I am delighted Toolie was willing to jump in to do the top 3 roundup for last week! Yes, I had someone else, but due to circumstances they couldn’t do the roundup anymore, and Toolie was willing to jump in. He doesn’t have his own blog, but he did link up for Wicked Wednesday once before, when he was part of May More’s fiction relay. You can read some of his stories here, or follow him on Twitter.

Top 3 for week 454 by Toolie

It was an unexpected pleasure to be asked to cast my eyes over the latest Wicked Wednesday prompt of ‘creativity’ – I like to think it was because of my own innate creativity, but suspect it was because no one else was available 🙂

Either way it was fun to read all 20 entries and see how each writer had defined creativity. It’s possible of course to be creative in many ways, I once had a rather creative accountant and I look forward to my monthly visits to Wormwood Scrubs enormously.

The very act of committing words to paper is in itself creative, and with so many wonderful submissions to enjoy, but having only three that I can highlight, this was a tricky proposition – and is, of course, like all creativity, completely subjective.

I was very taken by the creative journeys many of you described, illustrated with some wonderful pieces of your own work, I loved the witchcraft piece and there were some very horny short stories I enjoyed very much. However, after careful consideration I went for the following three:

Longing by RugbyMilf
So few words but so much ground is covered – a lifetime of longing…possibly.
Very nicely written, not a wasted word, lovely creative use of the mirror as a prop for looking back in time – not seeing what’s there, but what you wish was there.

Bright Idea by Mr E and Lilly
This had me laughing and who could doubt that this couple, desperately searching a hardware store for an electric fly swat as a sex toy, didn’t show creativity in abundance – I loved the careful considerations and pre-planning as they calmly assessed the sound conductivity of tiled floors and the thinness of the walls when making their choice. A nice counterpoint to the fun that would follow.

(This one also chimed with me, as someone who once had a gf who couldn’t bear to be parted from her beloved rabbit, but cringed at the thought of having her bag searched and having to hold it aloft for the world to see – so would convince me to pack it in my bag, amused no doubt at me doing so).

Eloise – Part two – Every hole by May More
I began reading this before I had spotted who had written it and I’m always intrigued to read smut from the male gaze, but written by a woman (and visa versa) and it’s for this reason I chose this one – delicious as the creativity in the bedroom was – written at a wonderfully furious, muscular pace.


The prompt speaks for itself… share one (or more) of your (or your character’s) sexual fantasies.

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