My First Experience With a GFE Escort

I would never have thought that I’d even consider hiring an escort, let alone a GFE escort. So my first experience with a GFE escort came as a surprise to me, and me alone. Until now, I haven’t shared this with anyone else. But even as I write this, I remain anonymous, so I consider my secret safe.

At first, it was crushing loneliness that got to me. I hadn’t had a date for as long as I could remember. For the longest time, that didn’t bother me at all. I’d go to work, come home, crack open a cold one, and binge Netflix shows.

But then months passed, a year even, and the loneliness had crept its way inside of me. At least something was going inside of someone because I certainly wasn’t. The lack of any semblance of a relationship with a woman had started taking its toll on my mental health, rubbing me in all the wrong directions.

My confidence went down around women and my anxiety was through the roof. And trust me when I say, that had never happened to me before. Now that I was actually in dire need of intimacy, I was entirely incapable of having it.

But curiosity took hold of me, so I got online and started googling. I wanted to hire an escort no matter the cost. Living in a metropole, I soon discovered that my city had at least a dozen escort businesses servicing the area.

There was this escort (I’ll call her Jessica), who latched onto my subconsciousness the moment I saw her. She was a bit shorter than me, a blonde… a libra. You know, escort websites list out all the details, even the ones you don’t really care about.

I think the reason why I was so attracted to her was because she truly looked like girlfriend material. After all, I wanted the girlfriend experience with an escort, and so I was after someone who I could imagine grabbing drinks with me or just hanging out.

I continued browsing other escort websites and girls, but my mind kept racing back into Jessica’s embrace. None of the escorts could live up to my expectations now.

I reached out to her through the website. I worked up some anxiety about the whole thing, but there was no need.

The communication with the agency she was working for was professional. My “date” was arranged for the day after.

I planned for us to grab a bite, then go for a couple of drinks. After that, we would go to a hotel of her choosing. It all seemed so surreal, but I couldn’t deny the excitement I felt.

It was Friday. I got off work and drove home. I showered and shaved. And I triple-checked my wallet. Everything was ready for the evening of unimaginable fun.

It was 5 pm when I left for the park where we were supposed to meet and got there an entire hour early. I was fidgeting on the bench, looking around to see if I could spot Jessica. Every time a blond woman appeared around the corner, my heart skipped a beat. But it wasn’t her.

Then, exactly at 6 o’clock, I saw a lean, tall figure approaching me. She was almost as tall as I was (6 feet), and had long hair falling in waves down her small shoulders and thin arms. Everything about her was exceedingly elegant and exuded class. I stood up, with a raging semi down my pants that I clumsily tried to hide.

“Hey” I started. “You must be Jessica. You, um… you look incredible!”

She gave me a sincere smile, showing a row of perfect teeth. “Thank you! You aren’t exactly hard on the eyes yourself,” she said, as she gently took me by the hand. I looked at her hand in mine, then at her smiling eyes. They were blue and incredibly warm, and I remember just staring in awe. She smiled at my apparent confusion.

A gentle wind started blowing, playing with her hair. “There was some restaurant you mentioned nearby. Wanna give it a try?”

“Yes. I already made reservations… Let’s get out of this wind.” We walked side by side to the restaurant overlooking the park, chatting for a while.

The table was waiting for us, as promised. We sat down for some French specialties and a bit of wine. We talked, and laughed, with no mention of her work (or mine). It was all about having fun, enjoying each other’s company as we were telling hilarious stories about our friends.

And then I did it. After another glass of wine, I couldn’t wait anymore. I went in for the first of many kisses of that evening. It felt like heaven, and the fact that she held nothing back aroused me even more. It was, in every conceivable way, genuine kissing, as if I was kissing a long-time girlfriend. She gave another gorgeous smile afterward, soothing the last of any anxieties and doubts I may have still had at that point.

We stayed at the restaurant a bit longer, and then got up and went to a club. We both felt like having more drinks and dancing, only stopping abruptly at times to kiss.

Dancing only increased the lust that had been building up in my body the entire evening. We watched other clubbers grind, which got us to do the same things. It was crowded, a perfect opportunity for me to get really close to her, feel her, grab her…

There was no talking there. Just kissing, dancing, and a lot of touching. We grabbed more to drink, which led to our dancing becoming all the more intimate, sensual, and grindy.

