For the third time, I welcome Elliott Henry back to the roundup. He also did the roundup for week 302 (read it here) and week 418 (read it here). Besides his own photos and words, Elliott has two regular guests on is blog: Dream, who post some really sexy images, and Howie, who shares his experiences of his visits to escorts. Hop on over to Elliott’s blog for that, and you can also follow him on Twitter.

Top 3 for week 446 by Elliott Henry

I always enjoy reading Wicked Wednesday stories and my first pick would be Howie’s story #68, but there was not a clap of thunder to be heard when he visited the escort. Plus, since it appeared on my blog I thought that might be bad form and I wouldn’t want Marie displeased with me…. so, I read onward looking for the sound of thunder and a good sex story.

First Dawn by Elk Villanni
I began to skim, and quickly started to read. This was some sweet dialog. So real, I felt I was in the room with the two women. And half-way through, although nothing sexual had happened, I felt that familiar throb of anticipation. Elk skillfully tied the storm into her story in a very sexy way. I’ve read it four times now and love it, especially the last line.

All Father – God of Thunder and Lightning by David Mei
Oh for God’s sake this one is crazy! Crazy good, I loved it. Right from the audacious image of Mr. Mei at the start, then the first line ‘It was a dark and stormy night.’ Who in the hell does that? A story laced with humor, great musical gems, and some bodacious fucking sex. Oh and let’s not forget the thunder… you two are in coitus and discussing Odin and Thor??? Oh by the way, I love gingersnaps too.

Return to Summer… by Mrs Jones
I enjoyed reading Mrs Jones sexy sex story interlaced with snatchs of a steamy Aussie song. So atmospheric I could feel the humidity and almost hear the distant thunder as a story of semi-nude teasing soon moved to an all out sexual threesome that had the bulge in my pants needing attention. Bonus at the end… This is Then by GANGgajang

Honorable mention… A KinK-mas Carol, a clever three -parter by Posy, Nero and May.


To many people Christmas this year will be much different from what it was in previous years, because of the virus situation and lock-downs around the globe. Tell us how you will be celebrating, what is different from other years, and how you will connect with your loved ones.

You are welcome to share your Christmas and advent photos too!

Despite these difficult times, I want to wish you all a wonderful Christmas, and remember, keep safe at all times!

As always, you are welcome to link any stories or posts that don’t follow the prompt!

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9 thoughts on “Prompt #447: Christmas

  1. Marvellous round up Elliott, I agree with your first 2 choices and I still need to read your third, but I love your enthusiastic recommendation/ reviewing style.

    I’m so pleased you enjoyed the collaboration that Nero and May are working on with me – we really appreciate the mention. There are 2 more parts to come, so sit tight and read on as we’ll link to #WickedWednesday again.

  2. Thank you, Elliot! 🙂

    (You might not be surprised to learn that the last line came to me first and, once I had it, I just had to go back and create the scenario leading up to it! My other confession is that I actually wrote this for the previous week’s prompt and submitted it… and only then discovered that the next prompt was ‘The Sound of Thunder’! Thank you to Marie for allowing me to defer it to the, uncannily, more appropriate prompt 🙂

    Hey, Happy Christmas y’all!

    Elk x

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