The first and only time Modesty and I saw each other in the same room, we were both to shy to introduce ourselves. If only we had done it. We have been following each other for years, and I always love the fun and happy outlook on life Modesty portrays on her blog. This is the fourth time that Modesty is doing the roundup, as she has done it before for week 278 (read it here), week 327 (read it here), and week 413 (read it here). You can also follow her on Twitter.

Top 3 for week 442 by Modesty Ablaze

Trust is such an important, emotive, feeling for all of us. Something we all must deal with in every aspect of our lives. But it is in our personal relationships … family, lovers, friends … where it can have the most impact, and be the most difficult of emotions to experience.

And many of this weeks posts at Wicked Wednesday reflected those emotions with heartfelt experiences and memories … which made choosing the “best” three, seem to be a contradiction in terminology.

So instead, I have selected the three which instantly struck a chord and had me hanging on every word.

1) Trust as Default
Rebels Notes was I think the very first blog site that I began to follow, or subscribe to, way back in the early months of 2012. The energy and sincerity of the postings immediately drew me in with an openness and honesty that was both motivational … and inspirational. And it is that honesty of feeling, shared so frankly here, that makes “Trust As Default”, so moving to read. Sad in one way, yet proud and strong in another. And I so agree with “the moment I can’t be myself with someone, I move on.”

Wonderful post … and I hope to still be reading Marie’s Notes in another eight years from now.

2) Intimacies, trials & tribulations of non-monogamy
May is one of the cleverest, most creatively different, writers of “erotic” sexy stories that I know. But, just like Marie, she also shares some wonderfully written, more personal experiences, in her postings. And this is one of those. A post that shares her own thoughts and experiences of honesty and trust … and monogamy or non … as well as those of being a mother to young adults and the challenges they face as their relationships build and develop.

3) A Trip with a Difference
Marie’s and May’s posts had left me moved, and yet nodding in agreement, at both of their conclusions. But … A Leap Of Faith’s “Part 3 – Temptation”, quickly had me tingling and squeezing in my chair, as I read of her and her friends “Ladies Night” excursion to a Swingers Club. Happy memories for the both of them … and a re-kindled longing for me for this horrid lock-down to end and for new opportunities, for all of us. You’ll just have to read to see what I mean !!!


We are nearing the end of the year, and it’s time to look back on this year, which has been tumultuous and unsettling for most of us. We had to adjust to so many things through lock-downs and social distancing and much more. Some countries celebrate Thanksgiving, and others don’t, but it’s always good to look back, find those silver linings, and be thankful for what we have. Share who or what you are thankful for. Let’s spread the love!

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One thought on “Prompt #443: Giving thanks

  1. Oh my goodness. What wonderful things to read about my writing! Very generous comments Modesty. Thank you! The entries were so thought provoking this week, I feel honoured you chose mine
    May x

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