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Top 3 for week 450 by MrsK

There were 24 great posts this week for Impulsiveness, ranging from fiction to the stone-cold truth. It seems being impulsive is seen from many different angles, depending on who you ask. Personally, I think that impulsiveness is the key defining trait of all artists and creative types. Without it, we’d follow all the rules and new things would not be born of impetuous thought.

This week proved a difficult choice. The posts were all so well written, even when not on prompt. As I am a bit of a stickler for rules (even when I impulsively break them), I stuck to the prompt for my choices. And because rules are meant to be broken (once in a while and please don’t tell Mister K I said so), I have chosen 4 posts for the round-up. They are all very different from each other, but each resonated with me for one reason or another.

At the top of my list is:

Who is That? – Corrupting Mrs. Jones
This is a piece of fiction that speaks of an older woman desiring a younger man. She tries not to think about her impulsive inclination, but it would seem that life has something else in store for her.

“Ryan looked up and their eyes met. Carmen felt a throb in her groin before she looked away. He was the same age as her son! What was she thinking?”

We all know what she was thinking, and hopefully, she’ll finish that thought!

Impulsively Bad Behavior – Morag’s Moist Musings
In this personal post, Morag shares how her impulsiveness ties into promiscuity. I resonated so much with this post, her opening line calling me out in black and white. There are so many parts to this that speak to what impulsive desires grant us, like validation, a feeling of belonging, and ultimately self-acceptance.

“largely down to Master C’s guidance, nurture, and discipline, I fully appreciate my worth, I am good enough. There is no shame to having a high sex drive and in allowing myself to act upon such impulses as feel inclined to act upon.”

I wish I had read this as a much younger woman. I may have changed my opinion on a few things.

Interesting things about Impulsivity and being Submissive – Missy
You can always rely on Missy to show you very simply how submission can work with anything. She has an uncanny ability to display the positives and negatives of how her submission works in real-time, while still being relatable to the reader.

“For me, impulsivity is a positive benefit of being a submissive for a number of reasons. Submission has allowed me to feel calmer, safer and more considered. [submission] allows me to feel less responsible, less like I have to control everything, and freer to focus on the sorts of things that are fun….”

As someone who uses their submission as a way to do just that, I wholeheartedly agree. My impulsive side has not surrendered, but my submission allows it to be controlled.

Impulsivity as a symptom of Mental Illness – Deviant Succubus
In this very honest, and personal post, Devie shares how Bipolar disorder fans the flames of impulsivity. As someone who has been directly affected by a person who suffered from Bipolar disorder, I felt like this post was written for my former self. She clearly points out how impulsiveness can adversely affect life, in just a short second.

“And I know that some of my impulsive behaviour is really dangerous and could potentially lead to my death. I know it sounds dramatic, but it is the reality of things for me. I don’t know if I should allow myself to be impulsive sometimes, maybe when in hypomania, or if I should try my best to first engage logic (and with that anxiety) to make decisions. It is difficult to find the right answer there”

There may not be a right answer, but it seems she’s got a good handle on things, and that is all that matters. Either way, I’m rooting for her!


I have been following Writers Write on Facebook for years, and this week I am borrowing one of their daily writing prompts, as a prompt for Wicked Wednesday:

Replace any word in a film title with ‘library’.

But, then I want you to go a step further. Make that the title of your story, and share with us. You can also write about a library, whether you like to go there or not, and whether you go there for books or for the quiet.

As always, you are welcome to link any stories or posts that don’t follow the prompt!

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Please note

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Thank you for participating and please, don’t forget to visit and read the other entries too! We all love to receive comments on our entries. Spread the love!

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