Friends (part 3) by Howie

Continued from… Friends (part 2)

By the time Ben got there a few hours later, we had a fire going and dinner in the camp oven. We were ready to open the first cold beer to share with him.

Ben and I had chatted by emails so it felt like we already knew each other enough to be relaxed. I knew that Ben was much more hopeful that something might happen this weekend between his wife and me. Though he loves her dearly, Ben also fantasized about watching Kat with someone else. As long as she was happy to participate.

Ben had toyed with the idea of making porn movies with Kat as the star. Just amateur stuff but he was serious enough to have a list of ‘storyboards’ he had prepared with Kathy as his leading lady. There were no secrets between them so Kat knew of his desires and wanted to help, but she just didn’t desire anyone but him. Ben respected her wishes but he’d encouraged me to meet them here, in the hope that Kat would change her mind and have sex with me while he watched and recorded. I wasn’t the first trusted guy they’d tried out as a co-star, but all 3 times Kat had stopped before going all the way. Ben had shown me the clips.

One of his wife being massaged by a naked man, while laying naked herself. The clip stopped as the guy began to finger her.

Next was a scene with an average looking man walking up the beach who walked up to Kat who was nude sunbathing. He pulled out his dick and Kat broke into laughter. The camera swung down so I saw a quick flash of Ben’s erect dick as he was filming.

Lastly was the most promising.
Ben had shown me the unedited clip of Kat on her knees sucking another guy. She really seemed to be enjoying herself but when he came, Kat swallowed his cum, then coughed so much Ben stopped the camera. Evidently that was the end of him.

That was only a few weeks ago.

The night was warm with a gentle sea breeze rustling the treetops. We sat and watched the fire burn down after dinner with a large mug of port and millions of stars above us. We were all feeling very relaxed and satisfied with life.

Once the embers had cooled, we covered them and made our way to bed. We hugged goodnight and turned off the lamp to drift off to sleep in the pitch black house. Distant waves crashing in a rhythm. I was only 6ft away from their bed so in the silence of the night air I could clearly hear everything from the beginning.

It began with gentle murmuring, then the bed movement, and eventually the unmistakable soft grunting of a couple trying to have sex very quietly. At first, I tried to sleep but my erection kept me awake so in the privacy of darkness I stroked myself in time with Ben’s grunts and Kat’s soft “uhh , uhh, uhh, oahhhh”

When I woke it was dawning outside. Ben was snoring, so I slipped outside to find Kat stoking the fire. The golden morning sun was shining through her white slip as she bent over the fire creating a silhouette of her naked body. After last night’s sounds of lovemaking, and now this vision, my morning-glory-cock sprang to life. I suddenly regretted only wearing loose boxers to bed as my dick rose up like a flagpole.

I turned away as if I hadn’t noticed her then walked quickly into the bush for a piss and hopefully to calm myself down.

Ben was up when I returned so we had breakfast and discuss what we will do that day. We decide to begin with going for a quick dip, before the sun got up too high. Ben and I go to change while Kat walks into the bush with the poo spade.

I’d seen Ben naked in lots of the photo’s they posted and sent to me so there wasn’t any need for us to be shy around each other but it still felt a bit strange to be naked with him as we chatted and changed.

“Howie,” he begins in a quiet serious voice, “I know Kat talked to you on the way here about not having sex with her this weekend?”
I nod and keep looking for my togs as he goes on.
“Well she didn’t want you to just expect to be fucking her the minute you got here but she really does want you to fuck her.”

I tried to busy myself with my clothes as he continued.
“I reckon she would have been fine if you had joined us last night. You did hear us didn’t you?”
Well that’s done it! My erection jumped.

I let my imagination run too much and now my cock is sticking straight out. There’s no way to hide it except for hanging my shirt on it like a post and face away from Ben to say.
“I wasn’t sure if it would be okay… are you sure?”

Ben went on as if he hadn’t noticed.
“Oh yeah, she wants you alright mate, it’s just that she’s, you know… a bit cautious. I think it’s a trust thing mostly? Anyway hopefully over the next few days you and Kat can… well you know… even better if I can video you and her but that can wait.”

Ben saw my erection and laughed at how I’d hung my shirt on it. Kat walked in while we laughed and Ben pointed out my problem. Kat snatched away my shirt and chased me around the small space trying to whip my naked bottom as I ran around shouting my objections. I felt like a 2year old but it was just fun.

My erection stayed up which made it a bit strange as it swung as I dodged but it also was nice that we had reached that level of intimacy.

A few minutes later the three of us walked down the sandy track to the beach.
Ben and I had boardshorts but no shirt, and Kat had her bikini on under a loose fitting white top. Ben and I walked behind Kat and admired her fit legs and big bum. He nudges me and lifts her top, patting her soft bum cheeks to show off the ripeness of his wife’s ass.

To be continued… Friends (part 4)

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