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Top 3 for week 440 by Submissy

I was delighted when Marie asked me once again to do the roundup for her. The last time I did it was for the 400th prompt, and boy was it a busy week although I was looking forward to reading all of your posts and doing another roundup. There were so many great pieces in response to the Turn On, Turn Off prompt and it was really interesting to see how people had interpreted it and the creative ways they had used.

I always enjoy May’s writing and my first choice is ‘The Essence of Desire’. I loved the way that May broke down the various elements of desire and related them to her own personal experience and relationship. Thinking about what creates desire is not really something I have done so to see it set out like that was really interesting and her post made me think about it more deeply.

My second choice is ‘A is for Authentic’ by Steel Charmer. I always enjoy a peek into the life of another D/s couple and relate easily to the writing on this blog. Charmer writes about the importance of authenticity to her and explains what an attractive quality that is. Being open and honest is so important and I really liked that way that she links this to the deep love she and Snake feel for one another.

My third choice is ‘Turn On My Desire’ by Mrs K. I always think it is really difficult to put feelings about such abstract things into words but Mrs K has nailed it. She not only explains how desire works and can be turned on, but the complex process of keeping it on and the sorts of things which can flick it back off. Again, this post is very relatable as I am sure we can all be baffled by the mysteries of desire at times.


Haven’t we all been there once, that you had your eye on someone, and they just didn’t even notice you? Maybe it was in your teenage years, maybe in adulthood. Share your stories of unrequited love.

As always, you are welcome to link any stories or posts that don’t follow the prompt!

When you participate here, consider linking your post to The November prompt over on the Steeled Snake blog. The prompt for this month is: words!

That’s not the only other prompt to consider though. There’s also the Lest We Forget prompt over at 4 Thoughts or Fiction. If you happen to write a piece of fiction which ties in with any wartime theme (for instance combined with unrequited love) then please link it for the Lest We Forget prompt too.

The roundup for this week’s prompt will be done by Francesca Demont.

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