Prompt #457: Point of view of a wedding bouquet


Tomorrow is the last day on which you can add your posts to The Menopause Diaries and The Oral Sex Project… on this site. These two memes are close to my heart, but I feel they get too little attention. I have asked Liz Blackx whether she will be willing to take over The Oral Sex Project, and she said yes! I myself will continue with The Menopause Diaries, but it will get a new home, just like The Oral Sex Project. Both these memes will be prompt-based, starting on 1 March 2021. More news will follow!
Please note: all posts that have been linked up to now for both memes, will be displayed at their new homes.

Then, over to the business of this week!

Back in May 2020 I welcomed PurpleSole (PS) to the round-up of Wicked Wednesday for the first time – that was for week 416 (read it here) – and it was about time I asked him to do it again. PS and Littlegem blog together on their site, Purple’s Gem, where you can read about their D/s relationship, and view their lovely images. You can also follow PS on Twitter.

Top 3 for week 456 by PurpleSole

It was wonderful to read everyone’s entries for the imagination prompt, and it was as tough as ever to whittle it down to just 3.

Mr E and lilly – Hook a slut
This was instantly in my top 3 as soon as I read it. Not only are there beautiful images, but knowing that this happened in reality certainly adds intrigue for me. I enjoyed the touch of lilly being surrounded by rubber ducks before being ‘hooked’ and l was delighted with the results, a real touch of imagination.

Asrai Devin – The ways I want you
While relatively short, this post is enough to spark erotic thoughts that can instantly transform into a sexy memory or be continued by your own creative thoughts.

Liz Black – Why I choose to watch porn
Porn is a fascinating subject, not only in what we watch but how it stimulates our imagination. Liz describes her experience as therapy which I can understand as it provides fantasy but also inspiration for her own needs. Fun to read and it has given me more resources to explore my own ‘research’.


This week is a repeat of the prompt for week #51. Once again, I want to challenge you all to do a little writing exercise. Pretend you are a wedding bouquet on the day of a wedding… tell us what you see. Make it sexy, make it sad, make it happy, make it weird. Whatever you want. Surprise us!

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6 thoughts on “Prompt #457: Point of view of a wedding bouquet

  1. I saw that Missy is starting to do prompts for the ‘sexual health’ part of TMA as well — it will be nice if your new menopause prompt and hers overlap/coincide once in a while. 🙂

    1. It’s funny, when I mentioned my plans to changed MD into monthly prompts, Missy told me she had the same idea for sexual health. We’ve already compared future prompts and will definitely collaborate on quite a number of the prompts 🙂

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