It’s wonderful to welcome back Francesca Demont to the round-up of Wicked Wednesday, who has previously she has done the top 3 for week 403 (read it here). Francesca posts the most exciting images of herself in latex and writes about some of her experiences. Currently her blog is a bit quiet because her life has gotten busier, but I am sure she will be back to spoil us again with her words and pictures. In the meantime you can also follow her on Twitter.

Top 3 for week 441 by Francesca Demont

When Marie asked me to pick the top three for this week’s Wicked Wednesday, I was quietly jumping up and down. I haven’t had much time recently to read up on the brilliant writing of so many good friends. Now I had to make time. I loved all posts, but Marie is a strict Mistress – she wouldn’t let me pick more than three. So here they are:

May More just took my breath away with her Careless Talk post. Love is hard at the best of times, but her way to show love during a time of war while caring for the enemy was spectacular.

Devie (Deviant Succubus) always intrigues me with her writing. So personal, so direct, and touching. Her post Yearning for Somebody hit all the marks. It’s been a very personal journey that Devie shared with such insight and candor. The one that got away is not always the right one in the end.

Finally, David Mei‘s post What’s Love got to do with it, was so heartfelt, I loved it. Seeing love fades away, and finding a better self in a multi amorous family shows such depth. A wonderful, uplifting way of sharing part of his life with us.

Thanks, again, to Marie for letting me do this round-up. I enjoyed every minute of it. xoxo



When we trust someone, we believe that the one we trust is honest and sincere, and doesn’t intend to harm us in any way. We place confidence in the other, and because we trust them, we share personal things or belongings with them. Share your stories about trust, whether positive or negative, sexy or not.

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6 thoughts on “Prompt #442: Trust

  1. Thank you all for the venue to blog and post.
    Francesca thank you for the kind review and words. I hope that I can continue to contribute to this community as this work in progress continues.

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