Prompt #449: Looking forward to 2021

At this start of the new year, I want to wish you all the best for 2021. Let’s make this a year of positivity, of paying forward love, kindness and respect!

Top 3 for week 448 by Marie Rebelle

There were so many good posts linked for the prompt of last week, that I actually considered highlighting something from each and everyone of them, but that will of course me breaking my own rules, which I didn’t want to do. I went through all the posts again, and then settled on three posts, because the three of them had one thing in common: their titles wanted me to read on.

2020 Vision by David
Even before I have read one word of this post, it had me hooked. Such a brilliant title, one that says it all in only two words: we look back and we see all of 2020, we know all that has happened, what kind of year it was. David reminded me of the sadness I felt when I had to stop the marathon, but also of the anticipation and joy I now feel for bring it back in 2021. His words reminded me of the resourcefulness of people, where he spoke of the virtual pub crawl, and I remember many a weekend those tweets in my timeline made me smile. I can only echo the last words in David’s post: So as 2021 arrives. Here’s to health and happiness. To kindness and care and to getting back to doing the things we enjoy with those that we love.

Burn, Baby, Burn by Carolyna Luna
With this post too, the title instantly had my attention. So many of us couldn’t wait to see the last of 2020, even though we know we take many situations with us into the new year. Carolyna’s post is filled with positivity, despite some of her lows being the hardest she’s experienced in her adult life. But, she chooses to focus on the good things, the lessons she has learned, the fact that she still has her sense of self. And then she goes on and sets a personal theme for 2021 – self-love – and dares us all to choose a theme too, something I intend to do. Last but not least, my heart warmed seeing the image Carolyna shared from March, when I had the privilege of meeting her in person.

It’s not fine — 2020 by Francesca Demont
No, 2020 wasn’t fine, most definitely not, was what I thought when I saw Francesca’s title. But this is not what Francesca’s post is about. Yes, she mentions 2020, but this post is about her parents who say ‘it’s fine’ while it’s not. She worries about her parents, about her dad maybe not telling her all about her mom that there is to tell, because it’s fine. I recognized this, not regarding my parents, but regarding myself, and how many times I tell people it’s fine, while deep down it’s not. But, to me it depends who I have across from me; who I care to share with, which is what Francesca’s last words of her post made me realize: If something sucks, it sucks. That’s the first step to getting it to suck a little less in the future.


Last week we looked back on 2020, a year where our lives changed so much, because of all that is going on around us.

This week we are looking forward to the new year. The virus is still with us, and we have sort of gotten used to this new way of living, working from home, wearing masks, meeting online, etc. It’s time to think of what you want to accomplish this year, and where you want to be at the end of this year. Share your goals, your dreams, your wishes.

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  1. Hey Marie

    I am getting more requests from other bloggers who cannot figure out the Interlinkz to add their posts.
    I do remember it too me about three weeks to figure it out back August/September, even though there are instructions.
    Do you think they need a simple guide on how to set themselves up to use Interlinkz? I don’t mind adding their posts – not complaining about that – but I have started to say they need to add the badge before I will link their post.
    I have also said they can message you with questions but one blogger said he could not see a comments box on the Wicked Wednesday post – maybe he was looking at it in the Reader. Maybe they are all using the Reader instead of visiting the site. I don’t know why it is causing them problems???
    I don’t feel like I know what I am talking about when it comes to technical advice?


    1. Hi Jenna, you can always direct them to me, to ask me how to add the button and to link, but… on Friday there will be an extensive guide on Blogable, telling them exactly how to add the button, and how to add their links. In every prompt I will add the link to that post, and you can then direct them to the post too.
      As for not seeing the comment box on Wicked Wednesday… I think they might indeed all have been in the reader, as there they won’t see it.
      I have to thank you for the promoting Wicked Wednesday so widely. I really appreciate it, and it’s a very nice way to get to know new bloggers 🙂 xox

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