It’s that time of year again, where I look back at the Wicked Wednesday year, and share different statistics. Every year, since I first did the roundup in 2015, I am excited to see how the numbers work out. To be honest, in 2020 I lost a couple of contributors, but despite that, Wicked Wednesday flourished and so many good posts were shared.

An own domain

This has also been the year in which I have finally moved Wicked Wednesday to its own domain. It started out on my blog, Rebel’s Notes, in 2012, but by the end of that year I had moved it to a subdomain. One thing that I couldn’t do is to put a SSL certificate on the subdomain, unless I was willing to pay quite some money for it (restrictions of my host). This meant the site was not secure, and people were alerted to that.

A couple of months ago I decided to register a domain for Wicked Wednesday, and at the same time I changed over to a new theme, after using the same one for years. And, as they say, the rest is history!

A new list

In the past, I had a list on the site with links to the sites of those who have linked to Wicked Wednesday at least once. Somewhere through this year, I removed the list, as I no longer felt comfortable with it. It was only when Missy mentioned that she had done a list for the Tell Me About site that I realized I still had to put the list back.

I got working on it, and that list went live this afternoon, showing those who were frequent contributors in the past 3-4 months. I will be reviewing this list every 3-4 months, and add those who have started linking (again) or remove those who are on a hiatus or have stopped blogging. This way, the current and active players will always be on the page.

The stats for 2020

Just like other years, I am excited to do the stats, but as from this year, your name will only appear in the stats if you have linked a post in the past 6 months.

So without further ado, the stats for 2020!
(Note: In all the table 2012 and 2013 are not shown, but those numbers can be found in previous roundup posts.)

First, last and best

The first prompt for 2020 was number 396 — A New Year — and the last prompt was number 448 — Looking back on 2020.

The lowest number of links added in one week was 14, and those happened for prompt 443 and prompt 447.

The best prompt for the year was number 400 where 78 posts were linked!

Total numbers

This table shows the accumulative numbers from the beginning of the meme.

Since beginning of the meme:2014201520162017201820192020
Total number of prompts135187239291343395448
Number of players180226275309354404444
Total number of posts linked2942389348825840703584029818
Highest number of links for one week47474747474778
Lowest number of links for one week12121212121212
Average number of posts linked per week21212020212122

Numbers per year

Where the above table showed the total numbers from the beginning, the table below shows the numbers per year.

Total number of prompts52525252525253
Number of players1079811096114138134
Total number of posts linked1065951989958119514771305
Highest number of links for one week30283025343878
Lowest number of links for one week12121212142014
Average number of posts linked per week20181918232825

Top 10 (still active) players since the beginning of the meme

The table below show all blogs that have been in the annual top 10 since 2014, sorted on the top 10 for 2020 (those are in italics). Blogs that were in the top 10 in earlier years, but have not linked this year or are not active anymore, have been removed. All others that have been in the annual top 10 before, remain in the table.

Name of blog2014201520162017201820192020
Rebel’s Notes52525252525253
F Dot Leonora39525252524652
Sex Matters00014414651
Life of Elliott… Howie in Queensland00000048
Jerusalem Mortimer001246455146
Corrupting Mrs Jones35010940
Life of a Kinky Wife00000039
Posy Churchgate0001363036
Steeled Snake0000233936
Purple’s Gem000064831
Modesty Ablaze19282724192522
The Raven Nest1028126120
Life of Elliott… and all that jizz002016181317
Author C.P. McClennan472924103513
Stella Kiink361772326
Dr. J. Author003981095

Top 10 players (still active) since the beginning of the meme

It won’t surprise you that I have been keeping a list of every player for Wicked Wednesday since the beginning of the meme. I do it in Excel, and I wouldn’t have been able to do these stats, had it not been for that.

This table shows the blogs that have been linked the most since the beginning of the meme, but once again, it only shows the blogs that are still active (= linked in the past 6 months).

Blog nameTotal linked
Rebel’s Notes448
F Dot Leonora345
The Long Bean289
Author C.P. McClennan201
Jerusalem Mortimer200
Modesty Ablaze164
Sex Matters152
Stella Kiink139
Brigit Delaney127

Top blogs for top 3 posts since prompt 129

Up to prompt 126 I haven’t done a top 3, but as from prompt 127 I wanted to highlight the three posts that really touched me. For several months I did the top 3, but then started engaging others to do it too.

Below you find the total number of top 3 mentioned received per blog, from when we started doing the weekly highlights.
(For this table I have looked at all blogs that linked at least 5 times.)

Blog nameTotal linkedTop 3 total
Sex Matters15227
Rebel’s Notes44823
Brigit Delaney12721
F Dot Leonora34515
Modesty Ablaze16415
Life of a Kinky Wife3914
Steeled Snake9812
Author C.P. McClennan20111
Raven Nest11011

A more honest way to look at the top 3 is to take the percentage of posts linked that made the roundup. This table shows the top 15.

Blog nameTotal linkedTotal top 3% top 3
Elk Vilianni55100%
Life of a Kinky Wife391436%
Carolyna Luna11327%
Erotic musings, Poetry and Social Commentary12325%
Stella Kiink431023%
Brigit Delaney912123%
Francesca Demont35823%
Raven Nest491122%
Sex Matters1522718%
Liz BlackX31516%

Top 10 of top 3 mentions in 2020

Where the two tables above showed the overall top 3 stats, these below are only for 2020.

