It’s wonderful to welcome back Cousin Pons (I call him CP for short) back to the roundup of Wicked Wednesday. He did it twice before, for week 282 (read it here) and week 410 (read it here), and I was delighted when he said he would do it again. CP is a great writer, and every story I have read of him is worth reading. You can find those stories on his blog, and also follow him on Twitter.

Top 3 for week 444 by Cousin Pons

Why 2020 was a good year. Francesca Demont
Back in Berlin, Francesca reflects on the year gone by. The ‘desolate landscape’ has faded and now she is ‘whole’ again, living and working in a place that is her home. ‘Looking back, I was never really the person I wanted to be,’ she writes intriguingly. Here she reveals a sensitivity beneath the carapace of leather and latex. But as the final stunning video clip shows, I don’t think she’ll be kicking off her heels just yet.

All I have to do is dream. Elk Vilianni
Using the script format to tell this mysterious, ghostly story works so brilliantly. The scene in the dance hall is made gorgeously erotic by the use of smell, sound and touch. ‘Paul’s scent of pomade and coal tar soap overwhelms her,’ and ‘She hears the rustle of her stiff blue taffeta skirt being lifted.’ Great dialogue too.

History repeats the good and the bad. Marie Rebelle
I love the special connections Marie makes with the past . Through recreating a photo of her mother, memories of her grandmother and new insights about her eldest child. Marie also writes so openly about her son and his mental health. Just when his life is improving there comes a ‘but’. This resonated so much with me as I have known these ‘buts’ too. Set backs, which take one to the brink of despair.


We all know the importance of foreplay before sex, but how important is afterplay to you, the quality time you spend together after the deed is done? Talk to us about fore- and afterplay.

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6 thoughts on “Prompt #445: Fore- and afterplay

  1. Thank you, Cousin Pons, for choosing my story in your Top 3, and for your appreciative words. 🙂

    I don’t mean to be pedantic, but Paul’s scent was of ‘pomade and PINE tar soap’ – these details matter! … ok, I DO mean to be pedantic! lol 🙂

    Elk x

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