I enjoyed her presence, her smell, and her attempts to make me believe she’s my girlfriend. And I really did. I was ready to fall for it completely. But I was also ready for more. It wasn’t long before left the club, fairly intoxicated (and horny). We got into a taxi to the hotel she had picked out and continued making out.

“I had such an amazing time,” she said. “I hope you’ve got more plans for me.” I certainly did.

The next thing I remember, we were rustling in our hotel room, taking off our clothes as quickly as possible without separating our lips. All my confidence was back, with not a single shred of doubt left in my mind. We fell onto the bed, feeling each other with our fingertips and tongues.

Her smell was more intoxicating than the wine we’ve had. It was incredibly sweet, filling out the entire dimly lit room. My attention was on her, and I barely had any recollection of the rest of the hotel room. There was a bed, and her on it. Nothing else mattered.

I went down on her. Her hand on the back of my head and her moans egged me on. Suddenly, I felt the strength of her legs pressing up against my head as she started breathing and moaning faster than before. She stopped convulsing, then used both of her hands to navigate me on top of her.

I felt every inch of her body as I pushed into her. Everything about her just kept inspiring me, demanding that I press on. She was doing every little thing I wanted, every pose, every pace, everything. She knew what I wanted, I made that clear before hiring her. But at this moment, it felt entirely spontaneous and real. And that’s all I wanted.

After the final burst of ecstasy, I rolled over, barely breathing, but very much alive. She crawled onto my chest, kissing it and caressing me with her gentle fingers. We got to talking, as a real couple would. All the action got me to feel secure enough to open up about why I’m here. She listened intently, never breaking character as I did.

“Being that long without a woman, you must have some desires to fulfill. You can’t do everything yourself, you know.” Indeed, I could not.

For one, I can’t tie myself to bedposts with handcuffs and masturbate. That’s just absurd. I was eager enough to mention that to her, and she was prepared enough to open a bedside drawer and pull out a pair of those bad boys. Before I could do anything, one of my hands was cuffed to a bedpost.

“Are you going to cooperate or not?” She was enticed by my fantasy. I slowly extended my free arm and planted my hand against the bedpost, ready to be completely handcuffed.

For the second part of the act, I was entirely at her mercy. After cuffing me, she pulled out a satin blindfold and rid me of my sight. My other senses were heightened so much that as soon as her first kiss landed on my chest, I was ready to go again.

But it was not up to me. She landed one kiss after another, turning me on even more. As she went down on me, all I could do was to let her have it. Her smell was still going up my nostrils, and that, mixed with the pleasure she was providing, was my entire world at that time.

Then, she slowly slid on top of me, swinging her hips gently at first, then slowly increasing the intensity and the speed of thrusts. She rested her upper body on my torso, using it as leverage to get the most out of my body.

She rode into the sunset, quite literally for her, but figuratively for me, as I couldn’t see a thing. Giving her all the control gave me a release like never before. I gasped for air over her moans, trying to deal with all the sensations she was feeding me. She let out one last loud moan and slumped onto my body.

I felt her lips slowly work up their way to mine, kissing me eagerly as her hand was working on releasing my restraints.

“Thank you,” I said, as I embraced her. I could feel her smile, right before she kissed me goodnight and we both fell asleep where we lay.

Saying goodbye to Jessica the morning after was harder than I care to admit. But I knew it was only temporary. I knew I could experience all of that again whenever I felt like it. I had no intention of looking up a different girl. Don’t think I fell for her, I was fully aware of what this encounter had been. I’m just saying I wanted more of it.

Looking back on this encounter, I feel downright stupid that I had been so apprehensive about it at first. From the first meeting to the night at the hotel, it was nothing short of flawless. My confidence has been fully restored to its former high, and even if I struggle with it again in the future, now I know how to get it back up again in no time.

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6 thoughts on “My First Experience With a GFE Escort

  1. I really enjoyed reading this, and as I read what happened in the hotel room, I had already forgotten that she was an escort. Thank you for sharing this 🙂
    ~ Marie

  2. This sounds like an amazing experience – hiring an escort is something I’ve always wondered about, and this piece answered many questions that I had.

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