Flasher Wife by Howie

Katie, my wife, was a thin sexy girl but that quickly changed the moment she became pregnant.

Some women’s bodies change a lot with pregnancy, a rare few though change quite as dramatically as Katie’s did. Her tits were the first changes that everyone began to notice.

Katie had sweet little firm tits that were a bit mismatched in size. One was a nice full hand size while the left tit was notably smaller.

I didn’t mind what size they were as long as I could play with them.

The first thing Katie noticed one morning was a ‘full’ feeling in her tits. A few days later she went to the doctor and got the news that she was 2 weeks pregnant.

We discussed how early we should tell people of our great news! Katie was keen to keep it from people as long as possible because she’d had lots of clients that told others of their pregnancy as soon as they knew, which means the other 8 months seems to take forever!

A month later and Katie’s tits had almost doubled in size! It was beginning to be impossible to hide her rapid growth from everyone.

She needed hourly massages, to keep the pain, and stretch marks, away. By 2 months the first signs of a baby bump had finally appeared but her tits had become so large, the ladies at the hairdressers had begun to openly talk to each other about them. Katie overheard comments like, ‘she must have had surgery’.

So finally her sister was forced to pull Katie aside to ask if she’d had a boob job. So the secret was out, much earlier than we wanted. Once they knew the reason for the swelling breasts some of the ladies began referring to Katie as the lady with the breasts.

Katie herself was pretty happy about how big her tits were getting because she’d always been a bit envious of the more well endowed girls that would get much more attention from guys than she did.
So once the secret was out, she began wearing more low cut dresses than ever. Katie noticed, and loved, the looks from young hot guys who suddenly looked twice.

Her original B-cup boobs had quickly swelled to C, then D cups. By the end of her pregnancy Katie was the proud owner of huge double D boobs full of milk that spurted across the room like fountains. The extra looks she got at work, or anywhere in public, excited her so much that despite an enlarged belly she seemed to want sex more and more often. She’d giggle as she tells me how her tits keep bumping into things.

At work her lucky male clients got big soft breasts accidentally bumping their faces or deep cleavage views while having their hair washed.

Fucking Katie to get her pregnant had been great, but now we were having sex just for the fun of it. She wanted sex before work, but we had to be quick because I started at 6am. Katie had had an early shower, while I slept, and woke me by climbing onto me fully naked while I slept.

It was hard to leave her there, naked and voluptuous, begging for sex, but I managed to extract myself from her clutching hands just in time to get ready to go to work. By the time I was dressed, Katie had caught up to me.

She had thrown on a long T-shirt of mine so her nipples poked out as she jiggled her tits trying to tempt me back to bed.

I had a quick grope of her engorged melons but I had to push her away to try to make it to work in time.

I kissed her goodbye.

The carport was in the back yard, so when I finally reached my car I heard Katie calling me. I turned and there she was, outside the back door holding her shirt up showing me her fully naked body and waving.

Her huge tits wobbled as she jiggled them back and forth. I almost gave in to her temptation.

I sighed then looked around for neihbours but no-one seemed to be up yet. I waved her inside then got into my car and reversed out past the house. Katie, meanwhile, had gone to the front door and stretched her top down so her bare tits were exposed.

Flashing herself to me as I drove off, without caring who else saw her.

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6 thoughts on “Flasher Wife by Howie

  1. Wow Howie – this was a lovely tale because Katie was so happy about the changes happening to her body (not true of every woman during pregnancy!) My boobs were big to start off with and pregnancy did make them get bigger, but it was so gradual that, with my round belly, people didn’t seem to notice. What I liked after having children was that they were more sensitive,.

    Great share Howie xx

    1. Thanks Posy. Katie isn’t so happy about the other changes to her body no matter how many times I compliment her and tell her how much I love a voluptuos woman. Nice to know you have sensetive nipples Posy😉
      Howie xox

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