. Claiming control of myself enough to listen to her.

Ben asked: “Kat what’s going on? You both looked great! Do you want some lube or something?”

Kat shot Ben a look that shut him up.
“I’m sorry, Ben, Howie… I just can’t do this right now.”
She stood up and looked for something to cover herself but nothing was close so she turned and walked up the path naked.

Ben and I looked at each other in confusion.
“She’d seemed to be into it? I wonder what went wrong?”
Ben offered to go check on her.
I think I know though.
Kat’s not the sort of lady to fuck someone without feeling something for them emotionally.
The closer she got to me the more wrong she feels doing it.
Kat and I had been getting closer so a confusion over what we were doing had set in. Kat wanted me, and here she was being given directions on how to fuck with me by her husband! But did Ben know that she had feelings for me?

If he was aware how his soulmate felt would he be so excited about us fucking on camera?

I took my time going back, and when I did there seemed to be a frosty air between them.

I let things cool down so we all had a quiet afternoon. Our last evening meal on the beach was over a roaring fire.

The flames had eased to be a pile of hot coals that glowed red . A 3-quarter moon lit the white foam of the surf , showing a dim outline of the horizon over the water. We sat in silence.

All of us were lost in thought about what had happened that day. Trying to figure out our emotions.

Ben sighed loudly then stood up.
“Oh fuck it!” he screams, then picks up his chair and says goodnight.
Kat and I sit in silence for a while then, “Howie ….?”
Kat struggled for the words.
“It’s okay Kathy, you don’t need to say anything. I do understand.”
A bit later she asked if I would walk with her.

We strolled along the beach in the moonlight, arm in arm, in silence. Kat stopped and sighed and turned towards me. We kiss passionately!

In seconds we were laying coats on the sand and tugging each others clothes off without letting our lips part. When I entered her this time it was because we both wanted to fuck each other because we were attracted to each other. It was quick and raw sex that had us puffing beside each other once I’d cum inside her. We lay hugging closely in the chill sea breeze over our sweaty naked bodies.

Both of us took a huge breath and sighed our contentment at the same time then giggled as we realized how we’d been holding back a wall of tension that has just now been broken down. We dressed quickly and ran down the beach, laughing and teasing each other like a couple of schoolkids.

I’d wondered when or what Kathy was going to tell Ben about what we had done? It’s not like we hadn’t had sex before but this was different. He wasn’t there with us and we had both wanted it that way.

We stopped short when we saw Ben standing in the glow of the embers. The redness gave his face a hard angry look.
Kat’s clammy hand ripped itself from mine.
What have we done?

The man she’d seen grow from a pimply faced teen who worshipped the ground she walked on now looked at her as if she’d torn his heart out.
I felt low. Hurting the two of them was the last thing I wanted to do.
“Ben I…” I’d begun but Kat stopped me.
“It’s okay, Howard…let me talk to him.”

The statue that was Ben never moved as I gathered a few things and walked away.

Back at camp I busied myself with tidying up in case when they come home I will be told to leave. I’d thrown my clothes roughly into my bag and sat beside it waiting in silence.

Like two shadows they returned without a sound, and stopped when they saw me. I noticed Ben had his arm around Kat and that she stood close to him as if she were under his protection. It was lucky that it was dark so I couldn’t see the looks Ben was giving me.

We stayed like in that ‘mexican standoff’ for ages. I was waiting to find any words to explain how I feel.

Ben walked slowly towards me, stopping in front of me. I stand.
He raises his arms and grips me in a firm bearhug. His voice low and deep in my ear.
“I’ll fuckin’ kill you if you ever do that again… without me there.”

Ohhh my legs went weak but Ben held me up. Kat joined us guys, hugging both of us. Ben’s laughter at my look of fear was genuine.

We talked for the next few hours until we were all happy that our friendship could survive this night. Kat had admitted her love for me but had convinced Ben that it was nothing in comparison to their lifelong devotion. Ben had nodded along until he realized Kat was saying she was happy to fuck me in his videos. Suddenly he was excited again, and even suggested if we wanted to fuck without him it was okay as long as we took photos.

It was late when we went to bed but none of us went to sleep. We were naked beside each other thinking of the next day that we had planned.

Sex, all day long!

— The End —

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7 thoughts on “Friends (part 7) by Howie

  1. The end? What? Who? I mean….
    I’m glad everything worked out Howie, and that Ben didn’t “kill” you 😉
    Thanks for sharing your once un a lifetime opportunity with us 😀

  2. I have really enjoyed this series, Howie, and how you brought across the mix of emotions between the three of you. Thank you for sharing!
    ~ Marie xox

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