Friends (part 2) by Howie

Continued from… Friends (part 1)

Her ‘ute’ is a typical Aussie bush basher with a large bullbar and her luggage in the tray. The whole car was covered in red dust.

A few minutes down the road she pulls into a ‘macca’s’ drivethru on the outskirts of the city, she orders coffee’s for 2 then parks at an adjacent rest area beside a stagnant brown creek.

We walk to the waters edge and sit on the grass. Sweating, even in the shade of a big weeping fig, swatting flies as Kathy becomes serious.

Over the loud high pitched buzz of cicada’s Kat says: “Howie, … oh it’s so good to meet you at last, but, I just want to make sure. I know we’ve talked about doing all sorts of things to each other, but you do know that was just playing don’t you?”
“Well, I…” she cut me off saying: “You know that Ben and I have only ever been with each other, and that we’ve only joked about doing stuff with others… you do understand that don’t you?”

I actually felt relieved.

Of course I wanted sex with her but the sexual tension leading up to three days with strangers and the need to ‘perform’ had had me a little on edge. I nodded and squeezed her hand for reassurance.
“I just wanted to make sure, ” she added, “we can still have fun though. I mean there’s the beach, swimming, kayaking… and Ben will meet us there tonight.”

I smile.
“Sure Kat… it sounds great.”
It really was okay

I felt strangely more at ease now that sex wasn’t expected. We begin to talk to each other just as easily as we did in our emails.

We both begin to flirt outrageously without being afraid of overstepping any boundaries or offending each other.

It was like our messages again. I could suggest that I will watch while they make love and with a chuckle she offers to put on a good show for me. Even if she is just teasing me, it was fun to play like this, with the knowledge that she liked it.

The so called ‘ house’ that Kat had booked for this long weekend was an hour’s drive south of Perth. If we had driven north the same distance, we’d have gone to their home but I guess I can understand why they wouldn’t want me to stay with them as they had family and friends nearby. The privacy of this shack was it’s drawcard.

We seemed to be a long way from anywhere on the highway when Kat slowed to turn down an unmarked sandy track between scattered brush.

Bouncing and swaying in the ute, dodging fallen branches and startled wallabies as we try to follow the most obvious route between scattered trees. Shoots of green had sprouted everywhere from blackened trunks, the result of a recent bushfire that had cleared most of the weedy underbrush. It gave the whole area a fresh colorful look of black tinged with a vivid green with a white sandy track that snaked between stumps.

Kat was so excited.
“Oh, I’ve never seen this place look so beautiful!”
She squeezed my hand.
“Mmm, I have a good feeling about this weekend.”

20min of bumpy track later we suddenly arrive at a run down, weather beaten hut, barely more than a rusty tin roof on 4 tin walls but Kat was excited.
“Isn’t this great?” she giggled.

I like going camping so the roughness suited me fine, even the spade at the front door which was marked ‘poo hole digger’ was okay by me.

The inside looked just as bad as I’d imagined, with only a rustic table and benches to sit on that had been carved from a tree, a sink that was connected to the rusty rainwater tank and that was all.

For the next hour Kat and I pump up airbeds, sweep out the sand, then move in our luggage and food.

This was going to be interesting! With no internal walls, not only would we three be isolated from civilization all day, so no phones or internet to distract us, but we’d also be sleeping beside each other all night!

Kat and I were alone and free from chores so we could begin to just enjoy ourselves.

Kat kicked off her sandals and took my hand
“Come on, lets go see the beach!” running ahead of me impressively fast for a 57yr old. Her fit brown legs a blur as she took off, kicking sand up as she sprinted down a short track that burst onto a wide white beach that stretched both directions as far as we could see, without another person for miles.

The rolling surf crashed in brilliant white foam on a background of clear blue water, begging to be swum in on such a warm day. I caught up to Kat and admired the scene.
“It’s beautiful, Kat”.
“Wanna swim?” It wasn’t a question really, for in a second she flicked off her dress and ran into the water laughing at my admiring stare.

Now I saw why I couldn’t see her bra under the light dress. She had on a bikini that barely covered her tits! When she dove under the first wave, she spluttered to the surface with her nipples exposed. Kat called to me to join her, then absently tugged her top back in place as if it were a nuisance to be wearing it at all. I didn’t have swimwear on me, but I figure my underwear was similar, so I stripped and dove in after her.

We laughed and splashed each other like teenagers, bodysurfing every good wave, riding it into the shallows and swimming out again.

I’ve spent half my life at the beach so the surf feels like a second home to me.
I floated further out into the calmer waters and soaked up the freedom of being single again with someone I liked.

I had my eyes closed.

A warm body pressed herself against mine.

Kat had surfaced beside me and was standing chest deep in the water beside my floating near naked body, she was looking at me and smiling.
“I can see you enjoy the water as much as I do Howie.”
Her breasts bumped gently on my bare skin. Her eyes were fixed on mine. I rested my hand on her bare waist and lowered my legs so I was standing close to her… the movement of the water bumping our bodies together… her lips were slightly parted, raised, almost touching mine. The rest of the world had disappeared. Sighing deeply, she lowered her face to my chest then pushed me away.
“Race you to the beach!”

We were puffed and gasping for air as we collapsed on the soft dry sand, warming up quickly in the bright sunshine.

In a few minutes we would begin to burn so we washed the sand of and walked back home. When we reached the sparce shade of the spindly beachside trees, Kat stopped and turned.
“Howie… that was nice, but, we can’t.”
She didn’t need to say more.

So, I hadn’t imagined the sexual tension between us.

To be continued… Friends (part 3)

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6 thoughts on “Friends (part 2) by Howie

  1. I do hope the loss of a Wi-Fi connection, leads to something more amatory 😉
    I’ve been to a few places where you needed a “poo digger” (lol), and find the lack of technology makes for the best moments of imaginations 🙂

  2. I think she really wanted to, but was respectful of her husband. It must’ve been hard for you when she came onto you like that, Howie, and you knew you couldn’t do anything 😉
    ~ Marie xox

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