Masturbation porn by Howie

A huge breasted woman in a micro bikini, looking virtually naked, answers the door for me.
I’m the pizza guy.
She explains she hasn’t got any money on her and shows me her body to prove it.
The bulge in my pants is huge so she kneels down and pulls my jeans down so my 9 inch erect cock is in her face.
We’d met seconds ago but now she’s sucking me off, deepthroating my huge penis, spitting and gagging like a seasoned slut. Magically we are naked beside the pool , her legs are wide open as she plays with herself , wanting me to fuck her…

I’m dancing naked in front of a hundred howling horny young women who all want to suck my big dick.
One after the other eagerly suck me off just because I stand in front of them. They pull out their big boobs and press them together, inviting me to cum on their bare tits. Each random girl shows off her best blowjob skills as her friends beside her chant ‘suck that dick’ while slapping my bum and howling.
I reward her efforts with sperm that shoots over her smiling face to the cheers of the crowd…..

My wife and I arrive home to find the hot babysitter naked on our couch playing with her shaved pussy.
My big breasted slutty wife smiles as she stands over the seemingly frightened innocent girl saying, “You naughty girl you need to be punished.”
My buxom wife pulls my pants down to show the woman my large erect dick. The young woman looks slightly shocked yet seems interested in sucking me off. My wife settles in between her legs to lick her shaved vagina while the babysitter obediently deepthroats my huge cock.
Suddenly I’m fucking her asshole while between her orgasmic screams of ‘YES!’ she licks my wife’s…

A huge breasted, naked, dark woman smiles at me as she wobbles her tits to entice me to fuck her. She turns around on her bed to spread her ass cheeks inviting me to fuck , finger or lick her twerking ass. She holds a huge dildo up to her lips to show me what she’d do with my cock if I were actually there with her…

Oh where has the time gone?
Time to get ready for work!
Better stuff my erection away and close the computer for now.
Oh well , maybe I’ll have time to masturbate again tonight?
If not well then there’s always the tomorrows morning glory.

Wicked Wednesday

7 thoughts on “Masturbation porn by Howie

  1. I like these little snippets from watching porn, and it made me wonder what my ‘story’ will look like if I do the same as you 🙂
    ~ Marie xox

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