Friends (part 4) by Howie

Continued from… Friends (part 3)

Kat giggles and wiggles herself at us then dodges Ben as he tries to grab hold of her ass. We put towels down under the trees then Ben drops his shorts!
“Okay lets go,” he said and strode off across the hot sand with his white bare bum showing.
Kat and I began to follow but she turned to face me.
“You’re a bit overdressed?”

My initial reaction was to clutch onto my pants but Kat says plainly: “Oh Howard, there’s no one here but us and I’ve seen your dick many times! Remember all those hundreds of dick pics you sent me?”
I drop my last cover and stand before her naked,
“Is this okay?”
She looks straight at my cock and giggles
“Well it looked more impressive a few minutes ago,” then ran off to join Ben in the water.

20min later we emerge from the large surf refreshed and revived.
Ben and I lay either side of Kat, only half in the sun to warm up. Kat had removed her bikini top so her white top was now just a wet see-through film showing off her tits and nipples while only her small black bikini bottom covered her nakedness.

She smirked at our tiny shriveled dicks from the cool water.
Ben suggested she should warm them up.
“Oh really! So how would I do that Ben?” Kat smiled.
He shrugged
“I dunno.. by sucking us.”
He nudges me again.
“Howie here wants you to , right Howie?”
“Of course I do,” I said, joining in on the teasing.

Kat got down on her hands and knee’s. Her big breasts hung till almost falling out of her top. She acted like a porn star, pushing her tits together and swinging them as she crawled closer to her 2 targets. Her hands reached our feet and moved up our bare legs.

My cock was still small and cold but I could feel the warmth returning and knew that with her first touch it would begin swelling. Ben reached his hand out and fondled Kat’s tits and exposed them but that didn’t phase her at all. She licked her lips as if about to suck one of us, then slapped our soft dicks and ran off.

For the next few hours , after layering on sunscreen, we walk up the beach and back, have lunch and get the kayaks out.

It was becoming normal for Ben and I to be naked but it made more sense to wear clothes while paddling.

Once past the break we relax into a slow effortless stroke while watching schools of fish in the clear ocean water. We jumped at the first sight of dolphins swimming past before we realised they weren’t shark fins we saw. The afternoon was spent paddling and chatting about each others lives back home.

The sun was low by the time we returned so we brought chairs and food to the beach and watched the sun go down together over the ocean.

The blustery sea breeze cooled things down so we start a fire, deep in the sand, and sizzle the steaks over the flames.

With full bellies and a red wine in hand, we were taking in the millions of stars. Just the relentless rhythmic crash of the surf and distant hoots of birds breaking the silence.

Ben and Kat were holding hands and with a silent nod they gathered things up and headed back. I stayed behind to give them a few minutes of privacy but after I’d thought they’d gone, a warm breath whispered in my ear: “Are you going to join us?”

Kat’s hushed tone had jolted me into action so I quickly gathered the remaining stuff and followed them.

But I was asking myself: Did she mean join them for sex? So what if they do the same tonight as last night? Should I join? I know Ben wants me to? I needed to be sure! I didn’t want to spoil a perfect day by barging in and wrecking what was the most fun I’d had in years!

We went to bed and we were soon asleep even though it was early. The long hours of paddling had tired us all so I put my thoughts of fucking Kat away again and slept soundly.

Morning light was just beginning overtake the pitch black of night when I became conscious of a feeling of something moving.

I kept my eyes closed and savoured the bliss of being in a warm, cozy bed with brisk cool morning air on my face while I heighten my other senses to try to figure out why I felt this way.
I could hear Ben’s snoring , birds chirped outside and a soft thump-thump-thump of a wallaby bouncing past outside.

I had almost dozed off again when cool air touched my back as the blanket was lifted. A cold hand went over my waist and moved up to my chest. A soft cool body melded itself into my back and hugged me. By the feel I could tell Kat was as naked as I was.

I wanted to turn over to hug her properly, but she stopped me with a soft “shhhh” in my ear and her finger gently over my lips.

Her breasts warmed my back and one hairless leg rose between mine. Her hand slowly went down over my belly.

I felt light kisses on my shoulder as her hand encircled my fast rising cock and stroked me.

The temptation to turn was painful yet stopping her was unthinkable. Her wet tongue toyed with my ear sending shivers down my spine. Her breathing got shorter. The softest of moans escaped her lips. I realized then that with her other hand she was pleasuring herself.

Kat’s body shook then clenched as she orgasmed. She gripped my cock firmly then sunk her teeth into my back to stifle her gasp.

I wanted to turn so badly! But after a strong desperate hug Kat slipped away and back into their bed.

A minute later I heard Ben stop his snoring as he got woken by his naked wife sucking his cock.

It was light enough now to make out the shapes and neither of them tried to be quiet. They both knew I was awake and at least one of them knew I was hard. Kat must have known I’d be masturbating while watching them.

Breakfast around the fire was quiet that morning as we struggled to think of what to say to each other. I wasn’t sure if Ben knew how Kat had used me to get off on before seducing him? I’m sure he’d think it was great but I wanted to say something. I didn’t want any secrets to interfere with our friendship.

To be continued… Friends (part 5)

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  1. So much of a gentleman, Howie! I’m loving the weekly tease you give us, although I hope you get what you’re longing for soon 😉

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