There is so much I can say about my dear friend, F Dot Leonora. She is a lovely person, with a beautiful personality, and I am honored to be her friend.

Ever since Leonora started participating in Wicked Wednesday, she has been continuing one story with the same characters, and every week she brings us more intrigue. You can read that story on her blog, or follow her on Twitter.

Of course this is not the first time that Leonora does the roundup, as she has done it three times before, for week 271 (read it here), week 336 (read it here) and week 408 (read it here).

Top 3 for week 443 by F Dot Leonora

During a time like this, having this top three was especially therapeutic. There is so much going on in the world right now and these three pieces really brought it home for me to be thankful and self-aware.

Thankful for the Top 2000 by Liz Blackx
I think that music has such a large part of our memory, we all have an unconscious playlist. I currently waiting to see my own top 20 from Spotify—the entire year comes back to me that way. Liz mentioned Africa by Toto which I love, and I love that this is a tradition that she keeps which is a lot kinder than a lot of other traditions.

L is for Love by Steeled Charmer
I got goosebumps reading this after so many years of enjoying posts by Charmer and Steeled Snake. I mean L is for love, and I am a terrible romantic and this is a terribly beautiful love. I especially loved the part when about staying around and mending when hurtful things are done or said. That is really love.

F*ck 2020, but I’m thankful too by Marie Rebelle
And finally, Marie always writes things that move me. This one being so personal and explaining how she always tries to find the positive, when there has been a lot of challenge this year. She writes that she is more at peace when she writes, and she gives peace when she writes such beautiful and balanced posts about these times…


This year – 2020 – will go in the history books as the year the corona pandemic held the entire world in its ugly claws, and we, as human beings, needed to find new ways to work, to socialize, to be… human. This is not the first pandemic. And won’t be the last. History repeats. Mankind seems to have to learn some lessons over and over again.

Share your stories of history repeating itself. Maybe something happened in your family, that happened to one generation and then again to the next? Share any anecdotes, or fictional stories you want, or share a (sexy) image from your personal history.

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