When I prepare the weekly post, I always look at the stats of previous roundups, and May More is the first person to do the roundup for the fifth time. The first time she did it was in December 2017. and I see she did it once every year since. Brilliant! Speaking of brilliant, May is a wonderful writer, a fabulous friend, and someone who is very active on the blogging front, running her own blog, hosting the fortnightly meme 4Thoughts, came up with the idea for Blogable and her newest endeavor together with Posy Churchgate, is Tantalizing Tales. She’s a busy bee, for sure, and very talented. Please visit her at all those places, and follow her on Twitter.

Top 3 for week 460 by May More

This was such a fun prompt. I really enjoyed reading all your posts. I decided to choose from those who stuck to the task in hand – using the prompt in some way. And I have ended up with three, very different posts.

Jerusalem Mortimer – Truth to Declare
I have been reading Jaime’s blog for some time and know that his Wicked Wednesday entries are usually about fabulously dirty sex and a whipping or two. Well this story still had the sex but he cleverly introduced the two truths and a lie into the plot. Great job.

Jenna Kirkpatrick – Truths and a Lie
This was another clever post that got me thinking too. Jenna tells a story of two people and shows how with every conversation a lie and two truths are told as part of their banter. I suspect this happens so often in real life. Have a read and you will see what I mean.

Mrs Jones – The Truth about Me
I chose this entry as in her second option, where she talks about losing her virginity, was fascinating. Not the sex bit but the description of growing up on a mega large farm and herding cattle . Don’t know if it is true or not – but a great read.

It wasn’t until I finished writing this I realised all the people I have chosen have a name beginning with J… So I decided to offer you a recommended reading post as well: Ever had your skirt fall off while out for a walk? From Posy Churchgate. Reading this made me laugh out loud. Something that is nice to do these days…


Since the closing date for this prompt is the first day of April, it’s time to share some of your funny or sexy stories about those pranks you played on others, or pranks your fictional characters came up with.

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6 thoughts on “Prompt #461: April Fools

  1. Thank you for mentioning my post. You know I was not sure what to do when I saw the theme of two truths and a lie and the idea came last minute to me. I was not sure I did my idea justice. I am so glad it came across the way I wanted. <3

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