Friends (part 1) by Howie

What am I doing here?
I ask myself again as I’m flying across the country to meet a couple of strangers for a few days with only a slim possibility of sex!
I could have used the money for the flight for 2 hours with an escort or 2, but instead I’ve spent the cash on plane tickets, and flown 6 and a half hours, yet all I might get is a visit to a city I hadn’t been to before.

The plane circles over the ocean on its way in to land.

By coincidence my wife Katie just happens to be working on a show in Perth. The same city that I’m landing in right now. She’s been here a little over 2 months so she has only another month and she’ll be going back to our home to Brissie!
She doesn’t know I’m doing this of course! If, by that one in a million chance, that she will see me at the airport, I’ve prepared a fake story to try to turn that chance meeting into a surprise visit to her. It would be a tragic waste of my time and money but at least it would save our marriage.

My hearts beating faster with each step.

My hands are shaking slightly by the time I get my bag and walk off the plane. I take a few deep breaths as I wait in the cue but my legs are still weak when I walk out of the airports glass doors and search the crowd for the faces I’ve memorized.

I’d never have thought I’d have the courage to fly all this way to meet someone I’ve only met online, yet in the year that we’ve chatted we had gone from mere sex chat buddies to honestly, real friends.

Ben and Kathy had been on a few websites.
Ben liked taking photo’s of his wife and sharing them online and it seemed Kat was just as happy to pose nude, or almost nude. Her posted photos weren’t quite as lewd as some spread-legged women posted but instead were cheeky and fun pics, like being nude at the beach while smiling at her loving hubby behind the camera.

I’m looking through a sea of smiling faces of expectant people meeting their loved ones. I spot the beaming smile I have waited so long to see in person.

Kathy and I had begun our exchanges, typically, by me sending photos of my dick and suggestions of what I could do with it. It’s not really my style but it seemed to be the sort of behaviour that was expected of that particular site. Kathy was responsive and said all the right things to excite me, but after a few sessions we began to find out a little more about each others lives and our likes and dislikes.

After the initial flurry of orgasmic-fueled chats we settled down into long daily messages that were less about sex and more about each other as people.

I’d come home so excited after work each day to read the response she’d given to my series of answers and questions I’d sent. Then laugh to myself at her answers; then write a response and wait for the next day. The 3 hour time delay between our cities had made live chats difficult.

One thing that really made me feel at ease was that Kathy always showed her husband Ben everything I said to her.
Even though he worked in the mines which means he is away most of the time, she still showed him everything she and I messaged ( including my photos).

Over time we got to be so close that we swapped email addresses and family details. We knew each other’s real names, where we lived, children’s ages; almost everything! Kat told me she loved my honesty. She felt she was able to ask me anything!

So she quizzed me on unusual things like what men desire, for example she asked once: “when Ben comes home should I blow him in the car or wait so we can have proper sex at home?”

Kathy was a self confessed sex addict.

I heard all about her first fuck with Ben at just 16yrs old out the back of a barn-dance in ‘Tassie’ where she grew up. She married young and never cheated as she adored Ben and always will. Their sex life had always been great until in her late 40’s Kat dried up. She told me how she’d tried to pleasure Ben as much as she could but intercourse had became almost impossible.

Then 10 years ago a doctor put her on hormone pills that not only got her juices going again but gave her an insatiable desire.

Ben was one of those lucky guys in the position of having a wife who wanted sex even more than he did.

Occasionally I would get early email video of a late night of passion. Video Kat would take of her sitting on top of a naked Ben in bed, with her in lingerie saying “I got him Howie”, and waving to me as she rocked on her smiling husband’s hidden cock.

There she is!
I’d recognise Kat’s smiling face anywhere.

After spending so much of my time looking at her large pendulous breasts, I had also sometimes zoomed in on her smiling face and spent a lot of time looking into her eyes imagining this very moment.

I smile and wave back, heading her way and trying to act cool but my heart’s about to explode and I’m so nervous my mouth is dry.

Kat says: “hi Howie, it’s so good to finally see you in the flesh.” She smiled up at me and waited for me to say hello.
“Um, hi Kathy.”

Do we kiss? Do we hug? Do we kiss and hug like lovers, or do I just say ‘hi’ like good friends? So many people are watching.

While I wrestle with the thoughts in my head Kat’s smile wavers, then brightens up, “How about we go for coffee before we head off. My car’s just outside. Okay?”
I manage a nod.

Kat’s light frock dances as she walks, hinting at the middle-aged woman’s jiggling curvy body that I’d come to know so well.

Bum cheeks that sway , flicking the dress up showing firm bare suntanned legs. There’s no sign of a bra in the small gaps between buttons up the back of her dress but she must be wearing something otherwise her pendulous breasts would be swinging too much for public display.

To be continued… Friends (part 2)

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6 thoughts on “Friends (part 1) by Howie

  1. Great intro to Kathy and your cross country meet-up. I’m curious to find out what happens next.
    So glad you are being hosted by Marie for the moment Howie, your adventures are a high spot on the memes.

    1. You have always been so kind and encourageing. It’s fun to sink myself into a story and see where it goes. I hope you like the rest of it Posy xox

  2. Hey Howie! Nice to see you!
    Looks like this may be the start to en epic tale 🙂
    Great introduction to Kat here. Can’t wait to hear more about her bum that sways and those pendulous breasts 🙂

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