Friends (part 5) by Howie

Continued from… Friends (part 4)

So when Ben and I were washing the dishes, he began by saying: “Did you like the show before? Kat was really horny this morning.”

I tried to sound casual.
“Ben, um… did Kat say anything?”
He kept scrubbing.
“About what? Oh unless you mean about her crawling into your bed? Yeah of course! She said you made her so wet! ha ha.”
“So you’re okay with that?” I asked, relieved that he knew.
“Look mate, that’s not the first time… just because Kat hasn’t actually fucked other guys doesn’t mean she hasn’t played around a bit.”
I suddenly felt jealous but then I had the realization that maybe my thoughts on what the rest of the weekend was going to be like wasn’t quite as raunchy as it might be. The line in the sand had just changed. It seems intercourse might be the only really off limit play.

We finished tidying and Ben had joined Kat inside while I took a short walk.
When I returned I find the lovers completely naked on their mattress. Ben was propped on one elbow facing Kat’s body and was slowly caressing her breasts. Kat had her hands behind her head just smiling as her husband played with her tits. Her legs slightly spread as if to invite his touch if he needed.

I hesitate in the doorway.

Maybe they would rather be alone for a change? Kat winks at me.
“Howie, my lover, come here and have a play.”
She shuffled over a bit to make room and patted the bed.

I looked at Ben for confirmation but of course he was nodding and smirking.

Kat’s eyes were gleaming as the two of us softly touched her body. Her smile relaxed. She closed her eyes and sighed with content.

Her breathing got slow and deep. Her lips parted with a soft “oahh.”

Ben’s fingers began to circle her fine pubic hair. Kat let her legs fall wider apart.

I was getting so turned on by now that my erection lay on her thigh. I bent down to suckle her hard nipples.

Kat rested one hand on the back of my head almost like a mother breastfeeding her child. Ben stood up then knelt between her legs and pushed them wider again. He buried his face into her vagina. I watched as his semi-bald head shook, making a meal out of his wife’s cunt. My cock is throbbing now!

Ben got back onto his knees and held his stiff dick and shuffled forward. I watched closely not wanting to miss seeing the moment he enters her.

Kat brought her other arm forward and held my face in both hands, gently urging me to look her in the face. As Ben slid his cock into his wife,she and I were gazing at each other like lovers. Eyes locked onto each others searching for the meaning.

It felt like she and I were fucking even though it was her husbands cock inside her.

Kat and I kissed!

She and I were in a lovers embrace in a world where only she and I existed. Meanwhile Ben was so turned on by what we were doing that he was fucking like a crazy horny man. He was whooping, slapping my bare bum! Shouting out “ohh yeah baby, that’s it! Your next Howie!”

It became so funny that Kat and I snapped out of our sensual loving moment, bursting into laughter!

Ben meanwhile had pulled out and came over his wife’s belly which only broke us up more! He quickly wiped her off then signaled for me to get into the position he’d left for me and was very disappointed when Kat and I laughed it off.

We didn’t even consider wearing clothes for the next couple of days. We strolled down to the surf to cool off.

During the swim Kat got me alone and asked: “Are you okay? I’m sorry if you thought we were going to go all the way earlier.”

I admitted, “it’s okay Kat. I did think we were going to though.”

Then she stood close with her naked body against mine taking my small soft cock in her hand.
“You know the way I saw it, we did fuck each other this morning.”
Our bodies are together and her lips open, raised to match mine. We kissed on the edge of the surf.

Ben shouts out from deeper in: “Oh come on you two, just fuck each other!”

We chuckle.
“Well it seems Ben is okay with it.”
Then just for a laugh Kat bends over so I can pretend to ram my cock into her, pumping her from behind with Ben in the distance yelling: “Yeah! Go Howie, go Howie”~

The teasing was so much fun that I really thought maybe this is where Kat and I should leave things?

The three of us rested in the shade on the edge of the beach almost dozing off in perfect weather. Our lady jumped up and jogged naked to the water and cooled off for a bit.
“So you two look like you might fuck soon?” Ben said softly to me as we admired the way Kat’s tits swung.
“Oh I don’t know Ben. Kat seems to like me but I can understand her point of view.”
“She wants you all right! I’ve never seen her so invested in another guy before.”
“Do you guys do this often?”
“Only those times you’ve seen. Don’t worry Kat’s not a slut you know.”
“Oh no, sorry, I didn’t mean that! It would be amazing to be able to have sex with her.”

Kat had arrived back just in time to hear my last phrase.
Ben laughed loudly at my distress.
“See Kat! He does want to fuck you!” ha ha.
“Oh really Howie! So should I do this….?”
She knelt over my head and her wet salty pussy smothered my mouth.
I pretended to be trapped and called out to Ben to help me.
“Just enjoy it Howie my man! If you die it’ll sure make a great story.” ha ha.

To be continued… Friends (part 6)

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