MrsK is a huge supporter of this meme, and now back for the third time to do the roundup, after doing it for week 428 (read it here) and week 450 (read it here). Here meme Mmm Mondays is going strong, and I am seriously enjoying her fiction! If you haven’t read it yet, find it on her blog, and you can also follow her on Twitter.

Top 3 for week 462 by MrsK

As always, I’m flattered to be asked to do the round up for Wicked Wednesday. Blowing Kisses is my trademark move, so it was fitting to be asked to provide my insight. There were less entries this week than in the past, but that only made choosing three more difficult. All the posts were well written as usual and gave us an array of genres to read through. With that being said, I tried to stick to the prompt with my choices, so in no particular order:

The Stranger – Part 6 by Brigit Delaney
Brigit has created a whole new genre by making this an interactive story. I love the concept as it feels like a choose your own adventure book, for grown-ups! In this installation she added some mystery, a bit of romance and just the right amount of sexiness. This paragraph though, pulled me in and kept me reading!

There was a sweetness to it, like thick honey, slow and sticky, their tongues entangling in slow motion. She’d not kissed a man like this in so long, she nearly lost herself to it right there, but she managed to guide him, while walking backwards to her small bedroom.

Changes by May More
Anyone who has read May’s work knows she has a knack for the unexpected and this story was no exception! With a surprise twist that makes this sexy story a whole lot steamier, I couldn’t help but to smile and think, “May strikes again.” Not one to shy away from taboo subjects, this story is exactly what we need in the world.

I started to slip off in the evenings and take a long bubble bath, lying there with the warm water caressing my skin. My hand would go to work as I’d fantasise about Brad, his mouth on mine, pulling me close, digging fingers into my ass cheeks.

The Deep Hides Many Secrets by Lurvspanking
This tale has a dark feel to it that quickly gained my interest. You wonder where the prompt will come into play, and suddenly wham, it hits you like a ton of bricks. A grand finale for a great piece of short fiction!

Yes, a tragedy of course. One of the many perils of sailing the Antipodes. Yes, his widow is desolate, Poor thing. Sick, and now in mourning for her beloved.

While there were only 16 entries, I don’t think it would be fair not to mention Marie’s Piece, Traffic Jam Kisses. This tale hits all the right places on my kink radar with some voyeurism, self-love and naughtiness with a stranger. If you haven’t read it, you should definitely check it out!

Simone’s hand now rested just under her breast, but she moved it back up to her breast, lightly squeezing and watching the reaction of the stranger. He smiled and nodded.
“That’s it lady,” he urged…


Courage is the ability to do something that frightens you – to be brave. It’s also to show strength in the face of pain and grief. Share some of your courageous life moments with us. When in your life have you been at your bravest? You can also write a story about a character showing courage and strength.

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