I’m welcoming back Posy Churchgate to the Wicked Wednesday roundup for the third time. Previously she did it for week 347 (read it here) and week 388 (read it here). Posy is a creator of erotic fiction, which she shares on her own blog, and I have gotten to know her as a kind person, and consider her a friend. Please read her blog and you might also want to follow her on Twitter.

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Top 3 for week 449 by Posy Churchgate

Diary Excerpt #70 by Howie
I always love the ‘realness’ of Howie’s posts. His style of writing is self deprecating and honest which makes it really fun to read. His descriptions of the call girls he visits are equally gritty, which lend an appeal. The goth girl he visits in this week’s post sounds very sexy, and seems to be genuinely involved in their liaison which proves to be much more satisfying for Howie.

… she stood by the bed to ask what I wanted to try?  I looked at the array of equipment then whimped out and said ”umm maybe just girlfriend this time”.    She winked and smiled nicely as she tore the velcro on her corset “okay honey, next time we can try a few things to see what else excites you”, then she looks at my cock, “hmm looks like you’re almost there”.

Looking Forward 2021 by Stella Kiink
I must support a fellow fan of attractive stationery (a post subMissy once wrote helped me identify I have some kind of stationery kink!). Many of the bloggers who laid out plans for 2021 had intentions to use stationery or spreadsheets to keep them organised and on track.

One thing I have decided to do this year is focus on me and what I want. To make myself a priority and not feel bad when my decisions aren’t what others want or expect. I think my first two card of the year support this journey for me.

~ I don’t have to like the actions of others in order to love my journey. ~

~ Only I have to feel good about my choices. ~

Monica gets her ass into a taxi by Jerusalem Mortimer
Dialogue and interplay in this episode is real, humorous and very hot. Now I want to read on and go back to read earlier episodes – job well done Jaime.

I said, “In the taxi you’ll undo the button of your jeans and tug them down a little.”

“So you can, ah, ‘wallop’ my poor arse?”

“Actually it’s so I can keep my fingers warm and wet til we get to your place. Might keep you wet too.”

Special mention for subMissy & His Lordship‘s posts -these ought to be read in tandem in order to understand how far back to basics they intend to go to overhaul their D/s life together.
The gift of each post was in making me think about my own relationship dynamic, their clear thinking set out for anyone to apply to themselves.


People who act or speak without thinking, are called impulsive. Are you an impulsive person, and has your impulsiveness ever brought you in an embarrassing situation? Share your stories about impulsiveness, whether you are the impulsive one or not.

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