Friends (part 6) by Howie

Continued from… Friends (part 5)

I tossed her off and we wrestled in the sand getting completely covered. The three of us ran to the water and dunked each other till we were clean but exhausted. Ben and I took every chance we had to grope Kat’s body, she returned with tugging our growing cocks whenever she could reach them.

We were heading out when Kat turned to stop us both in the shallow water. Our laughter stopped as she dropped to her knees holding Ben’s cock and sucking mine. In the open air, without a care in the world, a sexy naked wife sucked my dick!

Her husband’s arm over my shoulder watching on. My pent up cum quickly shooting up my shaft. I tried to pull away but Kat wrapped both hands around my bum and held me tight. She had latched onto my nob and wasn’t letting go. I came!

My testicles pumped a huge load of semen into her sucking mouth that slurped up every drop. Ben patted my back in congratulations.

Kat washed her face in the water and stood, kissed me passionately, then walked up the beach hand in hand with her husband.

I swim out to sea to float as I savour what just happened.

Our friendship had come a long way! Sex certainly seemed a big possibility now? But my doubts were still there. Was that blowjob a show put on for her husband’s benefit? Was the way she walked away without a word a reminder that I was being used as an extra in their porn?


Last night and this morning really felt like she enjoyed my body and wanted to fuck me!

I came to my senses.

They were a happily married couple, deeply in love and had been since they were teens. Any feelings of love would always be for Ben. It didn’t mean we couldn’t have fun. And even if we did have intercourse eventually, it still won’t change anything! If anything it might make them more connected.

They’d returned to the camp so I had a swim then returned a while after they had.

I stepped into the camp area to find the couple deep in conversation. As soon as they saw me they parted as if I was the topic of conversation.
“Oh hi Howie, have a nice swim?”
“Yeah.. it was really nice.”

Something wasn’t as relaxed as it had been.
The two of them bustled around serving me tea, getting a towel to dry with, dusting off the seat… it all felt very strange and uneasy.

I waited till they were ready to say something. I just hoped it wasn’t that they’d had second thoughts and wanted to go home.

Finally they appeared in front of me like naughty school kids in front of the teacher.
“Um Howard…”
Kat stopped. She was lost for words so she turned to Ben.
“Uh, oh, yes well… Howie you like Kat don’t you? I mean you do want to fuck her don’t you?”
Kat slapped Ben for his bluntness and humpfed.
“Oh for gods sake! Ben I could’ve said that!”
“I do want you, Kat,” I offered, but it wasn’t really the question.

Kat smiled.
“Thanks Howie, I sort of knew that anyway.”
She shot a glare at Ben.
“No, what we really have been talking about is some of his storyboards. You know, for the porn clips Ben’s worked on?”
“We were wondering if you’d like to be in one or two of them?”
She grabbed the folder from Ben’s hand.
“Here, like this one, with you as a visitor and me a farmers horny wife? Or this one where you’re the horny lifeguard who rescues me? Or this one which is basically just the three of us together?”

I was a bit stunned.
“Kat, won’t these call for us to… you know… have intercourse?”
She nodded shyly, quietly adding: “If you want to… but the biggest thing is that Ben was hoping to put these online… and it’s better with faces.”

Ahhh now I see what all the whispering and hushed tones were about.

After thinking about it I suggest: “How about we video them first and decide afterwards if we want to upload them?”

We were all excited now for differing reasons. I was obviously excited about having sex but a secret desire to act out fantasies also filled my thoughts. Kat seemed just happy they had found someone they both could trust to fulfill her husband’s need to direct a porn movie.

Ben seemed the most excited as he pointed at his drawings and descriptions and described how each scene should look.

Kat and I shared a nervous glance or two as he told us what he expected of us.

“So Kat, you will be the nude on the beach and Howie, you’re the tourist from Queensland.”
Kat and I laughed.
“Not much imagination needed there ha ha.”
“Okay okay,” Ben was annoyed, “but you have to make it seem real! As if you just happened to walk past.”
It went on like that for hours. Ben describing scene after scene with one common factor being that I fuck Kat.

My acting skills needed work!

It seemed easy enough.

All I had to do was act like myself before I knew Kat, but it turned out to be harder than I thought. Then I remembered all those secret cam porn clips I’d watched. The trick seemed to be to ignore Ben and the camera and be the usual old pervert I would be if ever I saw a topless woman on the beach.

Walking past, then back , then edging nearer while pretending not to stare. Eventually I wave and Kat waves back and we begin to chat. It was a fantasy I’d played out so many times in my head, but this time I was confident the ‘stranger’ wouldn’t say no.

I rubbed some sunscreen on her back as requested, which became groping her tits, which became kissing her and fingering her pussy. What was cut out were the times I spent cleaning sun cream off my hand , dusting off sand and drinking water etc.

Then Kathy pulls out my cock to begin sucking. It was difficult to keep myself hard during the breaks so Kat would have to suck me each time until Ben was happy to record more.

When, at last, I was allowed to slide my cock into her it felt great but Ben was saying: “Now hold it in deep for a sec… okay, now fuck her hard like you’re a stud…etc,” so it wasn’t very intimate.

It was strange for both of us!

To be continued… Friends (part 7)

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    1. If I am better it’s from reading and loving your , and a select few others , blogs. So thank you❤

  1. HA! I bet it was strange. Not exactly the scenario tht had been playingin mind. I’m hoping it loosened your inhibitions and made everyone more at ease though 🙂

  2. Gosh Howie I hadn’t expected it to develop that way. I can see how the story boards and the staging, plus trying to act naturally while being directed would ‘stilt’ things quite a bit. Anytime I overplan things in my head it goes a bit off course. I’m loving your adventure though.Glad you’ve got more to tell.

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