After my surprise seven months ago that I had never before invited Eve Ray to do the top 3 roundup, I thought it was high time inviting her again. I really enjoy her writing, and if you haven’t visited her blog yet, you should definitely do so. Of course you can also follow her on Twitter.

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Top 3 for week 451 by Eve Ray

One thing I have really missed in 2020 has been libraries. I have spent a lot of time in libraries over the years, and have found people watching as fascinating as the books and periodicals I have been reading. At university I quickly noticed that some libraries were pickup joints, particularly for the graduate students who lived the rather more solitary lives of researchers. In fact this inspired my story in the 2018 Eroticon anthology. Sex and libraries go together in my imagination, although I remain a bibiovirgin.

Reading good books is both sensual in itself and, as the words come off the page and become alive, give us a window into our own sensuality, our sexuality. And the particular conceit of reading about how others experience sex through books, is that it is, in a sense, a window on a window. And that slightly unusual perspective made the stories here that focussed on the library theme all the more enjoyable.

I was asked to choose a top three but there were four library themed posts that I really liked and I really couldn’t bring myself to leave one out. So my top four, in no particular order are:

My Library of Thought by The Barefoot Sub
A reflection on blogging, on life and the role of books. And I, too, have been reading Venus in Furs for the book club so look forward to talking about it.

The Library by Submissy
I love the idea of an erotic library and of reading as a task to please the dominant. And being spanked with a book by De Sade is so suggestive!

My Library Lovers by Raspberry Ripples
The word games around the study of architecture being the study of erections amused me and reminded me of the kinds of clumsily translated leaflets for tourists you sometimes see abroad.

In The Library by Deviant Succubus
I love the idea of this, and bet Lorna remembered her Hegel and Nitezsche after this!

For my top three I decided to focus on posts that were based on the library theme. There were a number of other excellent posts and I want to give an honourable mention to Stairway to Heaven by Mr E and Lilly. I loved the photograph!

And thank you to all who posted this week. I had fun!


Wicked Wednesday has been running since June 2012, and in the past 8.5 years many different prompts have been used. Except for maybe Christmas, Halloween and Valentines, no prompts have been repeated.

From this year, it will change, as I want to repeat some of the older prompts. If you have participated in the original prompt, feel free to use the same post, update it and republish it for this week’s prompt. Remember, Google likes it if you update your posts!

So, without further ado: this week the prompt is ‘teenagers’. This was also the prompt for week 7:

Teenage years… we have all been teenagers at some stage of our lives. Your teenage years might not be that far behind you, or you look back on it and think “damn, it’s already 30 years ago!” 
We all experienced some awkward moments during our teenage years. Think about not knowing where you fit in – with the children or with the adults? Or where in school you were thrown between the one moment where you did not dare to open your mouth and the next moment where you spoke to soon. Were you part of the popular crowd in high school? Or did you feel like you did not belong there? Did you have your first boyfriend or girlfriend during your teen years? Did you touch each other? Did you experiment? Did you play with yourself, thinking of him or her? Did you have sex?

Share stories from your teenage years, and as always, you are welcome to link any stories or posts that don’t follow the prompt!

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