Blog nameTotal 2020
Life of a Kinky Wife14
Sex Matters11
Deviant Succubus7
Rebel’s Notes6
Francesca Demont6
Brigit Delaney5
Elk Vilianni5
Liz BlackX5

YOUR numbers

If you are not mentioned in any of the table above, but you have linked to Wicked Wednesday this year, of course I do have your numbers too. Want to see how you fared this year? Just get in contact with me!

Some changes for 2021

From the beginning of this meme, I have allowed only one post per blog, and later made an exception to allow one post by the blog author, and one by a guest writer. As from this year I am following the example of memes like Tell Me About and 4 Thoughts or Fiction, and allowing you to add two posts by yourself, as well as two guest posts if you are hosting a guest writer. Many times in the past year people have asked me if they are allowed to link more than one post, so there seems to be a need for this change in the rules.

Since this meme has now been running for 8.5 years, and we have already had 458 prompts, I think it’s time we start re-using some of the older prompts. Every 5-6 weeks a prompt from the past will be “revived”. Feel free to update your older posts and link them to Wicked Wednesday. One thing that will not change is that the prompt is never compulsory.

The last week of 2021

Here we are, on the last day of 2020, and I have a heading about the last week of 2021. The reason for this is that in the very last week of 2021, prompt 500 will go live.



I think it’s a bit too much to hope for 500 links, right? Only joking of course!

This is the perfect moment to thank all of you for your continued support. Spread the word about Wicked Wednesday, and let’s welcome a bunch of new players in 2021!

Last, but not least

All that remains is to wish you all a very happy New Year’s Eve, although some of you are already a few hours into 2021. All over the world 2020 turned out to be a year like none we have every experienced, and I wish for all of us that 2021 will be a lot better!


© Rebel’s Notes
Image from Pixabay

23 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday Roundup 2020

  1. Happy New Year Marie!
    I’m amazed that I posted so many times with so many top spots! Thank you for giving us all an outlet such as this. I look forward to seeing more in 2021!

  2. There are many bloggers that I’m not familiar with. I will try to read more next year.

    Thank You for including me on the side bar. Very unexpected. Considering I was told after my rape V CNC blog that I don’t belong – it made me all the more determined to learn to Express myself clearly and succinctly.

    Thank You for the opportunities finding my voice.

    Best wishes

  3. OMG, this amazing, Marie! You are definitely the queen of stats, and I bow to you. Here’s looking forward to another great year of Wicked Wednesday! Happy New Year!

  4. Oh I love your stats -you really do go into it in depth – brilliant – so happy I am featured here and there lol
    TY Marie for continually hosting WW – it is a fab meme – the best i think
    May xx

  5. Brilliant. You really are amazing on the stats and it is very interesting to see them. I was really pleased to be on some of your tables and it is interesting to have the comparisons. Happy new year to you and thank you so much for all of your hard work for wicked wednesday. I am so pleased that I found it and you. It’s a great meme. Missy x

    1. You are one of the best supporters of the meme, and I always enjoy reading your thoughts. Happy New Year to you too, and here’s to a great blogging year! xox

  6. Here’s some stats for you, Marie:

    Every year I post a “top posts of ____” list in my side bar, which lists – in order – the ten posts published during that year which got the most views. My number one post of 2020 was a Wicked Wednesday post. And my only other WW contribution of the year (sorry I only managed two entries; ‘participation’ was not really my strong suit this year) also made my yearly Top 10.

    I also posted twice this year to The Menopause Diaries, and both of those posts are on my Top Ten of 2020 list.

    So 100% of my posts to your memes found favor with my blog audience, and 40% of the top posts on my blog this year were linked to your projects. 🙂

    I don’t know if you ever get to see the “other side” of the stats count, so I just thought I’d share. 😉

    Happy New Year!

    1. Oh Feve, this really is nice to see it from the other stats. I just love statistics, and of course I can only see it from my side, but the other side is always great to see too! Thank you for joining in with Wicked Wednesday, and of course also with The Menopause Diaries. To see those in your top 10 is really special 🙂

      Happy New Year to you too! 🙂

      1. Doh! I just realized, it was actually 3 times I posted to WW. (I forgot about 400.) But still: two out of three made the year’s Top 10. 🙂

        And yes, it’s encouraging to see people responding positively to my posts about menopause. It’s something women should talk about but often don’t, I think. It’s too big a part of life’s natural progression to be surrounded by secrecy.

        1. Haha I should’ve checked my list directly, and indeed, you linked three times 😉
          You are so right about menopause, there should definitely be more talk about it and the way it influences our lives. I hope to do a couple of posts about that this year too.

  7. Gosh… 100%. I promise not to quit while I’m ahead! I look forward to contributing more in 2021.

    2020 has been a difficult one for me but Wicked Wednesday encouraged me to find some small spaces to allow my creativity out to play. I’m very grateful to you, Marie, and to others for be so encouraging. 🙂

    Elk x

    1. That really is a perfect score, Elk, and evident that everyone enjoys your writing, and you should definitely write more in 2021. It warms my heart to know Wicked Wednesday has helped to make 2020 a little bit better for you. Happy New Year, and I look forward to your 2021 contributions 🙂 xox

  8. What an amazing list, Marie, well done 😄
    It’s great to see how many people overall interact with your meme. You really are an asset to our community. Thank you for your hard work!


    1. Thank you, Liz! I am also proud to see how many people do interact, and am grateful for the core group who continue to support me, of which you are one. Thank you for that! xox

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